Melmetal steel pokemon

What’s good against Steel Type Pokemon?



The Steel Type is one of the 18 types of pokemon.

Previously, they only used to physically inflict damage, but then some special moves were also added to their arsenal.

The Steel type was actually introduced later in the series.

They are silver in colour and are symbolized by a triangle surrounded by borders on the card.

These are pretty rare when it comes to pokemon cards.


Weaknesses Of Steel Type Pokemon


Steel Type Pokemon are fairly strong. They have several immunities from attacks of other types of pokemon. They are also super effective against several types of pokemon.

But, at the same time, they also have several weaknesses, more of which are discussed ahead.

The Steel Type sustains twice the damage from fighting type pokemon. Moreover, the same is true for the ground type and fire type as well.

But, the Steel Type is generally sound defensive. So it is hard to find pokemon which are suitable to use against the steel type.


What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Steel Pokemon?


Electric Type Pokemon

The electric type is one of the types which is good against the steel type.

Logically speaking, steel conducts electricity, so the owner probably had that in mind when he made the steel-type pokemon’s weaknesses.

Electric type pokemon have a good defence against steel type pokemon, which is why they are so good to use.


Fire Type Pokemon

Fire type pokemon are also good defensively against the steel type. Since fire melts steel, steel is weak against it.

The steel type inflicts lesser damage to the fire type due to their resistance to steel type attacks, and this is a great advantage to have against such a strong type.


Steel Type Pokemon

Steel type are unique defensively. This property applies to themselves as well. When it comes to defence, the steel type is strong against itself as well. It has a high defensive stat as compared to the base attacking stat.


Water Type Pokemon

The water type is another type that sustains half the damage from steel type pokemon. Therefore, however much a steel pokemon attacks a water pokemon, the water pokemon will only be damaged by half that amount.


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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Steel Pokemon and Why?


Fire Type Pokemon

Fire type pokemon are good to use against Steel pokemon because of their excellent defence against them also because fire type pokemon have moves that inflict a lot of damage.

Because of this, they are a good choice against Steel pokemon and can be used. There is a lot of dual type Fire pokemon which can be fit for the occasion. More of these are discussed ahead.


Fighting Type pokemon

The fighting type is another type that is amazing against the steel type. Most of their moves are physical and inflict a lot of damage.

Moreover, the fighting type also has good defence against physical moves, which the steel type relies on when it comes to causing others damage.


Ground Type Pokemon

The ground type is also good against the steel type. Again, it is because of their impressive defensive stats and base attack stats.

For this reason, they are one of the better choices against a Steel Type.

The ground type is also there is a lot of dual type pokemon so that is pretty convenient.


What Pokemon is Good Against Steel Pokemon?



Good against steel Type pokemon


Charizard is an excellent choice to use against the steel type. It is a dual type pokemon and is a mixture of the fire type and flying type.

It can further mega evolve into several other types as well.

Charizard evolved from Charmeleon into Mega Charizard X and Y. It is super effective against the steel type.




Good against Steel pokemon



Garchomp is a dual type pokemon and is a mixture of the Dragon type and the Ground type. It is a legendary pokemon and evolves from Gabite and then, can also mega evolve into Mega Garchomp.

It is very effective against Steel pokemon.



Good against steel pokemon


Lucario is a dual type fighting and steel type pokemon with a high defensive stat. It is another good choice to use against the steel type.



What Attacks To Use Against Steel Type Pokemon?


Blue Flare

Blue flare is a damage-dealing fire type move. It is good against Steel Type.

Drill Run

Drill run is another ground type move that is super effective against Steel Type.



In conclusion, even with their impressive defensive stats, the Steel type has some weaknesses.

It sustains extra damage from some pokemon, which are stated above.

Some of these pokemon are the Ground type, the Fire type and the Electric type.

These pokemon have a good defence against the Steel Type and also are good against it offensively.

I hope this article was of help and that it increased your knowledge of the pokemon world.


Good luck!