Metagross is onte of the Coolest shiny pokemon

10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon

10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon   Introduction When it comes about coolest shiny pokemon there is tough and cool competition between all. But this comparison itself give you a chill vibe as these coolest shinny pokemon are you and my favorite pokemon too. One more thing that make us happy is their shiny and vibrant colors …

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Umbreon Dark Type Pokemon

Best 5 Dark Type Pokemon

Best 5 Dark Type Pokemon   Introduction: The dark type, eh? The most daring Pokémon. It’s not an element like fire or water; it’s just pure dark energy. They are powerful fighters with incredible attacks to fight. And who’s not going to enjoy this villainous atmosphere? The dark type Pokemon can be among the scariest …

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Aerodactyl Rock Type Pokemon

Best 5 Rock Type Pokemon

Best 5 Rock Type Pokemon   Introduction  Rock Pokémon are some of the franchise’s toughest and most powerful creatures, always leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Rock Types Pokemon are the backbone of the Pokémon world, with tanky builds focused on dealing and defending against physical damage. They’re also important for understanding its …

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