November 2021


Top 7- Cute Pokemon

Top 7- Cute Pokemon Introduction Sayings like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” are commonplace. It is hard to argue with the cuteness factor when it comes to Pokémon, though. Recent studies have focused on the worst Pokemon, the cruelest gym leaders, and some of the craziest fan theories out there. Selecting a …

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80 Nicknames For Charmander

 80 Good Charmander Nicknames!     Introduction Charmander is a cute fire type pokemon that was introduced in the First Generation. It represents fire in the series, just like Bulbasaur represents Earth and Squirtle means water, and this pokemon was also a part of the starting three pokemon, which symbolized different elements of nature. Charmander has a …

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80 Good Garchomp Nicknames

80 Good Garchomp Nicknames Introduction Garchomp is a dual-type pokemon. It is a combination of the dragon type and the ground type. It is actually a pseudo-legendary pokemon that was introduced after Generation IV. It is the final form of Gible and evolved from Gabite at around level 48. Garchomp can further mega evolve into Mega …

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