What’s good against Flying Type Pokemon?


The flying type is another one of the eighteen types of pokemon that you can use in battle.

Previously, they only inflicted damage with physical moves, but special moves were also added to their arsenal in recent generations.

They are represented by grey and symbolized with a star surrounded by a light grey background.

The flying type is immune to all ground-type attacks. Therefore, they are good to use against other pokemon because their attacks are outstanding when coupled with other types.

Weaknesses Of Flying Type Pokemon

One of the weaknesses of a flying type is the gravity move. It pushes the pokemon down to earth, and their immunity to ground type attacks disappears.

The flying type has the highest speed among all pokemon, so you need to find a counter to that. For example, you can use smackdown to counter this speed. 

You can also use certain types against the flying type, more of which are given below in the following sections.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Flying Pokemon?


Rock Type Pokemon

It is one of the weaknesses of the flying type. Most moves that a rock type has are physical moves, and they have a tremendous defensive stat against physical attacks.

Due to this, they are impressive against the flying type, which mainly relies on physical attacks to cause their opponents some damage.

Steel Type Pokemon

Another weakness of the flying type is the steel type. This is one of the most resistant pokemon in the universe. They resist around 10 types of pokemon and are one of the most vital types defensively. 

The steel type is suitable against the flying type due to its defensive stats against physical attacks. Moreover, they sustain lesser damage from flying type attacks which is another strength for them.

Electric Type Pokemon

The electric type is another class of pokemon that are defensively amazing against flying type pokemon. Most of the attacks from a flying type pokemon are resisted by the electric type, making them fantastic to use against them. 

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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Flying Pokemon and Why?

Ice Type Pokemon

Ice type pokemon are an excellent choice to use against flying type  because their attacks do extra damage to them. 

Moreover, they have decent resistance as well against the flying type, which is another pro.

Rock Type pokemon

As explained before, the rock type has good defense against the flying type. 

In addition to that defense, this type also has some high damage dealing attacks that can be used against the flying type.

Electric Type Pokemon

Electric pokemon should be your go-to pokemon when you’re up against the flying type. These pokemon counter them tremendously and make their life hell. 

Most of the common attacks do extra damage to the flying type anyway. Because of that, these are super effective against them. So Pokemon like Pikachu is what you can use against a flying type.

What Pokemon is Good Against Flying Pokemon?




This is one dragon/electric type pokemon, which is terrific to use against flying type pokemon. It is a legendary type pokemon and is your best bet against a flying type.



.Eelektross pokemon


This is another electric type pokemon that is very good against flying type pokemon. 

Eelektross is a pure electric type pokemon which is why it is incredible against flying type pokemon.






Froslass is another excellent choice against this class of pokemon. It is a dual type pokemon and is a mix of the ice type and the ghost type.


What Attacks To Use Against Flying Type Pokemon?


Ice Punch

This attack is a super effective move against flying type pokemon. It is a damage-dealing ice type move.

.Thunderbolt-Good-attack- against- flying-pokemon


It is another very effective move against flying type. It is an electric type move and deals a lot of damage.

Head Smash attack

Head Smash

This is a rock type move and deals a lot of damage to flying type.


Flying type are rare in the universe. There are only around 4 pure flying types in the entirety. 

But regardless of that, these pokemon are still countered by several other types, as explained in this article. Moreover, these pokemon also take in extra damage from the attacks that were mentioned above. 

Some of the weaknesses of flying type are the ice type, the electric type and attacks like Thunderbolt and head smash.

I hope this article helps you in fighting against a flying type pokemon. If you have any further queries, you can always reach out to me.

Good luck!




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