Arbok and ethans that are both purple snake pokemon.

Purple is a color that exudes elegance and power, and in the world of Pokemon, several creatures feature this striking hue in their design. Among these are all snake Pokemon, which have always been a fan favorite due to their unique abilities and evolutions.

In this article, we will take a closer look at every purple snake Pokemon with a purple design. We will explore their characteristics, abilities, and place in the Pokemon universe. 

There are only two purple snake Pokemon, Arbok and Ekans, and in this article, we will let you know more about them. 



Arbok, known as アーボック in Japan, is a Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the first Generation of the series. It evolves from Ekans when it reaches level 22.

Arbok is a serpentine Pokémon that closely resembles a cobra. It features narrow eyes, sharp teeth, and a large hood with a face-like pattern that has over 20 possible variations. 

Arbok is a powerful Pokémon known for its intimidating hood, which typically displays two red and yellow eyespots outlined in black, a wide black streak resembling an upturned mouth, and a black V-shaped stripe above the eyespots. 

Its strong coils can crush opponents and even flatten steel oil drums, while its hood can imitate and stun opponents, as well as generate eerie sounds. 

Arbok’s body is able to regenerate if any part of it, except for the head, is cut off, and it can detect vibrations and survive in aquatic environments. 

Additionally, Arbok has the unique ability to change its pattern at any time to increase its stats and gain invulnerability to certain status conditions. This purple snake Pokemon is territorial, vengeful, and will not give up a chase once it has identified its target. 

Arbok is commonly found in grassy savannas, plains, forests, and desolate wastelands, alongside its pre-evolved form Ekans. 

It is a predator of all smaller Pokémon such as Wooper and occasionally preys on Pidgey and Spearow Eggs. 

In Generation I, Glare was its signature move.

Prominent Appearances

In this part, we will let you know the most important places where Arbok was featured.

Jessie’s Arbok

Jessie obtained an Ekans that eventually evolved into an Arbok in the episode “Dig Those Diglett!” This marked the species’ debut. Arbok was extremely loyal to her and served as her primary battling Pokémon until “A Poached Ego!” when Jessie set it free to protect a wild group of Ekans and Koffing.

Additional Appearances

In the episode “The Ultimate Test,” Ash used an Arbok in the Pokémon League Admissions Exam. It battled against the instructor’s Jolteon but ultimately lost.





Ekans, known as アーボ in Japan, is a Poison-type Pokémon that was introduced in the first Generation of the series. It evolves into Arbok when it reaches level 22.

Ekans is a purple, serpentine Pokémon with yellow eyes, an underbelly, a thick stripe around its neck, and a rattle. 

Ekans is a long, slender Pokémon that can be either purple or green in color. It has three pairs of black lines encircling its body, as well as a line that connects to each slit-pupil eye and curves towards its nose. 

Its big mouth has a round, pink tongue and no visible teeth, and while a newborn Ekans’s bite may be painful, it is not venomous. Ekans grows longer with age.

This purple snake Pokémon lives in grassy savannas and plains, where it moves stealthily through the grass. 

It can also be found in desolate wastelands and forests, preying on eggs from Pidgey and Spearow nests but striking other prey from behind. 

Ekans has the ability to flick its tongue out in order to detect danger and the scent of prey. Its jaw can detach, allowing it to swallow large prey; however, this can make Ekans too heavy to move or cause it to faint.

At night, it wraps itself around tree branches to rest, and if not in a tree, it will coil itself up, allowing it to defend itself from all everywhere. 

In the second movie, Ekans was revealed to have some swimming abilities. 

Glare was the Pokémon’s signature move in Generation I.


Prominent Appearances

In this part, we will let you know the most important places where Ekans was featured.

Jessie’s Ekans

Jessie got an Ekans as a chūgen gift on her birthday prior to the start of the anime. This marked the species’ debut, which was shown in “Pokémon Emergency!”. 

Ekans was very loyal to her and, with time, evolved into an Arbok in “Dig Those Diglett!” just so it could make her happy.

Team Meanies

Ekans was in Team Meanies in “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!” where Gengar commanded the Poisonous Snake Pokémon to consume all of the Berries Team Go-Getters had collected. 

At one point, Gengar mistakenly referred to Ekans as Arbok, which was an intentional error in the first version (because of the similarities between the Japanese names) but was corrected in the dub in later reruns of the episode.


Additional Appearances

In “A Poached Ego!” Rico captured multiple Ekans. Jessie, on the other hand, released her Arbok along with James’s Weezing to protect these Ekans, and a couple of caught Koffing.

In “Dreams Are Made of These!”, Goh captured an Ekans during a Pokémon Orienteering competition. It has since made further appearances in “Pokémon Journeys: The Series.”

In “Turning Heads and Training Hard!”, a Team Skull Grunt’s Ekans was swiftly defeated by Ilima and his Eevee. In “Battle Royal 151!”, it participated in the Manalo Conference, only to be defeated by Ilima’s Eevee once again. 


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