Ash-Greninja in the anime

Water-type Pokémon are some of the most diverse sets of Pokémon in the franchise. Their strength, appearance, and themes span a wide range of variety. Some Water-types are simply adorable, while others are built to battle. And some are both adorable and strong in fights.

Nevertheless, the amazing diversity of Water-type Pokémon should not come as a surprise. Why? Because as of Gen IX, Water-types are the most common type of Pokémon!

Of course, given the large number and diversity of Water-type Pokémon, there are bound to be some which are better than others. So, here are the 8 best Water-type Pokémon.

8. Araquanid

Araquanid in the anime

The first one we have on this list is the dual Water/Bug-type arachnoid Pokémon, Araquanid. As you could guess by its name, Araquanid is an aquatic arachnoid, hence its Water/Bug typing. It has multiple long, creepy legs and its stance is really spider-like.

Moreover, Araquanid has a bubble around its head that acts as both an offensive and defensive shield. It’s primary a protective helmet, but Araquanid can also use it to hit its foes via Headbutt.

But the main appeal of Araquanid is its signature ability, Water Bubble. Water Bubble halves all damage this Pokémon takes from Fire-type moves.

Araquanid is a dual Water/Bug-type Pokémon, so it’s supposed to take neutral damage from Fire-type moves. But thanks to its ability, it regains its resistance as a Water-type.

Moreover, Water Bubble also boosts Araquanid’s Water-type attacks by twice the power! Araquanid receives a same-type attack bonus (STAB) using Water attacks since it’s a Water-type, and further doubling that power allows it to deal massive damage to its foes.

The powerful ability, Water Bubble, combined with high-power Water-type moves like Hydro Pump, Scald, and Liquidation, makes Araquanid a terrifying foe to face.

7. Wishiwashi

Totem Wishiwashi in Solo Form

Speaking of powerful abilities, Wishiwashi is another Water-type Pokémon with a uniquely strong ability.

Its ability, Schooling, changes its form depending on its current HP. If Wishiwashi remains healthy and stays above 25% of its HP, it transforms into School Form. But if it goes below 25% of its HP, it goes into Solo Form.

Wishiwashi in School Form in the anime
Wishiwashi in School Form

While Wishiwashi in Solo Form is one of the weakest Pokémon, Wishiwashi in School Form is a whole different matter.

Wishiwashi in School Form gets a jump from a pathetic total base stat of 175 to a total base stat of 620! That’s even more than pseudo-legendary Pokémon (and even more than some Legendary ones like Terrakion, Zapdos, and Uxie).

Although Wishiwashi’s ability can be powerful, its downside is that you have to maintain Wishiwashi’s HP to healthy levels.

Otherwise, you’ll be forced to use a weak Magikarp-like Pokémon that won’t be able to do anything in battle.

But still, Wishiwashi’s unique ability and nice concept puts it at a deserving spot as one of the best Water-type Pokémon.

6. Starmie

Starmie in the anime

Starmie is perhaps one of the most memorable Water-type Pokémon in the franchise. Aside from its very familiar starfish concept and shape, it’s also one of the OG Water-types a solid companion of Misty in the anime.

It is one of Misty’s Pokémon that she used a lot of times during battles, and it relatively saw great success. Unfortunately, Misty decided to leave her Starmie to her sisters in the anime.

Starmie evolves from Staryu via a Water Stone, and it changes from being a pure Water-type into a dual Water/Psychic-type Pokémon.

As it evolves, Starmie gets a significant boost in its offensive capabilities and improves its speed as well.

In the previous generations’ competitive battling meta, Starmie was the main “rapid spinner” and was present in most teams.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of other strong Pokémon, Starmie fell out of the limelight. However, it still continues to be one of the best Water-types to use on your team.

5. Dracovish

Dracovish in the anime, one of the best Water-type Pokémon

This odd-looking Pokémon isn’t as bad as it looks. Maybe some fans would argue that it actually looks cute. Well, I honestly don’t think so. But what is inarguable is the fact that it’s one of the stronger Water-type Pokémon out there.

Dracovish is a Fossil Pokémon that first appeared in the Gen VIII games (Sword and Shield). You can obtain it by reviving the combination of Fossilized Fish and Fossilized Drake.

Why two different fossils? Well, I have no idea why Game Freak decided to do that, although it certainly is a cool concept.

But this is also why Dracovish looks hideous and odd—because it’s a combination of two different fossils.

It’s one of the four possible combinations of fossils in Gen VIII, but it stands out from the rest as one of the strongest Pokémon in battles.

Dracovish’s stats are balanced in general, with no offensive stat hitting above extreme levels. However, what makes this Pokémon is its access to both Strong Jaw and Fishious Rend.

Strong Jaw is a strong ability (pun unintended) that boosts biting moves, which includes Fishious rend.

Fishious Rend is already a strong enough move on its own given its 85 base power and the special effect of doubling its power if you move first before your target. But add Strong Jaw’s bonus to Fishious Rend and you’ll have a potent combination that can knock out most Pokémon in one hit.

