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70 Funny Nicknames for Pokemon


Do you have trouble coming up with some nicknames for your new Pokémon team?

In a game, coming up with a unique and amazing name every time is a difficult challenge.

As a result, we’ve drawn up a list of super-cute, one-of-a-kind, and Funny Nicknames for Pokémon to put a stop to your troubles.

So, why thinking about it? Go ahead and choose the best Pokémon nicknames to impress your friends with your exceptional inventiveness.


Funny Nicknames For Dark Type Pokemon


  • Giant Teddy for Pangoro
  • JAWS for Sharpedo.
  • Hotdog for Houndour and Houndoom.
  • T’Challa for Incineroar
  • Panther for Poochyena.

           Panther’s attack fell! Well that’s definitely not right then!   

Panther funny name for Poochyena




Funny Nicknames For Bug Type Pokemon


  • Iron Man for Scizor. (Must be an Avenger then)
  • Wasp is the funny name for Beedril.
  • King for Tut- Pinsir
  • Shawarma  for Wurmple

              Shawrma used stringshot? Now, that would be delicious!

Sharwma funny nickname pokemon

Penis funny Nickname Pokemon




Funny Nicknames for Normal Type Pokemon


  • Lunch Box for Snorlax.
  • Google Pixel for P- Porygon
  • Slaking for Bread
  • Nurse is the name you should give to Blissey 🙂

            What else will the Bread do? Ha ha!

            Bread Funny name for Normal Type Pokemon




Funny Nicknames for Fire Type Pokemon


  • KFC is the funny name for both Blaziken and Ho-Oh.
  • Ninja for Turtle- Torkoal
  • Flaming for Lizard- Magmar

Funny Name Fire Type Pokemon


Flame thrower funny names pokemon



Funny Nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon


  • Sleepbulb is the funny Nickname for Gloom.
  • Clownfruit  for Weepinbell.
  • Flowerpot  for Venusaur.
  • Noodles is the funny name for Tangela. Somehow it suits very well with it 🙂

       How does a Flower Pot used Petal Dance? Huh?

Flower Pot Funny Nickname pokemon




Funny Nicknames for Water Type Pokemon


  • Lizard Duck for Golduck.
  • Naruto Punching Frog for Polywrath.
  • Bluejelly for Tentacruel.
  • Crab Guy is the funny name for Kingler.

How the hell Bluejelly became confused?

Blue Jelly Funny Name Pokemon


Funny Nicknames for Electric Type Pokemon


  • Tigercat  for Electabuzz.
  • Flying Osprey for Zapdos.
  • Scared Cat for Jolteon.
  • Weakachu is for Pikachu.

Weakachu Pikachu Funny Name


Funny Nicknames for Poison Type Pokemon


  • Stripper for Oddish.
  • Milf for Nidoqueen
  • Batman is for Zubat and Crobat
  • Vampy is the funny name for Golbat.


Striper Funny Name Pokemon


Funny Nicknames for Rock Type


  • Terrorist for Geodude.
  • Rockball Turtle is the funny name for Golem.
  • Blue Dragon for Rhydon.
  • Jellyshell is the funny name for Omastar.

Terrorist Rock Type Pokemon Funny name



Fungus Funny Pokemon Name


Funny Nicknames for Ice Type


  • Hitler is the funny name for Dewgong. (Look at the picture given below. You will understand 😉
  • Teddy Bear for Beartic.
  • Whiteybug is for Frosmoth.
  • White Obama is the funny name for Abomasnow. Take it as fun and please don’t be offended at all!

Hitler Funny Pokemon Name


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Funny Nicknames for Ground Type


  • Darude for Sandslash. You may not find it understandable now but you will!
  • Dickheads for Dugtrio.
  • Bone man for Marowak.
  • Sharkyboy for Garchomp. It goes perfectly with the nickname!

Darude Funny Nickname pokemon


Funny Nicknames for Flying Type


  • Captain America Braviary
  • Flying Reptile for Gyarados.
  • Cloudhead  for Altari.
  • Bitch for Wingull. You will understand after I show you the picture.
  • Cockroach is the funny name for Ledyba.

Yeah, that’s what bitches do!


Bitch Funny Nickname for Wingull


Funny Nicknames for Steel Type


  • Steelsnake for Steelix.
  • Whitehorn for Aggron.
  • Triple magnet for Magneton.
  • Football for Togedemaru.
  • Legoguy for Stakataka.

Steel Snake Nickname for Steelix


Funny Nicknames for Psychic Type


  • Spoonguy for Alakazam.
  • Cracked Eggs for Exeggcute.
  • Blonde Whore the funny name for Jynx.
  • Spring Guy is for Spoink.

Spoonguy Funyname for Alakazam


Funny Nicknames for Fairy Type


  • Pinky Rat for Clefable.
  • Spike (The dog in Tom and Jerry) is the funny name for Granbull.
  • Sadcloud for Cottonee.
  • Ribbons for Sylveon.

Ribbons Funny name for Sylveon


Funny Nicknames for Ghost Type


  • Devil Face is the funny name for Gengar.
  • Deadbug for Shedinja.
  • Desert for Palossand.
  • Cracked Mug for Poltergeist.

Devilface Funny name for Gengar


Funny Nicknames for Fighting Type


  • Monkeypig is for Primeape.
  • Four arms is for Machamp.
  • Beetleface is the funny name for Heracross.
  • Headless for Hitmonlee.

Headless Funny name for Hitmonlee


Funny Nicknames for Dragon Type


  • Fat Dragon is the perfect funny name for Dragonite.
  • Maggie Noodles for Rayquaza.
  • Two faces for Zweilous.
  • Nigga Crab for Guzzlord.
  • Injection for Naganadel.
  • Swallowed Apple for Flappy.

Fatdragon funny name for Dragonnite



A Funny Nickname for Pokemon is a name that makes you laugh. It has a sense of nostalgia and silliness about it. For me, naming Pokémon has always been an essential element of the game.

Giving my starter a nickname is critical to establishing the bond that Pokémon is built on, and it is friendship.

Training feels more significant when it’s with a friend you’ve grown up with, rather than a hired hand that has been hired merely for stats.

There are many Charmander in the Pokémon world but there is only one Chary.

It’s one of the many aspects that distinguish the games, which date back to the Game Boy period.

Please don’t hesitate to share with me the best Funny Nicknames you use for your Pokemon. It will be a pleasure for me to add it in this list!


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