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Gardevoir is a dual type pokemon and is a combination of the psychic and the fairy types which was introduced in Generation III.

At first, it used to be a pure psychic type pokemon, but after that, it was reclassified and became a dual type pokemon.

It evolves from Kirlia at around level 30 and can further mega evolve into Mega Gardevoir if exposed to the Gardevoirite.

It is a solid Pokemon to have, but a hard choice is what to name it. So I have compiled this list in which I’ve chosen many different potential Gardevoir Nicknames that can be used for your male Gardevoir pokemon or your female pokemon.

Let’s get right to it!


List of Nicknames

  • LadyGaga

Just like the famous artist, this can be a fantastic name for Gardevoir, who is a queen!

  • Einstein

Inspired by the famous scientist, this is another suitable nickname for a male gardevoir.

  • Leprechaun

  • Stardust

  • Peach 

Resembling a character from Mario Kart, Gardevoir also looks like a peach, another reason for this nickname.

  • Brownie

A cute nickname for a cute pokemon, this is very fitting as it describes the cuteness that it possesses.

    • Nymph

    • Soul


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  • Jedi 

Inspired by the popular series Star Wars, Jedi can be a pretty good nickname for Gardevoir. It is very cool and good to name a pokemon like that.

  • Freud

  • Oracle

Gardevoir looks like an oracle, so it is the most fitting name for the pokemon.

  • Prophet

Resembling a death prophet, this male Gardevoir nickname will represent this resemblance, and talk more about it!

  • Daisy

  • Jelly Bean or Jellybelly

Both of these are cute Gardevoir nicknames you can have for your beloved Gardevoir.

  • Aurora

Gardevoir emits an aurora of light, so it is such a suitable nickname for the pokemon.

  • Cupcake

Another cute nickname for the pokemon is charming itself.

    • Puff

    • Karma


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  • Gwendolyn

  • Faith

Since Gardevoir looks like a prophet, this is a good association with the name.

  • Professor

  • Princess

It looks as if Gardevoir is wearing a cloak, just like a princess. For this reason, this would be an awesome female Gardevoir nickname.

  • Starfire

  • Genie

The pokemon looks like a genie, which is why I chose this nickname.

  • Fey

  • Zen

  • Mist

One of the attacks of Gardevoir is to cast a mist over an area. Complementing this attack, you can choose the name mist for the pokemon.

  • Angel

As a ghost type pokemon, an angel is a fitting name for a female or a male Gardevoir nickname.

  • Pan

  • Starlight

Again, as a ghost type, the night sky is something you associate with ghosts. This can be brought up if you choose Starlight as a nickname for Gardevoir.

  • Sprinkles

  • ToothFairy

  • Rapunzel

Like the character from “Tangled” with long hair, this is another good Gardevoir Nickname, who also has long hair.

  • Houdini

Again, the pokemon has magical powers, giving rise to Houdini, a famous magician.

  • Nostradamus

Nostradamus was a French Astrologer. You can give this cool nickname to your pokemon!

  • Aphrodite

A Greek Goddess associated with love, you can nickname your female Gardevoir like this!

  • Brainwash

One of the attacks that Gardevoir can use is to Brainwash their opponent completely and cast a spell over them. Because of that, this can be a cool nickname for your pokemon.

  • Fay

  • Doby 

Dobby was the elf from Harry Potter. Just like the magical elf, you can choose this magical nickname for your Gardevoir!

  • Mana

This is associated with the energy that a character has for magical powers. This can be another cool nickname for your pokemon!

  • Glow

  • Dawn

  • Rumpelstiltskin

  • Sabrina (the Saffron City Gym leader)

  • Mystic

  • Galadriel (like from Lord of the Rings)

  • Cupid

  • Confetti

  • MrsSpock (like from StarTrek)

  • Freya Coraline

  • Siren

  • Gnome

  • Prism

  • LuckyCharms

  • Glitter

  • Lily

  • Paradox

Paradox is a word that you associate with all ghosts. Because of that, this can be an amazing nickname for your Gardevoir pokemon.

  • Skittles

  • Artemis

  • Pandora

Pandora is a jewelry company and is also a character from a myth. But, this can be also a fitting nickname for your female Ghost Pokemon.

  • Cerebro

  • Ego

  • Zelda

  • Minerva

Minerva is the name of Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. This is another cool nickname for your Ghost type pokemon!

    • Dollface

    • Glinda

    • Barbie

    • Sibyl


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  • Elf

  • Seer

  • JeanGrey (like from X-men)

  • Tarot

  • SailorMoon

  • Cleopatra

Just like the queen, this pokemon is also no less than a queen. Therefore, it can be named after the queen herself, which would be fitting.

  • Tinkerbell

  • Eclipse

  • Coral

  • Sparkle

  • Hermione (like from Harry Potter)

  • Merlin

  • Cherub

  • Imp

  • Matilda


Gardevoir is a cute ghost type pokemon that can be used in many battles.

These are some of Gardevoir Nicknames that match the vibe of the pokemon.

You can use one of these to nickname your prized possession. Do you use other Gardevoir Nicknames? Please do not hesitate to share them with me!

Happy battling!

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