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What’s Good Against Electric Type Pokemon?



The electric type is another type in the vast world of pokemon. 

In earlier generations, all the damage dealt by an electric type pokemon was special, but recently they also have an added capacity of dealing physical damage depending on the attack.

These are represented by the color yellow and are symbolized by a bolt. These pokemon are super effective against the flying type and the water type. 

But like every other pokemon type, they also have their weaknesses.


Weaknesses Of Electric Type Pokemon

The electric type pokemon all have a collective weakness: the ground type. Other than that, as far as overall weaknesses go, it actually varies from pokemon to pokemon. However, on average, the type has the following weaknesses.

The HP of these pokemon is very low. Moreover, the defense rating of these pokemon is a little above average. However, the attack and speed stat of these pokemon is excellent and definitely above average. 

The main weakness of the electric type is hitting them with solid physical moves. Specifically, ground type moves are super effective against all electric types. 

In addition, ground type pokemon aren’t affected by electric type moves which makes them the best bet to use against an electric type pokemon.


What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Electric Pokemon

Grass Type Pokemon

Even though they are tied for the most weaknesses out of all types, the grass type has a good defense against the electric type.

However, these pokemon are resisted by seven other types, so be careful when using them against pairs.

They have a good defense stat against all electric moves, but several other types can easily counter these pokemon, so they may not be your best bet to use against the electric type if you want a sure win.

Electric Type Pokemon

Electric type pokemon have a good defense against themselves.

Even though they have a low defense rating, this type is resistant depending on the pokemon in use. 

However, take a look at the other pokemon if you’re planning on using the electric type against another one that is paired.

You don’t want to whip out an electric pokemon against certain types, which are discussed ahead.

Ground Type Pokemon

The ground type is the only type that is super effective against all electric types.

This is because they are not damaged by sandstorms and are immune to all electric attacks. 

The ground type has a fantastic defense against the electric type and is probably your best to use against the electric type. 

Their immunity to electric attacks is what makes them super effective against them.

Dragon Type Pokemon

The dragon type is another type of pokemon which is good to use against the electric type. This is mainly due to their high HP and their resistance to special attacks.

Unfortunately, many dragon types are legendary pokemon, so they have few counters anyway. 

Dragon type pokemon also has the highest base stat total of all types and inflict a lot of damage from special attacks. 

For this reason, they are good to use against the electric type, which has a low HP and is also weak against special type attacks.

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What Kills Electric Pokemon And Why?

Ground Type Pokemon

If you’re up against an electric pokemon, whip out any ground pokemon you have, and you are good to go. Electric attacks don’t affect ground pokemon at all.

It is some common sense as well. In real life, electricity is grounded to eliminate its effect, which is the logic used in the pokemon world.

Ground type moves are typically challenging moves, and due to their resistance to the electric type, they are your best option to kill electric types.

Dragon Type Pokemon

The dragon type is another pick for when you’re up against an electric type pokemon.

These types have a high base power stat which helps them win against the electric type. 

If an electric type pokemon is hit with a physical move with a STAB 100+ base power, it will probably be enough to KO them. 

In addition to that, the dragon type has a good defense against special moves. This, coupled with a high HP makes them unique against the electric type.

Grass Type Pokemon

Another alternative to using against electric type pokemon is the grass type pokemon. 

These pokemon have an interesting arsenal and a lot of moves that can be used.

For example, when Grassy Terrain is active, all grass type moves to inflict 30% more damage if the user is on the ground. 

This makes them excellent against electric type pokemon. 


What Pokemon Is Good Against Electric Pokemon?

Kingdra pokemon


Kingdra is an excellent option to use against electric type pokemon. It is a dual pokemon and is a mix of the water and dragon types. It also has a final form, which is horsea.



Garchomp pokemon


Garchomp is another dual type pokemon that is a mix of the dragon type and the ground type. It is basically a mix of the two types, which are fantastic to use against the electric type. So if you have a Garchomp, whip it out without thinking.


Quagsire pokemon


Quagsire is a water and ground mix pokemon and is also amazing against most electric type pokemon.


What Attacks To Use Against Electric Type Pokemon?

Dragon Tail

Dragon tail is an excellent move to use against the electric type.


Another move that is pretty effective against the electric type is an outrage.


Earthquake is another move that is super effective against all electric pokemon.



As I have told you earlier, the electric type is one of the weaker types of pokemon. 

Even though they are effective against some types of pokemon, they have a lot of counters, making them hard to use unless you know how to play to their strengths.

It would help if you never used an electric type against a ground type pokemon and a dragon type pokemon.

The grass type can be countered to some extent, but the electric type is pretty much useless against the other two. 

I hope this article was of help and answered all your questions. 

Happy Battling!