What Are the Best 20 Normal Type Pokemon?

Blissey Pokemon




Normal Pokémon may appear to be the weakest type, but they are actually quite good choices, especially these extra powerful one I am about to mention in this Article. So go with the flow if you want to know what are the Best 20 Normal Type Pokemon.

In the Pokémon universe, the Normal-type has long been considered a weak type. You can say, a beginner’s type and that is only useful until you catch something better.

This is likely due to the fact that the weak Normal-type rodents and birds that populate early routes are some of the first wild Pokémon a trainer will encounter in any game even in series if you have watched any season.

In addition, Normal-type attacks aren’t super effective against any Pokémon in battle and not only that trainers typically dominate their opponents by exploiting type match-ups.  

Despite the fact that their moves aren’t particularly effective against anything, there are only a few types that are resistant to Normal moves only Rock and Steel.

Only Fighting moves are particularly effective against them. Normal type Pokémon, in essence, can form a solid backbone for any team. 

While the Pokémon listed here are in the upper echelons of Normal-type base stat totals, I have just made a list of few by ranking from 20 to top 1 so that you can get easily the best 20 Normal Type Pokemon

Here are some of the most potent alternatives:


Swellow Pokemon


Normal/Flying Pokémon generally gets inspirited, yet the mold is broken by Swellow.

I can tell you that it has a strong collection of statistics, especially with its high speed stat for less than optimal attacking statistics. But both her skills offer her choices on how she wishes to act in combat.

Guts turns Swellow into a physical assailant who hits swiftly and hits hard.

It won’t take long to fight his bad bulk and a toxic orb in hand, but know that when it goes down it may be quite harmful for the opponent too.




Exploud Pokemon


Exploud also has access, unlike Swellow, to some of the finest special attack moves for damage.

The most commonly viewed are Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Surf. It amazes me to think how this Pokémon is able to surf.

But it is best not to think about certain things…




Bewear Pokemon


As per the pokedex, Bewear is the Pokémon that loves to give hug which is very deadly of course…

If you don’t get friendly with this Pokémon! Contact moves do almost no damage to this monster, allowing it to set up Swords Dances and begin delivering apparently spine-shattering hugs.



Kangaskhan Pokemon


Mainly Kangaskhan is in parent category of Normal type Pokémon.

It is in this list because we all know how much swift this Pokémon is when it comes to battle.

It can terrify its opponent with its quick jabs.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                105

Attack                            95

Defense                         80

Special Attack               40

SpecialDefense              85

Speed                             90




Lopunny Pokemon


Lopunny is the type of Pokémon who is always monitoring its surroundings.

When it thinks that it is in danger, it can respond with its super destructive kick.




Audino Pokemon




I am including this Pokémon in this list because of its hearing abilities.

This Pokémon is maybe not for battle and combat but it definitely works as a healer and that is the attributes one also needed.



Pidgeot Pokemon


This Pokémon is best known for its agility, keen eyes and tangled feet.

Its whirlwind attack doesn’t heavy damage to the other Pokémon in the battles.



Stats(lv 100):

HP                               83

Attack                         85

Defense                       75

Special Attack            70

Special Defense         70

Speed                        101






Staraptor Pokemon


In this list I am going to add another Normal flying type Pokémon.

This Pokémon also has different type of unique set of abilities.

It lacks the depth of movepool found in other Normal-type Pokémon, but it does have a solid set of moves that allow it to maximize its strengths.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                 85

Attack                         120

Defense                        70

Special Attack              50

Special Defense           60

Speed                          100



Lickilicky Pokemon


Its high stat total emphasizes bulk and defense.

It also has a signature move, Wring Out, which becomes more effective as the opponent’s HP decreases.




Obstagoon Pokemon


Its stats are fairly balanced, favoring physical Defense and Speed.

However, its Special Attack is nothing to write about.

It has a few more weaknesses than pure Normal type due to its dual Normal/Dark type, including a 4x weakness to Fighting, but somehow it is completely immune to Psychic attacks and resistant to Dark.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                              93

Attack                        90

Defense                    101

Special Attack            60

Special Defense         81

Speed                          95




Porygon-Z Pokemon


Its stat total is boosted by its extremely powerful Special Attack.

