Aerodactyl Rock Type Pokemon

Best 5 Rock Type Pokemon



Rock Pokémon are some of the franchise’s toughest and most powerful creatures, always leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Rock Types Pokemon are the backbone of the Pokémon world, with tanky builds focused on dealing and defending against physical damage. They’re also important for understanding its history, as most fossil Pokémon are also Rock Types.

Sure, they aren’t as pretty as Fairy Type Pokémon, and most aren’t as flashy as Electric Type Pokémon, but no other type combines the integrity and brawn that Rock Type Pokémon do, and no one can deny that. The vast majority of them are either repulsive or terrifying.

If you believe that a tiny cat with frills and ribbons has no place on the battlefield and would prefer to bring in the big guns, Rock Type Pokemon is for you.

In this ranking, I’ll try to highlight the most powerful, interesting, and overall cool Rock Type Pokémon that you should definitely have on your team.


Onyx Rock Type Pokemon


Onix is one of the original Pokémon of the Rock type.

He is remembered fondly or horrifyingly by everyone who has ever played the games or watched the series. It’s a rock serpent, nothing more, nothing less.

This Rock/Ground-type is all about enduring life’s difficulties, utilizing both its incredible Defense stat and the Sturdy ability.

Onix provides a brick wall of defense for young trainers in addition to being the first true test for trainers in the Kanto region inside Brock’s gym.

Most people overlook the fact that Onix is both ground and rock-type, implying that it is far more versatile than it is given credit for. Onix has a special place among the Rock Pokémon.


Tyrantrum Rock Type Pokemon


The tyrannosaurus rex, also known as the t-rex, is widely regarded as the most fascinating dinosaur ever to have lived.

This Pokémon was created approximately 100,000,000 years ago. It exudes the majesty of a king, vicious but magnificent. It is a being reconstructed from the Jaw Fossil in Generation VI, and it is believed that it once ruled over its territory.

This rock and dragon dual-type Pokémon is everything you could ask for in a Pokémon. This Rock/Dragon-type has enormous jaws that could easily tear apart a car like a low-quality dog toy, and despite having comically small arms, both people and Pokémon fear the big guy.

So, what do you think about letting this guy on the list




Aerodactyl Rock Pokemon


While Tyrantrum ruled prehistoric land, Aerodactyl terrorized the world’s Pokémon population from the skies.

This is an ancient Pokémon that is ferocious. Even modern technology, it appears, is incapable of producing a perfectly restored specimen.

When the first game was released and when it first appeared in the series, this Rock/Flying-type beast was shrouded in a level of mysticism comparable to a Legendary.

And its overall battle strength supported the idea that it wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill pocket monster. As a result, it has long been a fan favorite.




Rhyperior Rock Pokemon


Rhydon was the first Pokémon to be created, but it and its base evolution, Rhyhorn, never really caught on with players.

It wasn’t until Generation 4 that they started to matter. Rhyperior, the third evolution of Rhyhorn, quickly ascended the Rock Pokémon leaderboard.

This “dad bod” build does not detract from its badass appearance as it pummels its foes with its exceptional Attack.

It also has excellent stats all around and is a nightmare to battle in a Trick Room.

Rhyperior even has the ability Solid Rock, which reduces the danger of super effective moves.

It can load up to three projectiles into the holes in its hands per arm. Rocks or Roggenrola could be launched from those holes.

This Pokémon definitely deserves a place in this list.



Aggron Rock Type Pokemon


Aggron is a Steel/Rock with a vicious streak. Since its introduction in Generation III, this Steel/Rock-type has been a total powerhouse in both single-player and competitive play.

In the entire series, this thing is a defensive powerhouse. There are many Pokémon that can compete with Aggron, but they must hope they don’t miss.

It has some of the strongest defensive stats of any Pokémon, and if it lands a powerful attack, it will be the last one standing.

Aggron’s horn is sharp enough to pierce thick iron sheets. It defeats its opponents by ramming into them with its horn first.

It is very territorial, to be sure, but it also acts as a sort of environmental guardian, protecting the land from various threats and working hard to renew it after any kind of disaster.

So if this environmental guardian don’t get a chance on this list who will?



On average, Rock Type Pokémon have the lowest Speed of all Pokémon and fully evolved Pokémon, but they typically have the highest Defense and above average Special Defense, as well as resistance to four common types.

So what do you think of Rock Type Pokémon now? I will say these are the best of best.

Now go on with your team and start the journey.


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