Dragapult and Mimikyu, two of the best Ghost-type Pokémon, in battle

8 Best Ghost-Type Pokémon (Non-Legendary)


Ghost is one of the most interesting types in Pokémon due to the tremendous creativity of their designs. Despite being the 2nd rarest type (as of Gen VIII), Ghost-types are among the most abundant and popular in the Pokémon world.

A few are inspired by folklore, some are based on pop culture horror ideas, and several are simply creative iterations of our modern ideas of ghosts. Their appearances can also range from adorable to horrifyingly weird.

Whether it’s about cuteness or strength in battle, here are the 8 best Ghost-type Pokémon (non-Legendary).


Spiritomb in the anime

Perhaps Spiritomb isn’t as popular as the others on this list, but its unique design and interesting lore make it deserving of a spot on this list. It’s also a part of champion Cynthia’s team, making its debut in the Gen IV games, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl.

Spiritomb’s concept closely resembles a deildegast, which is a type of ghost in Norwegian folklore that involves a violation of the sanctity of boundary stones.

This Pokémon does not have a physical body as it’s forever bound to an odd keystone. It only shows as a ghostly spirit that is projected from a crack on the stone.

Spiritomb also has several associations with the number “108.”

Its Pokédex entries claim that Spiritomb was formed by 108 spirits. It was first introduced in Sinnoh where it is no. 108 in the regional Pokédex, and it weighs 108 kg. Also, it has exactly 108 base Defense and Special Defense in the games.

Even though Spiritomb does not evolve, it possesses an uncommon but great defensive typing.

It’s the only other Ghost/Dark Pokémon aside from Sableye (and its mega evolution), and its type combination makes it immune to three different types and weak only to one.  It also has above-average defenses, making it a good defensive support Pokémon for your team.

Spiritomb is very lacking in the speed department, but it more than makes up for it with its wide array of status moves, such as Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, and Will-O-Wisp.


Shedinja and Pikachu in the anime

Shedinja is a very special Pokémon as it possesses multiple unique qualities.

Firstly, it’s the only Pokémon that exactly has 1 HP. It has a base HP stat of 1, and its total HP stat never increases even as it levels up.

While this may seem like a big disadvantage, it has a unique ability, Wonder Guard, which helps balance this out.

Wonder Guard prevents Shedinja from taking damage from moves that are not super effective against it. So, aside from damaging status moves and weather conditions, your only option against Shedinja is to exploit its type weaknesses.

The method of acquiring Shedinja is also unique. It doesn’t evolve normally from any Pokémon, but it requires evolving Nincada into Ninjask.

You first need to have an empty slot in your party and a spare Poké Ball in your bag. After Nincada successfully evolves into Ninjask, you’ll then have a Shedinja automatically added to your party.

Instead of looking scary or disturbing like most other ghosts, Shedinja looks more mysterious as a floating bug with a white halo. And it doesn’t just look like some creepy bug either. It has a simple round body and a small pair of wings on its back that make it look cute (at least for some).

Shedinja does not have the brute strength that other Pokémon have, and it relies mostly on its special ability. But while it may not be amazing in battles, its unique qualities make it one of the best Ghost-types in the franchise.


Froslass in the anime

While Gen III gave us the cute and mysterious Shedinja, Gen IV gave us the powerful and chilling Froslass (pun intended).

Not only is Froslass a scary Ghost type in battle, but it’s also one of the best Ice-type Pokémon. And no other Pokémon possesses this type combination.

Its design bears a resemblance to the Yuki-onna—a spirit in Japanese folklore that depicts a “snow woman.”

Although it’s a Ghost-type, it doesn’t look anything close to spooky or scary. It has a nice look with its snowy white skin and icy features, plus a glassy body that looks like a kimono.

As its name suggests, Fros-”lass” is an exclusively-female Pokémon. You can have one only by evolving a female Snorunt using a Dawn Stone.

Aside from Froslass, Snorunt has another evolution, Glalie, which you can get via leveling up. But I bet many fans would agree that Froslass is the better evolution when it comes to battling.

Froslass may not have exceptional stats, but it has a balanced base stat overall with an above-average speed and acceptable offense and bulk. It also learns several powerful moves like Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, and Destiny Bond.


Aegislash in Blade Forme

Aegislash is one of the most dominant Ghost-type in competitive Pokémon battling, and for good reasons.

Firstly, Aegislash has monstrous offensive and defensive stats depending on its current form. Secondly, it has the powerful signature ability, Stance Change.

Stance Change allows Aegislash to change forms depending on the situation.

Being out of battle, switching out, and using King’s Shield all cause Aegislash to switch into Defense Forme where it gains Defense and Special Defense base stats of 140. That’s A LOT of defensive stats.

Aegislash in Shield Forme
Aegislash in Shield Forme

Additionally, when Aegislash performs a damaging move, it changes into Blade Forme and boosts its base Attack and Special Attack stats to 140. Imagine eating up a 140 base Special attack STAB-boosted Shadow Ball or Flash Cannon!

Aegislash is so strong that it’s the only Pokémon (so far) to get its total base stats nerfed in the main series games. Starting Pokémon Sword and Shield (Gen VIII), it has 10 less base points in four of its stats namely, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense.

Despite these negative changes, Aegislash still continues to prove its power and unique ability in competitive battling.

Even if you’re not into competitive PvP, its design is undeniably cool. Its body is a combination of a golden sword and a golden shield.

In Blade Forme, it holds its shield in one hand and exposes its other hand, which acts as a blade. While in Defense Forme, it covers its body with its golden shield in a defensive stance.


