Metagross is onte of the Coolest shiny pokemon

10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon



When it comes about coolest shiny pokemon there is tough and cool competition between all.

But this comparison itself give you a chill vibe as these coolest shinny pokemon are you and my favorite pokemon too.

One more thing that make us happy is their shiny and vibrant colors and patterns.

Anyone who is fond of Pokemon consider himself an explorer for different types of pokemon and their characteristics.

And here you can find the top 10 coolest shinny pokemon, so let’s dive into it .




Charizard pokemon

Charizard: The Best Shiny Pokemon

Who don’t know Charizard it’s dragon like appearance, burning tail and shiny persona?

This pokemon is considered as one the coolest shiny pokemon due to its hidden solar power which he uses when sun is harsh with him.

With it’s coolest and unusual shiny personality his enemies are quite afraid of him. Because when it comes about fight, this cool Pokemon just blow up his shiny blaze that destroy his foes into ashes.

His fire and flying ability with super shiny power make him one of giant and undefeatable pokemon. Charizard’s ability to refresh himself with it’s own fiery flame when his energy level is low make him a coolest shiny pokemon




Greninja coolest shiny pokemo

Greninja : A cool Shiny Pokemon

Greninja is fan favorite and one of the coolest shiny Pokemon who has a very cool personality and it look like a ninja frog having dark blue skin and beige underbelly.

One of the coolest reasons of its popularity is his unique design and solid body.

This shiny pokemon is a biggest scammer as it scams his enemies by its hidden attacks. Not only this but he is able to cram water in sharpest edges that falls on enemies in the form of star and those tore the enemies into tiny pieces.

This scene is a bit mesmerizing. Greninja has also the coolest ninja style moves.




shiny ponyta pokemon


Shiny Ponyta : A Cool And Beautiful Shiny Pokemon

The name of this pokemon says it all as this pokemon looks really great, cool and shiny due to its pony like appearance with shiny and fluffy that give her a horse like look.

Most interesting feature of this Shiny Ponyta is its blue and purple color because blue color always indicates toward a hotter and strong flame of fire.

This pokemon make his place in most shiny and coolest pokemon due to its beauty and majestic look!


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Shiny Rayquaza shiny pokemon

Shiny Rayquaza 

Whenever we try to differentiate between coolest shiny Pokemon shiny Rayquaza takes the crown due to numerous reasons.

It looks like an evil bitch who is ready to smash everyone and give a look that I am ready to mess with you.

The most powerful and coolest feature of this dragon is it can lock the air to transform or stop the weather fluctuations.

This pokemon has a bossy nature with a sassy personality! In spite of it don’t you find him cool?




Tyrantrum shiny pokemon

Tyrantrum : The Coolest Pokemon Feature

The name of this pokemon should be tantrum because of his cool tantrums.

When we look at this pokemon it look like most cool ,calm and kind pokemon. But don’t get fooled by looks because when his enemies approach this tyrantrum it confused them as it change his color so frequently that enemies can’t even recognize which type of pokemon is right in front of them.

This is clearly the reason why enemies are destined to death!

The coolest feature of this pokemon is that his foes can’t even differentiate if it is water, ice of ghost type pokemon.




Heatmor shiny pokemon

Heatmor : A Strong And Cool Shiny Pokemon

This bright color mischievous pokemon having red hot body and attractive detailing on his body make this pokemon unique and cool.

This is fire type pokemon which is uncatchable.

His strong resistance toward any kind of injury make him most strong and coolest shiny pokemon. This pokemon in unbothered by attack even if his enemies got no chill as…..his single flame can turn his enemies into ashes.




Ampharos shiny pokemon

Ampharos : The Cutest Shiny Pokemon 

This cute looking pokemon is a walking indicator for its location because its tail emits such a shiny and bright light which is visible even from space.

His smart moves which are thunder and current can destroy his enemies with his shocking current.

It burn his enemies in a cool way so that his enemies can be paralyzed at the start of battle.




luxray pokemon


This is one of the cutest and coolest shiny pokemon .

When you look at this pokemon you will be amazed by the cuteness of this pokemon. But don’t judge the book by its cover quote fits here!

When he is in danger this pokemon hide himself and can see across the wall to keep himself updated from the external situation and this makes Luxray one of coolest shiny pokemon!




Umbreon pokemon

Umbreon : The Best Shiny Pokemon

When you try to make a list best shiny and coolest pokemon don’t forget to include umbreon.

More precisely it is termed as shiny umbreon because of its magical and illuminating body.

This pokemon is notorious for spreading terror, death and fear wherever it keeps his feet!




Metagross pokemon

Metagross : The Coolest shiny Pokemon

This pokemon can be in the top list of coolest shiny pokemon.

Metageross is amazingly brilliant with his moves and tricks due to tetra brains.

He has intimidating effect on his enemies due to excellence in his power and performance but also due to shine on his body that makes it look like most fantastic character.

His fastest calculation ability and air floating move make this pokemon coolest of all!




All these pokemon are coolest and shiny pokemon in their own domain.

Whenever you try to collect some information and speciality about coolest shiny pokemon remember to keep your focus on the characteristics that make them so cool and unique.

Always try to think out of the box and focus on the evolution and mega evolution of the pokemon. Here you were able to have a look of a brief and true personalities of different coolest shiny pokemon. I hope now you can find out the type and style of a particular pokemon with few line description.

In my opinion one major thing that make a pokemon a cool pokemon is his matchless power, his fearless behavior and calmness in difficult situation!


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