Conkeldurr fighting pokemon

What’s Good Against Fighting Type Pokemon?


The fighting type is one of the eighteen types of pokemon that mainly inflict damage based on physical moves, but their moves also might be special depending upon the pokemon.

The fighting type card is represented by orange and symbolized by a glove forming into a fist.

The type has several weaknesses, most of which are pokemon who have special moves in their arsenal.

Weaknesses Of Fighting Type Pokemon

As with all other types, the fighting type also has several weaknesses. These pokemon are resisted by several others and are also weak against three different types.

With that being said, you should know that the fighting type has more strengths than weaknesses.

You have to play your cards perfectly to win against the fighting type as they have a lot of bases attacking stat and HP. There are some formidable attackers in the list of fighting type pokemon, but the good news is that they can also be countered.


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What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against The Fighting Type and Why?

Ghost Type Pokemon

The best defensive pokemon to use against the fighting type is the ghost type. This type is immune to attacks from a fighting type of pokemon, which is a considerable strength against such a strong foe.

Bug Type Pokemon

Bug type pokemon are also defensively sound against all fighting type pokemon. This is because of their defensive stats against physical attacks.

Even though the bug type has the lowest HP, it has a lot of resistance against fighting type attacks. This is because the attacks from a fighting type are crippled in front of a bug.

Fairy Type Pokemon

Another good type to use against the fighting type is the fairy type. The fairy type has the highest special defence of all pokemon and is immune to the dragon type. Their defensive stats are off the charts, and this defence is what got them on this list.

Flying Type Pokemon

Another formidable foe defensively for the fighting type is the flying type. Flying type pokemon resist a lot of fighting type attacks and are also immune to several other types, which makes them a fantastic defensive choice.

What Type Of Pokemon Is Good Against Fighting Type Pokemon and Why?


Fairy Type Pokemon

Owing to their amazing defence against the fighting type, one of the best bets against a fighting type is the fairy type. These pokemon have a lot of strengths and high damaging attacks, which are pretty good to use against a fighting type pokemon.

Flying Type Pokemon

The flying type is also resistant to a lot of ground type moves. Most of the fighting pokemon are actually ground types, which is a huge weakness when they’re up against a flying type pokemon.

For this reason, the flying type is pretty good to use against a fighting type.

Psychic Type Pokemon

The fighting type doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses but a psychic type is still strong against them. Most psychic moves are unique and super effective against fighting type pokemon.

These pokemon are not resistant to the fighting type but the moves in their arsenal are actually super effective against the fighting type.

Indeed, one of the best types to use against a fighting type is the psychic type.

What Pokemon Is Good Against Fighting Pokemon?



It is a dual type pokemon which is terrific to use against the fighting type. It is a mixture of the flying type and the fairy type, which are great to use against the fighting type.

Togekiss evolves from Togetic and is the final form of Togepi. It is an excellent choice to go with if you’re up against fighting type.

Mewtwo pokemon


Mewtwo, the legendary psychic type is also fantastic to use against a fighting type pokemon. Mewtwo can also further evolve into two other forms: Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y.

Even though legendary pokemon are a bit rare, if you get your hands on a Mewtwo, you’ve automatically already won a fight against a fighting type pokemon.



This is another dual type pokemon good to use against the fighting type. It is a dual pokemon and is a mixture of the dragon type and the flying type.

What Attacks To Use Against The Fighting Type?



This attack is the signature move of Mewtwo that is super effective against the fighting type.

Flame thrower


It is another move that is excellent against the fighting type.

Hydro pump pokemon attack

Hydro Pump

This is an other super effective move against the fighting type.

So, Whats Good Against Fighting type?

Even though the fighting type is one of the more substantial types, it still has some weaknesses, some of which have been discussed in this article.

Using a psychic type or flying type pokemon is probably your best bet against a fighting type.

I hope this article was of help and that it helps you when you’re in a battle with some other pokemon.

Good luck !