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What’s good against Ground Type Pokemon?


The ground type is another one of the eighteen types of pokemon. 

At first, they used to only cause damage with physical moves, but now they also may cause damage with special moves. 

Ground type pokemon cards are represented by the color orange and are symbolized by a fist surrounded by dark orange color. 

Ground Type has several weaknesses, some of which are explained below.

Weaknesses Of Ground Type Pokemon

Usually they are pretty strong defensively, but they do have downsides when they are put up against certain types of pokemon.

They take extra damage from three other types and, on the other hand, take half the damage from two. In addition, they are resistant to the poison and rock type and are completely immune to all electrical type attacks. 

But still, they have some weaknesses. 

For example, they are unable to inflict damage with ground type moves to the flying type. However, at the same time, some ground type pokemon can move special moves that can also hit the flying type. 

They are only entirely resistant to the electric type, which is a weakness in itself as well. 

Some more of the weaknesses are explained in detail below.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Ground Pokemon?

Flying Type Pokemon

This is one of the several types that have a good defense against attacks from ground type. 

Flying types are immune from all ground type attacks. Therefore, they are the best option to use against the ground type. This makes sense because when a pokemon is flying, it cannot be hit by ground type attacks. 

This immunity is why the flying type is one of the best choices against a ground type.

Bug Type Pokemon

This is also resistant to attacks from the ground type. So even though the bug type has one of the lowest HP, it is still resistant to ground type attacks.

However, some ground type pokemon can learn rock type moves to hit the bug type, but that is not very common, and most pokemon users also don’t know this. 

Grass Type Pokemon

It is another fantastic choice to use against the ground type. This is because they only receive half the damage that is inflicted by the ground type. 

However, as with other types, rock type moves aren’t very effective against the grass type as well, so because of this, they are a better choice than bug type pokemon.

Some of the specific pokemon that are good against the ground type is given ahead.

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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Ground Pokemon and Why?

Water Type Pokemon

All ground type pokemon are weak against the water type.

 Water type pokemon inflict damage with special moves, but they also have physical moves in their arsenal. As a result, they are strong against the ground type and are a good choice against them. 

All water type moves are super effective against the ground type, and the ground types also take double the damage from water type moves. 

This is why they are against them.

Grass Type pokemon

Another good choice against these pokemon is the grass type. However, they also cause damage with unique moves, and as we know, ground type pokemon have a weak defense against special moves. 

Because of this, these are good to use against them. However, one weakness they have is their low HP, so you need to be mindful of what the other pokemon is doing and need to use your cards wisely.

Ice Type Pokemon

If you want another strong option against the ground type, you should use an ice type. Ice type pokemon also have some high damaging special moves, which are great to use against the ground type. 

 Their low defense stat against special moves is a significant weakness for ground type.

What Pokemon is Good Against Ground Pokemon?




Another pokemon to use against the ground type is Venusaur. It is a dual-type pokemon and is a mix of the poison type and the grass type. 

Venusaur is the final form of Bulbasaur and evolves from Ivysaur. It can further mega-evolve into Mega Venusaur and has a Gigantamax form as well.

.Blastoise good against fire pokemon


Blastoise, a water type pokemon, is striking against all ground type pokemon. It evolves from Wartortle and is the final form of Squirtle. 



It is a pokemon mix of two of the types that the ground type is weak to.

Being a mixture of the ice type and the water type, and because of it, it is impressive to use against the ground type. It also has some special attacks which are super effective against the ground type.


What Attacks To Use Against Ground Type Pokemon?

Ice Beam-attack

Ice Beam

This is a practical move against all ground type. It is an ice type move and inflicts damage to the opponent.

Hydro pump


Hydro Pump

It is a practical move against all ground type pokemon. It is a water type move and inflicts damage to the opponent.


Skull Bash

This is a practical move against all ground type pokemon. It is a typical type of move and inflicts damage to the opponent.


As strong as ground types are defensive, they still have several weaknesses, as explained in this article. 

They also have several types that resist them and honestly don’t have high damaging attacks. 

They are weak against the ice type, the water type, and flying type pokemon. Also, ground type attacks aren’t effective against the flying type, so that’s a significant weakness. 

I hope this article increases your knowledge about the ground type and will help you in your future battles. 

Good luck!