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What’s good against Water Type Pokemon?


Water type pokemon are a class of pokemon that mainly do their damage with special moves. 

But after generation IV, they also had some physical moves added to their skillset. 

They are represented by the color blue and are symbolized by a droplet surrounded by a blue background. 

Water types are usually weak against dual type pokemon let’s see now what’s good against water type pokemon.

Weaknesses Of Water Type Pokemon

The water type is one of the few classes weak against attacks from their pokemon class. This means that the water type is weak against water type attacks.

Other than this, they have low resistance against special type attacks, and some types counter them directly. 

The water type doesn’t have immunity against any of the pokemon classes, which is another weakness. Their weak defense is what makes them vulnerable to several other types. 

However, the water type also has some high damaging special attacks, which will work against pokemon who rely too much on physical attacks.

Moreover, there are many pokemon that have a weakness against water type, so keep that in mind when going up against dual type pokemon. 

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Water Pokemon?

The following types have a good defense against water type.

Water Type Pokemon

As we said before, the water type is weak against itself. This means that the best option to use against a water type is itself. 

The water type also resists water-type attacks from their opponents. This makes them resistant to themselves. 

Grass Type Pokemon

This is another type that is resistant to water type attacks. 

This makes sense as well because, in the real world, grass soaks up water from the ground, which is probably the logic that the creator used when making up these counters. 

The grass type also has a decent defensive stat against special moves, which makes them so good against all water type attacks. 

Dragon Type Pokemon

This is another pokemon that has a good resistance against all water type pokemon. This resistance is because the dragon type is resistant to special attacks, making them suitable to use against all water types.

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What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Water Pokemon and Why?

Electric Type Pokemon

This is one of the types which are suitable to use against the water type. The water type is vulnerable to these pokemon and is weak against them. 

The electric type relies on special type moves to inflict damage which are super effective against the water type. It also makes sense because water conducts electricity in the real world and is affected by it. 

One of the best choices is the infamous Pikachu which is probably the favorite pokemon for many fans.

Dragon Type Pokemon

The dragon type is another type to which the water type is vulnerable. 

When it comes to special attacks, the dragon type has a fantastic defensive stat against them, and since the water type relies on special attacks, the dragon type is super effective against them.

Grass Type Pokemon

As I mentioned before, the grass type is also strong against the water type because of its excellent defense against them.

What Pokemon is Good Against Water Type Pokemon?




It is a good choice against water type . Venusaur is a combination of the grass type and the poison type and evolves from Ivysaur.


Pikachu good-against-water-type-pokemon


Another good option is the fan-favorite Pikachu. It is a pure electric type.



A dual water/dragon type that is good against water type is Kingdra


What Attacks To Use Against Poison Type Pokemon?


Thunder Punch

This is an electric type move that is super effective against water type pokemon.


Electro Ball

It is a damage-dealing electric type move that is amazing against water type and causes extra damage to them.


Leaf Blade

A grass type move effective against water type pokemon is leaf blade


The water type is suitable against many different types of pokemon, such as the ground type, the rock type, and the fire type, but it also has some weaknesses. 

The weaknesses were explained in depth in this article and included some of the following types.

The best bet to use against a water type is grass type; other than that, you can use the electric type, which is equally effective. Another good choice that you can use is the dragon type which is also very effective against the water type.

I hope this article helped you in increasing your knowledge about what is good against water type.  

Happy battling!




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