December 2021


50+ Flygon Nicknames

50+ Flygon Nicknames Introduction Flygon is a dual-type pokemon. It is actually a combination of the ground type and the dragon type. It was introduced back in generation III. This is the final form of Trapinch, and it evolves at level 45 from Vibrava. Flygon resembles an insectoid dragon. It is light green and has …

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12 Most Hated Pokemon

12 Most Hated Pokemon Introduction We have gone a long way from the early days of Pokemon when we were informed that there were just 150 of them. Perhaps one more? After a few years, Pokéfever is still going strong, with over 700 of these battle-crazed beasts revealed and the franchise showing no signs of …

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80 Nicknames for Leafeon

80 Nicknames For Leafeon Introduction Leafeon is a Grass Type Pokemon that was introduced a little late in around Generation IV. It evolves from Eevee, just like Flareon, Sylveon, and Vaporeon. It is a rather cute pokemon with leaves for its ears and tail. Now without any further delay, let’s discover the list of Leafeon …

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80 Vaporeon Nicknames

80 Vaporeon Nicknames Introduction Vaporeon is a Water Type Pokemon which was introduced back in Generation I. A loveable creature, it evolves from Eevee when it is exposed to a water stone. It is actually Eevee’s final form. There are some other final forms of Eevee as well, which include Espeon, Leafon and Glaceon.  Physically, …

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