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8 Best Legendary Fairy Type Pokemon Ever


Since their introduction in Pokémon X and Y, Fairy Pokemon have altered the competitive Pokémon scene. Their designs have garnered a lot of positive feedback because they are (for the most part) really cute.

They’re also formidable. They’re famed for being dragon killers, and until the Fairy Types arrived, Dragon Types were thought to be the best. But which are the most effective?

Well, it largely relies on how you employ them and the movements you teach. But there’s no denying that I’ll be discussing the Best Legendary Fairy Type Pokémon. As a result, you won’t be able to use them whenever you want.

Due to their beauty, grace, and general sweetness, Fairy Type Pokémon are among the best types. They became even more popular thanks to various fantastic new features and even the inclusion of a Fairy Type Gym in Pokémon Sword & Shield. But, unfortunately, it appears that players can’t get enough of them right now.

I’ve compiled a list of the greatest legendary Fairy Type Pokémon in the entire series to help you get the most out of this relatively new kind.

Here are some Legendary Fairy Type Pokémon that are actually worth your time.

Diancie legendary fairy Type Pokemon


By compressing the carbon in the air between its hands, it can generate many diamonds in a short amount of time.

The importance of this Jewel Pokémon is not just in its capacity to boost your wealth but also in its incredible fighting capability as a tanky wall.

Its enormous defensive numbers, with a Clear Body ability that prevents them from being reduced, put it on a whole new level of strength.

Its special defense is likewise unrivaled. Its diamond storm attack is extremely dangerous. Given it is both a rock and a fairy type, it has additional attacks such as moonblast, earth power, and stealth rock.

Thanks to its special defense, this Pokémon deserves to be on the list.

Tapu Fini Fairy pokemon

Tapu Fini

One of the four guardian deities is Tapu Fini. This rating includes all four of them.

In battle, this water and Fairy Type Pokémon is extremely lethal. Poni Island’s guardian deity manipulates water. It is both feared and revered since it lives deep within a thick fog.

Even though Tapu Fini is a guardian deity, dreadful tragedies occasionally befall people who approach it irresponsibly. Tapu Fini gets his energy from ocean currents.

Therefore, its attack on the ocean loop is exceedingly harmful. It also has a strong special defense. Still, it can be on this list if we don’t consider other specialties; its special defense is enough.

Tapu Bulu Pokemon

Tapu Bulu

It uses its tail to generate ringing sounds to let others know where it is, preventing unnecessary conflicts.

Ula’ula’s guardian deity is in charge of the flora. Despite its title as a guardian deity, it can crush anyone it perceives as an enemy. Tapu Bulu swings enormous trees around by pulling them up by their roots.

It stimulates the growth of vegetation before absorbing the energy released by the growth.

This Pokémon of the grass and fairy type is obnoxious.

It has a high attack stat and maybe highly dangerous in battle. Its nature judgment attack is effective. It also has several effective attacks.

Among them are the wood hammer, horn leech, swords dance, and so on.

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Tapu Lele Fairy Type Pokemon

Tapu Lele

This Akala guardian deity is ruthlessly cruel. Tapu Lele’s energy comes from the pleasant perfume of flowers.

It heals people and Pokémon’s wounds by showering them with its gleaming scales.

On Akala, this guardian deity is revered. Although being a guardian deity, Tapu Lele has no remorse for its merciless nature and might be defined as nature embodied. Its attacks are primarily psychic. Tapu Lele’s best attacks are psychic, psyshock, moonblast, focus blast, and so on.

Tapu koko Fairy type Pokemon

Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko, Melemele Island’s Electric/Fairy-type deity, is my favorite among the four guardian deities.

Its stats are great, as one would expect from a Pokémon of such reputation, especially its offensive ability and speed.

As a result, it’s a luscious sweeper, having the flexibility to focus on the special or physical attacks. Tapu Koko, Melemele’s lightning-wielding guardian deity, is a curious being who appears in front of people on occasion.

Pokémon lovers love Tapu Koko than the other 3 deities.

Magearna Legendary Fairy Pokemon


This type of steel/fairy Pokémon was created by a scientist over 500 years ago, and the Soul-Heart is the genuine life-form.

It synchronizes its consciousness with that of others to comprehend its emotions. This ability makes it beneficial in the field of human care.

Despite being a steel and fairy type, it is capable of a wide range of moves.

Among the best are ice beam, focus blast, and thunderbolt. Its special and defense are both off the charts. When will you be able to see it?

Zacian fairy type pokemon


It’s true. This Pokémon, known as a legendary hero, absorbs metal particles and transforms them into a weapon it utilizes in battle.

This Pokémon has been dormant for a long time. Some people believe it’s Zamazenta’s older sister, while others believe the two Pokémon are rivals.

When equipped with an ancient weapon, this Pokémon can take out even Gigantamax Pokémon with a single attack.

Its attack stats are quite high, demonstrating how offensive this Pokémon is. Its behemoth blade attack is one of the franchise’s most lethal attacks.

Xerneas Fairy type Pokemon


Every kind requires a Legendary to represent it in Pokémon society’s upper echelons, and Xerneas is the Fairy type’s champion.

It has a special ability called Fairy Aura that amplifies all of its Fairy moves, making it a dangerous opponent for any Pokémon who is weak to Fairy-type moves, such as Steel Pokémon.

Its Attack and Sp. Attack stats are both exceedingly high. Its HP is also above the maximum.

Since its release, fans have found a few ways to deal with Xerneas, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a regular in many players’ parties.

It would not be easy to find a Fairy Legendary Pokémon that is more powerful than Xerneas.


There aren’t many fairy type Legendary Pokémon out there. These are the main 8 fairy type Legendary Pokémon (According to Pokédex).

So I have to give the rank within these 8 Pokémon. I have gone from lower to higher. If you choose them wisely, you won’t regret them.

Besides, the attack I have told you about will work as a cheat code for you in the battle. Yes, every time, you won’t get the strongest as a fighter. Some have other specialties too.

You have seen in the anime for a long period that not every legendary Pokémon has a craze for battle every time you meet them.

But Protecting has always been an ability of the legendary Pokémon, and Legendary Fairy Pokémon aren’t exceptional in this case.

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