Nicknames For Doublade

40 Good Nicknames For Doublade!


Doublade is a dual-type pokemon and consists of steel and ghost types.

It evolves from the Pokemon Honedge at level 35 and further develops into Aegislash. This transformation happens when he is exposed to a Dusk Stone.

Doublade is a weird-looking pokemon. He actually is just two swords held together in a cross. 

Both the swords look pretty similar, and the pokemon has an eye as well in the center of it. 

This pokemon is very strong against the fighting type, poison type and normal type, while it is weak against the ghost type, ground type and fire type. 

So, let’s use all these characteristics to find some very good Nicknames for Doublade!

Nicknames For Doublade

List of Good Nicknames For Doublade

  • Kirito

Based on the famous anime Sword Art Online character, this can be an excellent name for your pokemon because it is literally a sword. What can be more appropriate as a name than an infamous swordsman?

  • Sabre

Sabre is a cavalry sword with a curved blade with an edge used for cutting. It is a rather fancy word that can potentially be a good name.

  • GanonSword

Since the pokemon’s body is literally made of two swords, it is no surprise that the name that you associate with it will also be something related to blades. 

  • Zabuza

From the anime Naruto, Zabuza was a swordsman who wielded one of the seven legendary swords. He was known as the swordsman of Mist. Even though Zabuza died early on, the impact he had on the anime was immense.

  • Excalibur

This was the legendary sword of King Arthur. It is associated with Britain and has a very royal feel to the name. 

  • Muramasa

This was the name of a famous swordsmith who lived during the 16th century. There are a lot of mentions of him in ancient folklore, which is why this would be a good name. 

  • Caliburn

This is an excellent combination of two words. It is also the name of a famous vape brand. 

  • Godsbane

Combining the word God with the name of one of the villains in Batman is another excellent choice.


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  • Oathkeeper

This name has a very mysterious feel, which is why it is on this list.

  • SirSlashALot

This is a creative name for the pokemon. It is basically a tweaked version of Sir Lancelot. 

  • Darksword

  • Lancelot

  • Deringer

  • Rhincodon

  • Severa

  • Brightroar

This is also the name of a very famous sword in Game of Thrones. It was the ancestral weapon of the House of Lannister. It was eventually lost. 

  • Jon Snow

  • Melisandre

  • Monty

  • Ice

This would be a fantastic name since it would take an ice-cold heart to slice someone up. 

  • Giri

  • Morgul

  • Gawain

  • Zorro

In the anime One Piece, this is the swordsman’s name who is on the main character’s crew. He has the exceptional ability as a swordsman and can even slice through the stone.

  • Hawkeye

This was the name of the best swordsman in the anime One Piece. He was globally known as the best, and none of his foes lived to tell his tales.

    • Mihawk

    • Zelda


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  • Hearteater

  • Widowmaker

This is another perfect name for Doublade as it implies that the pokemon will most definitely slice up his opponents and leave their beloved ones thinking about what happened to them.

  • Shardblades

  • Lightsaber

  • Eyelander

  • Blackfyre

  • Hanzo

  • Heartsbane

  • Needle

  • Slicer

Since Doublade is well capable of slicing any opponent, this would be a suitable name.

  • Dagger

A dagger is a great name for the pokemon due to the word’s natural sinister nature.

  • Cortana

  • Grimrapier

A combination of the words grim reaper and’ rapier’ means a mighty sword.

Final Thoughts

The pokemon is literally a sword, which is why most names on here have been related to that.

You can choose any nicknames for Doublade from here, or you can also switch up and add your own twist to the name. 

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