Umbreon Dark Type Pokemon

What’s good against Dark Type Pokemon?



Dark Type Pokemon are one of the different eighteen types of pokemon.

They previously used to only inflict damage through special moves, but now they can use both physical and special moves.

These pokemon were introduced along with the Steel type a little late.

They are represented by a crescent moon and are black in color.

Undoubtedly, they are one of the more intimidating types of pokemon and are formidable against most.

Weaknesses Of Dark Type Pokemon?

Like other types, Dark Type Pokemon are also exceptionally good against certain types and are countered by others.

Actually, Psychic Type Pokemon can’t even inflict damage on Dark Pokemon with their special moves. This is just for an understanding of how overpowered they are.

But there are always weaknesses as well where there are strengths.

The Dark type also poses resistance to the Ghost type, and other Dark Type Pokemon. But at the same time they are vulnerable to several types of pokemon, which are discussed ahead.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Dark Type Pokemon?

These two types have a good defense against Dark Type Pokemon.

Use them when the opponent pulls out a formidable dark type foe!

  • Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost Type Pokemon rely mostly on their physical moves, but also have some special moves in their arsenal if the fight asks that of them.

However, Ghost Type Pokemon are immune to being caught up in any trapping move. Because of this, they are especially strong against Dark Type Pokemon.

Moreover, their defense mechanism against special attacks is also good, which is another weakness for Dark Pokemon.

  • Dark Type Pokemon

Dark Type Pokemon also have a good defense against other Dark Pokemon.

However these counters are a little hard to remember because a particular type of pokemon counters the other. But generally you can keep it in your head that Dark Type Pokemon also have a good defense against themselves.

Just don’t use a Psychic Pokemon in front of a Dark Type and you’re good to go!

What Type Of Pokemon is Good Against Dark Type Pokemon And Why?

  • Ghost Type Pokemon

First on this list is the ghost type. As we mentioned earlier, the ghost type has a good resistance against the attacks that a dark pokemon is capable of.

Because of this, it is a good type to use against Dark Type Pokemon.

  • Fighting Type Pokemon

If you’re up against a dark pokemon, your best bet is to use a Fighting Pokemon against them.

This is because Dark Type Pokemon isn’t effective against the fighting type whereas the Fighting Type can also inflict physical damage which is effective against the dark type.

  • Bug Type Pokemon

The bug type also is very good against dark pokemon.

There are several pokemon within the type which are amazing to use against dark pokemon.

More of these will be shared later on along with the specific attacks as well.

  • Fairy Type Pokemon

Fairy type is also effective against dark pokemon. They have a good defense against the dark type and are also effective when it comes to offense.

What Pokemon Is Good Against Dark Pokemon?

Lucario Fighting Pokemon


Lucario is a fighting/steel type pokemon and it evolves from Riolu.

Lucario can then mega evolve into Mega Lucaro using the Lucaronite.

It uses Aura Sphere and Counter which are amazing against Dark Type Pokemon.

Breloom Fighting pokemon


Breloom is a grass/fighting pokemon which possesses attacks which are lethal against the dark type. It comes from Shroomish at level 23.

Breloom actually possesses the Dynamic Punch which is effective against the dark type.

Volcarona pokemon


Volcarona is another dual type pokemon which is a mix of the Bug type and Fire type.

It evolves from Larvesta and starts at level 59.

It is also an amazing option and it possesses Bug Buzz which is good against Dark Pokemon.

Genesect Pokemon


Genesect is a mix of the bug and steel type and is lethal against dark pokemon.

It doesn’t evolve from or into any other pokemon but has four other forms.

You can use it to counter a Dark Type Pokemon.

What Attacks To Use Against Dark Type Pokemon?

===>Dynamic Punch

You can use dynamic punch against dark type pokemon

===> Furry Cutter

Furry Cutter is a move that slashes the opponent pokemon and is amazing against dark type pokemon.

===> Play Rough

Play Rough is a fairy move which is good against Dark Type Pokemon as well.

===> Dazzling Gleam

Dazzling Gleam is amazing against all other dark types.


Dark type pokemon are very strong but you only have to know what to use against which pokemon and you can win any fight.

As mentioned in the article, the bug type, fairy and fighting type are amazing against Dark Type Pokemon.

Now you know that no matter how strong someone is, they always have weaknesses!


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