4. Gyarados

Gyarados in the anime with its mouth closed, which is a relatively rare sight

In the top 4 spot on this list, we have the popular Gyarados. Gyarados is popular due to a myriad of reasons, and none of them are short of memorable.

First, Gyarados evolves from Magikarp, and as we all know, Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokémon. Although there are plenty of other Pokémon that are technically weaker than Magikarp (stat-wise), it doesn’t change the fact that Magikarp is ultimately useless in any fight.

Hence, the drastic change from the weakly Magikarp to the destructive Gyarados is definitely noteworthy.

Moreover, Shiny Gyarados was one of the first-ever Shiny Pokémon to be introduced in the video game series and the first to be integrated into a game’s plot.

It first appeared in the Gen II games and has been a core part of the series ever since.

Lastly, if being Gyarados isn’t terrifying enough, then maybe a Mega Gyarados is. This monstrous Pokémon still has a more monstrous form via a Gyaradosite.

Upon mega evolution, the dual Water/Flying-type Gyarados transforms into the dual Water/Dark-type Mega Gyarados.

Misty’s Mega Gyarados in the anime
Misty’s Mega Gyarados

Given Mega Gyarados’ sky-high 155 base Attack stat and solid defenses, it’s no question it deserves a spot on this list.

3. Blastoise

Blastoise in the anime

Finally, we have the first starter Pokémon on this list. (Spoiler alert: there are more starters incoming.) Blastoise is a pure Water-type Pokémon and the final stage evolution of one of the Kanto starters, Squirtle.

Blastoise’s design is definitely a memorable one, not to mention that it’s also a part of the OG Gen I Pokémon. It is based on a bipedal turtle with a set of twin water cannons on its back. Its hard brown shell helps protect itself and makes it resistant to most attacks.

But it isn’t just good defensively as a consistent theme with being based on a turtle. Blastoise is a great offensive threat as well.

Its base stats distribution is well-balanced and provides enough offensive damage for Blastoise without sacrificing its durability. It has solid base stats of 103, 120, 135, and 115 on its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense, respectively.

Moreover, similar to Venusaur and Charizard, Blastoise is also a member of the group of a few Pokémon that can both mega evolve and gigantamax. 

2. Swampert

Morrison’s Swampert in the anime

Swampert is another Water-type Pokémon that’s a favorite among fans. Aside from being a very strong Pokémon in battles, its pre-evolution base Pokémon is also one of the most adorable and cutest.

Mudkip is beloved by many fans due to how adorable it is. Then, once it evolves into Swampert, its true strength shows.

Swampert is not only one of the best Ground-type Pokémon but also one of the best Water-types in the franchise. Its overall bulk, offensive force, and flexible movepool make it a feared Pokémon in competitive battling.

What makes Swampert even greater is its mega evolution. Using Swampertite, Swampert mega-evolves into an even more powerful and more durable Pokémon.

Mega Swampert Sword and Shield sprite
Mega Swampert Pokémon Sword and Shield sprite

Mega Swampert boasts an Attack stat of 150, which is far greater than the average Attack of most Pokémon. It can also use moves like Hammer Arm, Muddy Water, Stone Edge, and Earthquake.

Mega Swampert’s defenses are nothing to scoff at either. It has base stats of 100, 110, and 110 in HP, Defense, and Special Defense, respectively. Safe to say, Swampert is an absolute tank, and Mega Swampert is even more so.

1. Greninja

Ash’s Greninja (not to be confused with Ash-Greninja)

The famous Ninja Pokémon (not the other one, Ninjask), Greninja, is our best Water-type Pokémon. Although most of the ones on this list are top contenders, Greninja possesses certain qualities that are not found in other Pokémon.

Greninja is a dual Water/Dark-type Pokémon and is the final stage evolution of Froakie, which is one of the starters of Gen VI (Pokémon X and Y).

However, it’s different from other starters since it is currently the only one among all the generations’ starters that can have two different non-hidden abilities: Torrent and Battle Bond.

Moreover, its second possible ability, Battle Bond, isn’t just any ability—it’s an event-exclusive, signature ability that allows Greninja to transform into Ash-Greninja.

Ash-Greninja in the anime

Ash-Greninja has way higher stats than a regular Greninja, but this doesn’t mean that the latter is bad. In fact, a regular Greninja’s hidden ability is more than enough to make it one of the best Water-type Pokémon.

Greninja’s hidden ability, Protean, transforms any move used by Greninja into its own type. This means that Greninja will always receive a STAB in its attacks, boosting its overall power output.

The only other Pokémon that can have this ability outside Greninja’s evolution line is Kecleon, so it’s a pretty unique feature of Greninja.

Despite its mediocre defenses, Greninja can hit hard with its decent offensive stats and very good Speed of 122 base stat, which is the highest base Speed stat of any Dark-type Pokémon. It can also learn powerful moves like Water Shuriken, Night Slash, and Ice Beam.


*Images in this article are sourced from Bulbapedia and Pokémon Wiki, licensed under Fair Use.

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