Gengar in the anime levitating

Next on this list is a Pokémon that is loved by old and young fans alike. Gengar, being a part of the original 151, is one of the most popular Ghost-type Pokémon in the franchise.

Many fans remember it because its evolutionary line was the only Ghost-types in the Gen I games. Similarly, Gen II added only one more Ghost-type, so the Gengar line remained one of the only two choices for Ghost-type Pokémon.

But even with the introduction of other Ghost-types, Gengar still remains a fan favorite.

It ranked 2nd in Kanto in the 2020 Pokemon of the Year awards and also placed 10th overall.

Gengar is not only spooky, but it’s also one of the most powerful Ghost-types in the games.

It boasts an insane 130 base Special Attack stat and 110 base Speed stat that let it obliterate any unsuspecting Pokémon. In fact, it is so powerful that Game Freak decided to nerf it by removing its Levitate ability starting from Gen VII. 

Gengar is capable of both Mega Evolving and Gigantamax, and you can’t say that about a lot of Pokémon! The only other Pokémon that are also capable of both are the final evolution starters from Kanto.



What do you get when you combine the frightening power of the Ghost-type and the majestic might of the Dragon-type?


Dragapult is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon that possesses the relatively unique type combination of Ghost and Dragon. The only other Pokémon that has this type combination is the Legendary Giratina and its alternate form.

Since it’s a pseudo-legendary, Dragapult’s sheer power and base stats are way above average and too high to compare to just any regular Pokémon.

Dragapult’s speed enables it to outrun even very fast Legendaries, including Mewtwo, Spectrier, and Zamezenta. And its huge offensive stats allow it to deal massive damage to your opponents, especially with its STAB moves like Draco Meteor, Outrage, and Shadow Ball.

It can also have the ability Infiltrator, which lets you bypass any defensive setups that your opponents may have.

Dragapult was voted as 2020 Galar Pokemon of the Year while also ranking 11th overall. And this just shows how strong and impactful this Pokémon is.

The only downside of including Dragapult in your team is that you have to level up Dreepy to level 50 and Drakload to level 60 before you get to the final evolution.

But I guarantee you that having Dragapult in your team is well worth the effort and grind.


Hau's Decidueye in the anime

Rowlett is unarguably one of the cutest starters in the franchise. Fittingly, many fans believe that its final evolution, Decidueye, is one of the coolest final stage starters.

This is evident in the 2020 Pokémon of the Year where Rowlett ranked 2nd in Alola while Decidueye ranked just right next to it at 3rd place.

Decidueye has that eerie and mysterious vibe that a lot of fans may find cool and intriguing. It’s one of only two Pokémon that are based on an owl, and it’s surely MUCH COOLER than the other one.

It’s also the only starter Pokémon (so far) to gain a Ghost typing upon evolution.

Decidueye is known as the Arrow Quill Pokémon, and its theme closely resembles popular depictions of Robin Hood in English folklore. It sports a grass hood and a cover around its eyes akin to a mask. And its design draws major inspiration from the concept of archery.

Although Decidueye’s base stats aren’t that impressive compared to other Ghost-types, it has its own tricks up its sleeve.

Decidueye using Sinister Arrow Raid
Eat my Sinister Arrow Raid

Decidueye has the signature move, Spirit Shackle, that deals high damage to your opponent and prevents them from leaving the fight. But that’s not the best part. Spirit Shackle can be further upgraded by Decidueye’s personal Z-Crystal, Decidium Z, to unleash its signature Z-Move, Sinister Arrow Raid.

This signature Z-Move has no other special effect, but it deals more than twice the damage of Spirit Shackle. It also has a great animation effect that incorporates Decidueye’s archer theme.


Mimikyu is one of the best Ghost-type Pokémon.

They say looks can be deceiving, and this Pokémon is a prime example (both figuratively and literally) of this saying.

Mimikyu is, without a doubt, one of the best Ghost-type Pokémon to date. And most fans agree!

Mimikyu was voted 2020 Alola Pokemon of the Year and also placed 3rd overall. Although it fell in rankings a year after, it still achieved a good place as 2nd in Alola.

Not only is Mimikyu incredibly adorable, but it’s a powerful and unique Pokémon as well. It’s a Pikachu clone that literally looks like a clone (physically speaking) but still has enough quirks that make it stand out.

Mimikyu has the unique type combination of Fairy and Ghost, which makes it immune to three different types and strongly resistant to one. Although Fairy/Ghost is a great defensive type, it’s also nothing to scoff at in terms of offense.

STAB Shadow Claw and Play Rough can deal a lot of damage if your target doesn’t resist Fairy or Ghost-type moves. Despite Mimikyu’s mediocre offensive stats, these high-damage STAB-boosted moves can certainly put a dent in your opponent’s team.

Mimikyu also has the unique signature ability, Disguise, which allows it to resist even the strongest attack. Damaging a Mimikyu in Disguised Form forces it to transform into Busted Form and only takes 1/8th of its HP as damage.

This ability is effective against Pokémon that rely on bursting you down quickly since you’ll have a layer of protection while still in Disguised Form.

Jessie's Mimikyu using Let's Snuggle Forever
Let’s Snuggle Forever!

Aside from having a unique ability, Mimikyu is also capable of using a unique Z-Move. Holding a Mimikium Z allows it to use the move Let’s Snuggle Forever, which deals massive damage to your opponent.

Given how adorable Mimikyu is, it’s just fitting that it gets an adorable signature Z-Move as well.

Images in this article are sourced from Bulbpaedia, licensed under Fair Use.

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