Volcanion Fire Type Pokemon

Best Fire Type Pokemon



There are hundreds of fire type Pokemon but when we talk about best fire type Pokemon then there are few Pokemon who are top ranked.

Here you can have a deep look on what characteristics make them best fire type Pokemon according to me.

Let’s start with the best one:


Charizard Type Pokemon


This dragon like Pokemon Charizard is one of the best fire type Pokemon due to its unique power and  and mega evolution.

This angry bird like character can smash anything into trash by its strong flame. And don’t you dare to underestimate the power of his flame because it can turn whole jungle into ashes.

Charizard is most favorite character in fire type Pokemon because it can do both fire and flying.

When we look at his ability it’s very difficult to find what Charizard can’t do. It can attack, defense, higher speed  and super evolution what it makes him the best pokemon!




Primal Groudon pokemon

Primal Groudon

Only by looking this primal Groudon that it looks most powerful fire type Pokemon.
This Pokemon has a strongest ability to destroy the whole team of enemies by its single fire flame .

It has dual power destroying and self defense at the same time.Primal Groudon can be the strongest candidate to stand out in best fire type Pokemon due to its highest intensity and power.

It’s rock like edge and smart moves make it special and one of my favorite.




Reshiram pokemon


This white Pokemon is both fire and dragon type Pokemon.

Reshiram has flame so strong that it can turn the world into flames. It’s drastically changed the weather due to its high heat and flames.

He is able to use variety of smart moves which are sharp enough to destroy it’s enemy like fast speed and sharp edges.

Most unique feature of Reshiram is it’s tail which act as fire engine for attack and defense.




Ho-oh Fire Type Pokemon


This fire type Pokemon ho-oh is actually a bird and overall it looks like a red peacock . Ho-oh is both fire and flying type.

Most interesting feature of this Flying/Fire type Pokemon is that it has a sacred ash in it’s custody which is present where Ho-oh lives and whenever someone destroy or got this Pokemon ,this scared ash disappears.

When Ho-oh flows away a beautiful colored rainbow appears.

What make this Pokemon to include in best fire type Pokemon is it’s sacred fire and sacred ash.

Thanks to it’s sacred ash he can give life to any fainted pokemon and can destroy any other pokemon with itt fire and magnificent flying power.




Volcanion type pokemon


This cute donut like pokemon is not soft and sweet as it is looking it can even smash a huge mountains and rocks.

The most powerful move of this Pokemon is that it can destroy his enemies and after doing so it transforms itself into steam and disappears.

Volcanion basically resides in mountain where it has least interaction with human.

So due to its steam transformation ability it is both fire and water type Pokemon.




Blaziken fire pokemon


This Pokemon is one of the best fire type Pokemon due to its high blaze.

He has a unique features that it’s power increase by the number and intensity of it’s enemies that is the yummiest feature of Blaziken.

This Pokemon attack his enemies by his wrist. One stroke of fire from his wrist and boom enemies are no more .

This Pokemon is both fire and fighting and a strong fighter and blazer.




Heatran pokemon


This Pokemon is a special fire type Pokemon with strong and impressive physical appearance.

Overall it looks like a tortoise made up of steel with strong feet and claws.

Its physically appearance give this Pokemon a power to climb on roofs or even rocks.

The reason why we can consider this Pokemon amongst the best is it’s capabilities to bear extreme heat and it can even survive volcanic eruption.

Some of them say that he can even effect magma ..




Moltres Fire Type Pokemon


For Moltres it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it is made up of fire.

It’s body and it’s moves are so fascinating as Everytime it flap it’s wing there is a flame of it’s feathers.

This Pokemon is so powerful and hot that it’s enemies thinks twice before even approaching him.

And if it comes to war or an attack this Pokemon is nearly undefeatable as it can turn his enemies into ashes just by flapping his own wings its fire and energy directly attack on brain of the foes and make them weakend internally.

And most attractive feature of this fire type Pokemon is that if it got hurt somehow then volcano or magma can heal this Pokemon.



It’s difficult to talk about best fire type Pokemon by picking a single one but we can make a list which includes best Fire Pokemon according to their power, abilities and of course fan favorite.

I personally believe that fan favorite Pokemon is best kind of Pokemon because it’s audience who always choose and make them top searched or top ranked.

But of course audience likes a Pokemon due to certain reasons. Like Charizard is considered as one of the best fire type Pokemon due to its high power and attack and defense qualities.

Talking about Ho- oh, Blaziken, Moltres, Heatran, Volcanion, Reshiram and Primal Groudon these are unique in their own way but one thing that is common in all is their matchless power and fire intensity.

Every Fire Pokemon discussed here is unique and powerful and best fire type Pokemon in their own way.

And when we are looking at one Pokemon we are like that “Yeah this is the best fire type Pokemon ! ” and then we look at another and suddenly our opinion shifts toward another so it’s better to consider them all as important and powerful due to certain characteristics that are not present in another pokemon.

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