What’s good against Fire Type Pokemon?


Fire type pokemon are one of the 18 different types in the vast pokemon universe.

They previously only inflicted damage through special moves, but now their attacks might be physical as well.

They are represented by bright orange color and are symbolized by a fireball surrounded by an orange ball.

The fire type has plenty of strengths, such as the fact that all fire type attacks inflict 50% more damage in harsh sunlight. However, the exact opposite is true when it is raining.

Weaknesses Of Fire Type Pokemon

The fire type resists several other types. However, one weakness is that these types, opposed by the fire type, aren’t used in battle as often.

However, when it comes to the types that a fire type is weak to, they are prevalent in battle.

Moreover, all the dual type fire pokemon have similar weaknesses as a pure fire type. The failings are discussed individually ahead.

Roughly speaking, the fire type is hard to use against the water, ground, and rock type as it is vulnerable to these.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Fire Pokemon?

Some of the weaknesses of fire type are explained in the following section.

Fire Type Pokemon

Some fire type pokemon counter other fire type. Again, it is a matter of what pokemon you are using.

The fire type has many dual-type pokemon, which is why it is weak against itself.

You need to know precisely which pokemon to pull out after seeing both the types in a dual type pokemon and making your decision according to that.

Rock Type Pokemon

Another type that resists fire type moves is the rock type. This makes sense as well because, in real life, you can’t burn rocks.

Similarly, in the pokemon universe, purely fire type attacks do minor damage to rock type pokemon. This is a great advantage because most fire type attacks do high amounts of damage, and resistance against them is excellent.

Moreover, the fire type is also widespread, so resistance to them is pretty good to have.

Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon type pokemon have an increased resistance against special moves. This resistance is due to a high defensive stat against special type moves. Dragon type pokemon also resist fire type attacks and take half the damage from them.

This makes them suitable to use against a fire type. Moreover, they also have large amounts of HP, which is another pro to this type. Use a dragon type if you want good defense against the other pokemon.

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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Fire Pokemon and Why?

Ground Type Pokemon

Another good option to use against fire type can be the ground type pokemon. Ground type pokemon rely on physical moves to inflict damage and counter the fire type directly.

Water Type pokemon

And of course, just like water puts the fire out, water type pokemon counter fire type . So water-type moves are super effective against all fire type.

You can always rely on a water type to put out the flame. Unfortunately, even legendary pokemon like Charizard is weak to water pokemon because they sustain additional damage from all water type attacks.

Moreover, the water type also has an additional defense against the fire type, and it is hard to battle against a water type being a fire type.

Rock Type Pokemon

Rock type pokemon are good against the fire type due to their impressive defensive stat against the fire type.

These pokemon are fantastic to use against fire because fire attacks usually do minor damage to them.


What Pokemon is Good Against Fire Pokemon?




It is a good choice against fire type. It is a pure water type.

Blastoise good against fire pokemon


This is another water type pokemon that is amazing to use against fire type .



It is a steel/ground type that is super effective against fire type pokemon.

What Attacks To Use Against Fire Type Pokemon?


Hydro Cannon

This is super effective against fire type.

.Hydro pump pokemon attack


Hydro Pump

It is another super effective water type move that you can use against fire type.


Sand Attack

Another great move you can use against fire type pokemon is a sand attack.


Fire type pokemon is one of the most vigorous classes of pokemon in the game.

These pokemon are lethal against most other types due to their high damaging attacks and less resistance.

However, as explained above, these pokemon counter the fire type directly. Therefore, you can use the water type as a sure way to win against a fire type. Moreover, ground and rock types are also super effective against them.

I hope this article helped you in increasing your knowledge about the fire type. If you have any further questions, you can always reach out to me.

Good luck!