Araquanid Bug Type Pokemon

Best 12 Bug Type Pokemon Ever



Everyone knows that bug type Pokémon is not really suitable for high-level play but there are few gems worth your time!

Some Pokémon types are going to fall to the side of the road, and if there was a Pokémon group left behind, this was the humble Bug type.

Although many of the bug type Pokémon from generation 1 grew up to be the most iconic monsters of the series later.

It’s certainly true that a lot of bug type Pokémon aren’t so strong from a purely statistical point of view, but there are still a lot of them who can keep their own in battle, and some are simply cool.

The best Bug Types hit hard, have access to good moves, and are usually accompanied by fantastic abilities that may ensure their great victory.

Bug-types are vulnerable to Stealth Rock and Fire moves, which can be frustrating, but their ability to defeat Psychic- and Dark-types makes up for it.

If you want to explore this underappreciated type, here are some of the best Bug Type Pokemon to add to your team.



Araquanid Bug Type Pokemon



Araquanid has a base Special Defense of 132 as well as a good HP and a Defense to go along with it.

Water Bubble, its signature ability, doubles the power of any Water-type moves it uses, while also halving Fire damage taken and nullifying burns.

With moves like Sticky Web, Magic Coat, sharp fang, and toxic, it’s best suited as a support Pokémon. However, it is capable of launching a Hydro Pump or a Lunge when necessary.



Galvantula Bug Type Pokemon



Galvantula is a lightning-quick Pokémon that can outrun almost anything it encounters.

It also has a high Special Attack stat, which means it can deal a lot of damage with moves like Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, and Electroweb.

With its Compound Eyes Ability, moves like Thunder become much more accurate, as well as quite lethal.




Scolipede Pokemon


Scolipede, another Bug Type introduced in Generation V, is a lethal attacker with a solid type combination.

This Bug/Poison-type has an impressive speed stat, allowing it to quickly sweep many slower Pokémon.

It can hit hard with its high speed and attack, especially since it has access to Swords Dance. Scolipede uses their claws on their neck to grab their prey before slamming them into the ground and jabbing them with the poisoned spikes on their claws.



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Frosmoth Bug Type Pokemon


Frosmoth is one of the most intriguing additions to the Best Bug Type Pokémon cast.

To complement its strong Special Defenses, it has a strong Special Attack with a base of 125, allowing it to annihilate enemy weaknesses with Ice Beam, Bug Buzz, or Hurricane.

It may not be the best choice against physical attackers, but it is an excellent counter against certain unwary Pokémon.




Pinsir Bug Type Pokemon


Pinsir was one of the first beastly bugs.

It is one of the most iconic Pokémon to emerge from Generation 1 for good reason, according to longtime fans.

Pinsir has many Fighting-type moves at its disposal, making it a fantastic attacker, but it is only a single Bug-type, removing Fighting’s weaknesses.

To put it bluntly, a well-trained Pinsir can be a total beast in player-versus-player battles.

Its base stats include ridiculous Attack and Defense ratings, as well as a Speed stat that is nothing to sneeze at.




Beedrill Pokemon


Beedrill is a unique bug-type Pokémon.

He evolves quickly but this doesn’t mean it’s only useful in the early game.

Beedrill’s high-level attacks can completely destroy certain opponents, and his ability to consistently poison the opposing team can cause havoc.

It can use a variety of poison moves to inflict damage on the enemy.

Beedrill can dispatch entire teams that are not prepared to deal with this type of bug.




Heracross Type Pokemon


It’s difficult to pick between Heracross and Pinsir for a ranked list.

The two are frequently considered a pair due to their similar moves, uses, and designs.

They famously fight in the anime as well. Heracross, on the other hand, frequently has a slight advantage that puts it on a better footing than Pinsir.

With Fighting-moves, Heracross gains the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB).

Heracross has access to Megahorn, which is regarded as one of the best Bug-type moves and obviously he must be part of Best Bug Type Pokemon list.



Ninjask Pokemon


Some may be surprised to learn that Ninjask is one of the fastest non-legendary Pokémon in the entire franchise.

In comparison to normal stat distribution, Ninjask’s base speed stat of 160 is unfathomable, ensuring Ninjask will almost always move first.

It also possesses the Speed Boost ability, which increases its speed with each turn.

If heard for an extended period of time, its cry causes a headache.




Golisopod Bug Type Pokemo


This terrifying Pokémon looks not only scary but also has the devastating power to back it up.

It’s HP, attack and defenses are all extremely high and significantly lower at the expense of its other statistics.

As it has such a low speed, you will need to find the right places for it to be safely on the field. Golisopod can KO a lot of Pokémon in one hit with assaults like First Impression, Waterfall, Sucker Punch and Close Combat. It deserves to be in this list of Best Bug Type Pokemon, isn’t it?




Volcarona Pokemon


At a high level of 59, Larvesta evolves into Volcarona.

It is absolutely worth the grind to develop into this creature. Volcarona is a powerhouse as a bug/fire type.

There may be enormous rock weakness, but typically every rock Pokémon on the fighting field is out speeded by this Pokémon.

Burning scales are dispersed by Volcarona. Some people say that it starts fires.

Some say it tries to rescue people who are in a cold situation.




Genesect Pokemon


The first legendary (or mythical, to be more precise) figure to appear on this list.

Genesect is a tough Bug-type with the ability to change its move types with certain items.

Its signature move, Techno Blast, modifies its elemental damage depending on the equipment Genesect is holding.

Genesect is also praised for its excellent design. It’s a very uncommon Pokémon!




Scizor Pokemon


Scizor is an improved version of one of the better original Pokémon.

That’s right, Scyther was already incredible, but it has now been upgraded to the steel/bug Scizor. Bulky pincers accounted for one-third of Scizor’s body weight, according to Pokédex.

A sole swing of one of these pincers will completely crush a boulder.

Metal Claw, X-Scissor, Bullet Punch, Bug Bite and other fantastic moves are pulled off by Scizor with its incredibly-good stats, and its Technician ability elevates it to the top of the class.

Scizor is without a doubt the best Bug Type Pokémon and one of the scariest things for many Pokémon to face.



I have made this list by thinking about many factors.

Best Bug Type Pokémon deserves to get a chance to be on your list.

All these are Pokémon are worth your time. Most of the trainers catch their first Pokémon as bug type Pokémon.

Trainers and gamers who used to play the games uses the bug type Pokémon in the beginning because usually many of the Bug type Pokémon evolves so quickly.

During the first stage of every trainer’s journey, their team has always spot for Bug type.

Generally in Brock’s gym, trainers go buzzing with bug type Pokémon.

Yes, many of the trainers don’t uses bug type Pokémon in the list after a certain time.But I would say try my list of Best Bug type Pokemon, you won’t be disappointed at all!


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