Luxray nicknames

Luxray Nicknames- 50 Good and Creative Nicknames!

How To Find Good Nicknames For Luxray?

Let’s start to describe Luxray!

It is an electric type pokemon that first appeared in Generation IV. 

Luxray evolved from Luxio starting around level 30. Its basic form is Shinx.

This is a pokemon that resembles a lion in appearance. Its body is a mixture of blue and black fur, which is longer in some parts and shorter in others. 

You can find Luxray nicknames based on its cuteness or its strong aura. That is your choice. 

Let’s get right to it!

nicknames for luxray

List of Nicknames For Luxray

  • Volt

Since it is an electric pokemon, this name makes sense.
  • Raiden

Raiden is a character in the game Mortal Kombat whose outfit resembles the colors on Luxray.
  • Black Lightning

Since we know that the Pokemon is an electric type and is black, this name would be perfect.
  • Thor

This name is based on the popular superhero, the God of lightning.
  • Regulus

A constellation is a cluster of stars in the sky, and Regulus is a very bright star that you can see in a constellation called “Leo.” Regulus is the brightest star in its constellation.
  • X-Ray

  • Leo

A popular name for dogs and lions, this name would be extremely fitting.
  • Voltron

It is from the name of an anime with robotic lions. A very cool word if you ask me.
  • Rento

    • Ray


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  • Enel

Enel is actually an electricity providing company in Italy. It is a cool word to say and, along with that, has the electric element in it.
  • Thunderbreath

Again, another name inspired by the Pokemon’s capabilities.
  • Bolt

The Pokemon is so fast that it looks like a bolt to the naked eye!
  • Scar

A very cool name for experienced fighters with injuries from the battlefield. This is sure to give a sinister vibe to Luxray.
  • X-Roar

  • Lionstar

Another name was inspired by mixing the appearance and capabilities of the Pokemon.
  • Lux

This is actually an SI unit of illuminance. This is a nerdy name from the depths of Physics!
  • Luxor

  • Volta

This is a game mode in FIFA and is a close alteration of the word ‘volt.’
  • Squall

  • Sharked

This is a great sinister name for any animal which can bite. A lion is the most vicious biter among all the other animals.
  • Luxy

  • Galvan

Galvan is what we call a sparrow. It is actually a native Mexican name as well.
  • Shazam

The name of a popular app you can use to identify the song playing in your surroundings. It is another cool name that can be used for Luxray.
  • Sparkee

  • Lightvision

Another version of the name ‘nightvision.’ is a very cool name to have for your Luxray. Sounds like a superhero!
  • Statics

Since Luxray is an electric pokemon, this name will fit pretty well and suit your Pokemon perfectly.
  • Sharded

A shard is a partition of data. The word’s meaning is very boring, but it sure is a cool word to say.
  • Lakira

This is a word that means ‘Listens to the world.’It is a superhero name for your Pokemon and gives off superhero vibes.
  • Lazariah

  • Lusero

    • Lakerria


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  • Lazaro

  • Lazer

  • Laker

The popular basketball team Los Angeles Lakers. After their electric runs in countless NBA playoffs, it is a good idea to actually associate the word electric with the word Laker.
  • Lucero

  • Lashara

  • Xulra

  • Axel

  • Senge

  • Shadow

A name inspired by the black fur of your Pokemon!
  • Gale

Gale is what you call a very strong wind. It can be another potentially good nickname for your Luxray.
  • Ikki

  • Teslan

A word which sounds like the company ‘Tesla.’ This company is owned by Elon Musk and makes electric cars. Do you see the connection here?
    • Levana


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  • Syndicate

The word gives off a very mysterious vibe which is why I think it’d be great for Luxray.
  • Kilowatt

A watt is the unit of electricity, and a kilowatt is a thousand units of electricity. A very scientifically sound name for your Pokemon.
  • General

  • Azula

Azula is a character from the anime Avatar: “The Last Airbender”. It was a bender of electricity, so I think this name would fit Luxray very perfectly.
  • Shadowbolt

Luxray is a black pokemon. The shadow comes from its black appearance, and the bolt is there to remind the electric type of the Pokemon.

Final Thought

Luxray is a vicious pokemon with some strong attacks.

If you were confused about what to name it, now I hope your task is a little bit easier with this above list. 

You can use one of these nicknames for Luxray or even use these as inspiration and come up with your own name!

Some of these names compliment the Pokemon’s appearance, while others appreciate its electric type.

You can choose whatever sits well with you!

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