What’s good against Rock Type Pokemon?


The rock type pokemon are a class of pokemon that inflict physical damage as their primary attacks. The rest of the damage that they do is special. 

The rock type is tied with grass for the most type weaknesses among any other pokemon. Rock types have double disadvantages as well. 

Since generation IV, the rock type has increased special attack defense by around 50%, but only in a sandstorm.

The rock type are represented by the color orange and are symbolized with a fist clenched with an orange background.

Weaknesses Of Rock Type Pokemon

Rock pokemon have an exceptional defense against physical attacks, but special ones are where they generally lack. Moreover, rock type are also the slowest type, as you can imagine.

But with these weaknesses, they also have resistance against 4 types of pokemon. 

Another weakness of the rock type is that there are a lot of different rock type moves which have less than 100% accuracy. 

This makes inflicting damage even harder for the user because rock type moves to inflict less than average damage anyway. And for that to be coupled with less than 100% accuracy is where this type is lacking.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Rock Pokemon?

Several other types of pokemon heavily resist the rock type. Some of these different types are given below.

Fighting Type Pokemon

The fighting type is one of the weaknesses of a rock type. Most of the moves that a fighting type pokemon possesses are all physical, except for a few special moves.

Defensively speaking, the fighting type has three different weaknesses. However, they also have an advantage in that they can have their three weaknesses neutralized. For this reason, they are a good bet against rock type. 

Moreover, the type also has five different super effective moves in their bag. So you can say that the fighting type is one of the best pokemon to use against a rock type.

Ground Type Pokemon

Ground type pokemon is another pokemon type that relies mainly on physical moves to inflict damage. 

 The ground type is not affected by sandstorms, which makes them unique against the rock type. Moreover, they offer excellent resistance to rock type attacks which is mainly why these are included here on this list. 

Ground type pokemon also have 5 super-effective moves that they can use as well. That means that they are good to use offensively as well. The ground type is also resisted by very few other pokemon types, which makes the issue of dual type pokemon practically disappear.

Steel Type Pokemon

It is another one of the types which can resist a rock type. These pokemon also rely on physical moves and are the most resistant class of pokemon out of all of them. 

This makes them fantastic to use against the rock type. A decent amount of defense against physical damage is all you need to resist the rock type. 

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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Rock Pokemon and Why?

Grass Type Pokemon

One significant weakness of the rock type pokemon is the grass type. Most of the grass type moves are unique, which means they are much more effective than pokemon, which rely on only physical damage. 

The major weakness that the rock type has against these pokemon is that they have a 4x weakness against grass type moves. This means that they take in 4x the damage from a grass type move than any other pokemon.

This makes them especially weak against the grass type.

Water Type pokemon

Another weakness of the rock type is the water type. Water type pokemon also inflict damage relying on special type moves. 

Similar to the grass type, rock pokemon has a 4x weakness against the water type, which makes it super effective against rock pokemon.

Fighting Type Pokemon

This is another type that is amazing against the rock type. 

This effectiveness mainly comes from the fact that their defense against rock type moves is excellent. Moreover, fighting types inflict heavy damage with their moves, which is a deal-breaker in this case. 

Be sure to pick one of these three types if you want a guaranteed win against the rock type. 

What Pokemon is Good Against Rock Pokemon?




It is a legendary water type that is amazing against all rock type pokemon. The moves it has in its arsenal are one of a kind and are super effective against rock type.



Kartana is a dual type grass/steel pokemon that is an excellent choice against all rock types.



Venusaur is a dual grass/poison type pokemon that can also be a choice against rock type.

What Attacks To Use Against Rock Type Pokemon?


Sappy Seed

It is a grass type move that is super effective against rock type.



Leaf Blade

This is another grass type move super effective against all rock type. It is the signature move of Sceptile and Grovyle.


Hydro Cannon

This attack is a damage-dealing water type move that is super effective against all rock types. However, only fully water type can learn this move.


Even though the rock type has a good defense against several other types of pokemon, it is still resisted by others. This further goes to show that no pokemon is invincible and can be countered with the other types.

The weaknesses of a rock type are water and grass type pokemon. You can also look into some combinations of dual type pokemon that will be good against the rock type.

I hope this article helped you increase your knowledge of what to use against a rock type.

Good luck!