80 Good Glaceon Nicknames!


Glaceon is an Ice Type Pokemon that was introduced back in Generation IV. 

It evolves from Eevee when leveled up, particularly near an Ice Rock. It also evolves into a Glaceon when exposed to an Ice Stone. 

Glaceon is one of Eevee’s final forms. Along with Vaporeon, Flareon, and Umbreon, it is one of the formidable pokemon that all evolve from the same base pokemon.

Glaceon is covered in light-blue fur, which freezes into short quilts.

Most of the good Glaceon nicknames here are inspired by their affiliation to Ice.

Now without further ado, let’s get right to the list!

Glaceon Nicknames

List of Nicknames

  • Blizza

  • Aurora

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in snowy areas. Because of its affiliation with snow, I think this would be a suitable nickname for Glaceon. 

  • Frostbite

Frostbite is when the blood in your fingers freezes, and it freezes your fingers as well. This usually occurs in areas where the temperature is below zero for long periods.

  • Glacier

A big block of snow is standard in chilly areas. It is affiliated with the cold, and since this pokemon is an Ice Type Pokemon, it is a good name for it.

  • Snowstorm

Another name associated with snow!

  • Rudolph

Rudolph was a red-nosed deer. These deers are similar to Santa Claus’s ones in his sleigh. Since Christmas comes at a very snowy time, this is another thing associated with snow that you can keep as a name!

  • Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a personification of ice and everything cold. This can be another good name for your pokemon!


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  • Shards

Shard is what we call a broken piece of ice. It is anything with sharp edges and is brittle. You can keep this as a name for Glaceon.

  • Slakes

  • Clarity

Since broken pieces of ice are apparent, this can be another great name for Glaceon.

  • Elsa

Elsa is the name of the queen of ice in the movie ‘Frozen.’ Since Glaceon looks like a girl, this could be another potentially good name for your pokemon.

  • Tundra

Tundra is an area where tree growth is hindered because of chilly weather or low temperatures. It is a very cool word and is another potential nickname.

  • Freon

  • Sherpa

  • Angel

  • Frostbound

  • Villa

  • Finlandia

  • Pulse

  • Pluto

  • Barbie

  • Moon

  • Magnesia

  • Elven

  • Goosebump

  • Snow bro

  • Softie

    • Coldplay


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  • Borealis

  • Snowball

The name is pretty self-explanatory. I’m sure that all that have seen snow used to make snowballs and hit our friends for fun. It also has a nostalgic feel to the name.

  • Siberia

  • Shiro

  • Ice attack

Since most pokemon attacks are based around the ice, this is a very fitting word to describe Glaceon.

  • Cesane

  • Puddles

  • Sugar

  • Icedog

Because of its association with ice, this is another good Glaceon nickname.

  • Ice-T

  • Ice water

  • Icy boy

  • Ice King

  • Avalanche

  • Fonzie

  • Icefall

  • Subzero

Subzero is any temperature that is below zero. This is another way to describe freezing temperatures.

  • Fridge

A short version for a refrigerator. This is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Ballo

  • Michelangelo

  • Glitter

  • Confetti

  • Graffiti

  • Santa

Because the whole vibe of Santa Claus is very icy, this can be another cool nickname for Glaceon!

  • Peppermint

  • Fantasia

  • Aerie

  • Snowdrift

  • Olaf

This was the name of the snowman from the movie ‘Frozen. A snowman is the best depiction of ice.

  • Marshmallow

The color of marshmallows is strictly white like ice.

    • Shady


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  • Lonell

  • Snowvee

  • Ellie

  • Stardust

  • Alexandria

  • Fluffy

The pokemon looks very cute and fluffy, and that’s why I chose this nickname.

  • Floof

  • Cadence

It means a sequence of notes or chords that can be a musical phrase. This is a cool nickname to have.

  • Packer

  • Drizzle

The word means slight rain. Drizzling in icy areas leads to hailing and snowing, so I chose this name.

  • Galaxy

  • Chestnut

  • Nova

  • Itchy

  • Wolfy

  • Stocking

Stockings with socks are something that you use in frigid temperatures. That is why it’d be a good nickname for Glaceon.

  • Earmuff

Another thing which you can associate with winters is an earmuff. 

  • Snowstar

  • Icespire

  • Ice tray

  • Ice bucket


Since Glaceon is a very chilly pokemon, all the names in this list are related to everything subzero! 

Glaceon also looks like a fox, and because of that, you can also use foxy names for the pokemon.

You can use these nicknames as inspiration, or you can also copy any of these you like to give your Glaceon a cute nickname.

If you have some additions or something that we missed, make sure that you reach out to me!


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