Its other stats are mostly mediocre, but Porygon-Z has the potential to annihilate its opponents before they can even fire a shot.

It also has access to a large and diverse movepool via TMs.



Stats(lv 100):

HP                               85

Attack                         80

Defense                      70

Special Attack          135

Special Defense         75

Speed                          90





Snorlax Pokemon


Snorlax is a defensive wall with a lot of HP and a lot of defenses.

It also gets recovery moves like Rest, making a well-trained Snorlax difficult to defeat.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                160

Attack                           110

Defense                          65

Special Attack               65

Special Defense           110

Speed                             30



Blissey Pokemon


Blissey’s primary strength is as a special wall, and it has a decent Special Attack to deal some damage back.

They can withstand a terrifying amount of damage and heal themselves and their teammates with moves like Soft-Boiled and Heal Bell.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                            255

Attack                        10

Defense                     10

Special Attack           75

Special Defense       135

Speed                         55




Silvally Pokemon


The strength contained in Silvally sprang from a profound relationship of trust between this Pokémon and his Trainer.

At will it can change its kind.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                95

Attack                          95

Defense                       95

Special Attack             95

Special Defense          95

Speed                            95





Meloetta Pokemon


Its normal-psychic aria shape focuses on Special Attack and Special Defense but it is highly attacked and speedy.

It is possible to counter various kinds and it is incredibly flexible given Meloetta can move between different forms in the middle of battle.




Slacking Pokemon


Slaking is a pure Normal-type with such high base stats that some people confuse the line with pseudo-Legendaries.

However, the base stats of pseudo always add up to 600 — and Slaking’s stat total is 670.

So it’s obviously a very powerful Pokémon, with extremely high HP and Attack, as well as Defense and Speed that aren’t to be sneezed at.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                               150

Attack                         160

Defense                       100

Special Attack              95

Special Defense            65

Speed                          100




Regigigas Pokemon


It is a truly powerful titan who will awaken only after the player has conquered and captured the other Regis.

However, the long period of dormancy has endowed yet another powerful Normal-type Pokémon with a negative ability.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                110

Attack                           160

Defense                        110

Special Attack                80

Special Defense            110

Speed                            100




Ursaring Pokemon


There are said to be many streams and towering trees where they gather food.

Every day, this Pokémon walks through its forest in search of food.

It has the guts to attack anybody and its attack are powerful.

If you can make use of Ursaring, you can win any battle!


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                 90

Attack                          130

Defense                          75

Special Attack               75

Special Defense             75

Speed                             55




Ditto Pokemon


Yes, everything is not that good of this when it comes to battle.

But If I say that it can transform? Yes, one of the most good abilities is that it can transform into any Pokémon in combat.

It battles by transforming into the opponent and confuse the Pokémon trainer.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                48

Attack                          48

Defense                        48

Special Attack             48

Special Defense           48

Speed                           48




Arceus Pokemon


If you still needed to convince users that standard Pokémon can be powerful, just look at Arceus!

This legendary is the deity of the Pokémon world, who created Sinnoh and several other Pokémon legends and perhaps brought about the entire universe.

But it’s also a useful competitive Pokémon, because to its high overall statistics, apart from its pious capabilities.


Stats(lv 100):

HP                                120

Attack                           120

Defense                        120

Special Attack              120

Special Defense           120

Speed                            120




I have made this list by thinking about many factors. We all know Pokémon is not only for battle and combat.

Pokémon Trainer love them like they are a part of the trainer.

When it comes to normal type Pokémon, most of the trainer catch their first Pokémon as normal type Pokémon. They have a sentimental value.

The trainer train them hard to get their Pokémon’s full potential.

Yes, it maybe not enough for the battle but it can handle any tougher situation they face on the road.

Sometimes the trainer won different types of battle against strong Pokémon.

We all know how Ash used to fight his oppponents!

Sometimes he used to fight strong Pokémon with a weak Pokémon or fight with the disadvantages he had. If a Pokémon trainer can believe in their Pokémon no battle or combat can stop their way.

After all, all Pokémon is the being you must love.

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