Find a cute nickname for Dewpider!

30 Cute Nicknames For Dewpider


In terms of appearances, Bug-type Pokémon are hit-or-miss. Sometimes, you get an adorable, harmless Bug-type Pokémon like Combee or Ledyba. But other times, you encounter a creepy one like Scolipede or a frightening one like Golisopod.

But when we talk about the dual Water/Bug-type Pokémon Dewpider, we can’t deny how cute-looking it is. Despite its attempt to look menacing, Dewpider only makes us love and adore it more!

Dewpider is the pre-evolved form of Araquanid, one of the best Water-type Pokémon in the franchise. So, it’s a really a drastic transformation going from the adorable Dewpider to the powerful Araquanid. But we can definitely say that the resemblance is far from uncanny.

Well, Dewpider’s cuteness isn’t enough! You also have to pair it with a cute nickname for Dewpider since it deserves to have a fitting one. So to help you out, here are 30 cute nicknames for Dewpider.


List of cute Nicknames for Dewpider



One of Dewpider and Araquanid’s defining features is their helmet that’s made out of a bubble. So, “Bubblehead” just seems very appropriate.

Bubblehead Jr.

If you decided not to ever let Dewpider evolve into Araquanid, maybe “Bubblehead Jr.” would be more fitting since it’s going to stay as a Jr. anyways.


Mr/Mrs. Long Legs


If you aren’t a fan of spiders in general but still find Dewpider cute, then this one is for you. This one carries over well to evolution, too, so that’s a plus.


You’d like this if you’re a Silent Hill fan.



Peter Parker

Are you a fan of Spider-Man or Marvel in general? This nickname for Dewpider is especially fitting when you consider that Peter Parker is often depicted in his teen years in the comics (or the current MCU films), and Dewpider could also be just in its teens before growing into an adult as Araquanid.


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Scarlett Johansson

Another Marvel reference, this time simply because Scarlett Johansson plays the popular Avenger and SHIELD member Natasha Romanoff, who also goes by the name Black Widow.


It’s much shorter than “Peter Parker.”


Same as above—it’s much shorter than “Scarlett Johansson.”



Since Dewpider’s theme revolves around having its head inside a water bubble, “Bubblemon” would make a perfect cute Dewpider nickname.


Use this one instead if you’d rather be more immersive with your nicknames.




Why Arachnokid? Because Dewpider is a spider that looks like a kid. It’s not difficult to understand.


It’s all about the spider puns!


Bubble Buddy

This one’s an extra cute nickname. It’s your buddy, and it has a bubble on its head. So, Bubble Buddy!


Maybe you are the type of person who likes combining words, then you can go with Bubbleguy instead.


Pick this nickname for your Dewpider if you’re a Harry Potter fan.



It’s a reference to Charlotte’s Web.


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Water Bug

It’s a dual Water/Bug-type. Pick this if you’re lazy.



Dewpider looks like it doesn’t have a body (or maybe it really doesn’t?).



Dewpider in the anime
Dewpider is ready to battle

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