Excadrill nicknames

50+ Good Nicknames For Excadrill

Who is Excadrill?

Excadrill is a dual-type pokemon. It is actually a mixture of the steel type and the ground type.

It evolves from the pokemon drilbur at level 31.

Excadrill is a mole-like pokemon that also low-key looks like an armadillo. The pokemon has a dark brown body and has red splotches. 

There are three marks on the pokemon’s front. They look like battle scars.

The pokemon can roll up and spin like a drill. It has a lot of armadillo characteristics. 

It also has the ability to cut through hardened iron and steel. It also digs at very high speeds. Somewhere in the anime, it’s mentioned that the pokemon drills with a rate up to 90mph.

Now time for the list of Excadrill Nicknames. Let’s get right to it!

Excadrill Nicknames

List of Nicknames For Excadrill!

  • Quake

The pokemon’s drilling capabilities cause the Earth beneath the feet to shake. This ability has made the pokemon deserving of this name.

  • Underminer

Since the pokemon is an expert at mining through stuff, I feel like this nickname would be perfect for Excadrill.

  • Toph

She was an earth bender in the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender. Toph was also blind but was so good at earthbending that she could feel the Earth’s shivers and sense her opponent accordingly.

  • Holy Moley

Since the pokemon is a mole, this would be an excellent name for Excadrill.

  • Flint

  • Drillbit

It only makes sense that a pokemon that is associated with drilling has a name related to that as well.

  • Bane

This was a villainous character in one of the Batman movies. This is a great sinister name for Excadrill.

  • Badgermole

This is a combination of two words that best describe the pokemon.

  • Dustbuster

Another creative name for your Excadrill.

  • Digrat

A rat that digs. All of these nicknames are pretty accurate for Excadrill, no?

  • Excaladrillbur

  • Mortimer

This can be another fitting name for your pokemon. Most of the names here will be talking about the pokemon’s drilling capabilities and its appearance.

    • Atlas


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  • Maulwurf

This is the European version of a mole. It is called a maulwurf in Europe. It looks lanky and is a bit different from a normal mole that you might have seen in your house.

Petra is a famous archaeological site in Jordan. Since such sites are linked to drilling, I think this would be a perfect name.

  • Plower

This means a person who ploughs. This can be used as a nickname because it describes the pokemon’s capabilities.

  • Demeter

Demeter was the sister of Zeus. She was the goddess of agriculture.

  • Bolin

Bolin is an earthbender from the next Avatar series: The legend of Korra. He is another fine Airbender with a lot of potential.

  • Argo

  • Bruno

Just like the famous artist Bruno Mars, you can nickname Excadrill that as well.

  • Mullvad

Mullvad is a VPN service that started in Sweden. The reason I chose this nickname is that the logo of Mullvad is a mole wearing a cap trying to find something. It is quite funny.

  • Alexander

Inspired by Alexander the Great, this name means the conqueror of Earth.

  • Vladmir

From Russia’s president Vladmir Putin, this would be another good name because everyone on this Earth is terrified of him.

  • Titan

A titan means a large human being with superhuman strength. 

    • Buckle


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  • Arnot

Arnot is a medical health centre in Oregon. It sounds like armadillo, so I chose this name.

  • Amara

  • Dumpty

The last name of Humpty Dumpty, the egg that fell from a wall.

  • Gaetan

  • Moliere

  • Cybele

  • Sidon

  • Phrygia

  • Rhea

  • Tonka

  • Mason

  • Molgera

  • Diggerdude

This is the combination of two words. Digger, someone who digs and dude, a slang word meaning the same as bro. This sounds like a chill hip name for Excadrill.

  • Gurren

  • Dig dug

This is another name explaining the digging capabilities of the pokemon.

  • Excedrin

  • Tonka

  • Undertaker

Someone who digs up graves. There cannot be a more fitting name in all of this list.

  • Drilldozer

A combination of the word bulldozer and the word drill. This is a creative nickname for your Excadrill.

  • Torque

A term from the physics book. This is used to measure rotatory force.

    • Yoko


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  • Juggernaut

A swordsman that wields a sword and spins a lot. This can be a good nickname for your pokemon.

  • Impaler

Someone who impales his opponents. Another badass name.

  • Simon

  • Subterror


In this article, I’ve provided you with a lot of options to choose from. Quite a number of them are about the drilling abilities of the pokemon.

You can use one of these nicknames for your Excadrill, or you can use these as inspiration and come up with your own nickname.

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