12 Most Hated Pokemon


We have gone a long way from the early days of Pokemon when we were informed that there were just 150 of them.

Perhaps one more? After a few years, Pokéfever is still going strong, with over 700 of these battle-crazed beasts revealed and the franchise showing no signs of slowing down.

While the majority of Pokemon have a purpose, however niche, some are simply not worth the time and resources required to train them longer than it takes to develop into something stronger.

In addition, with such a large quantity, a few are certain to be duds or worse. You might call them unholy abominations, either for their hideous designs or for the fact that they appear everywhere and make you wish you had stocked up on repellents.

Without further ado, let’s discover my list of the most hated pokemon !



Let us begin by addressing the particular instance.

True, we are well aware that Magikarp spends the first 20 levels of his life as an impotent wastrel before evolving into a Gyarados. However, it is a Magikarp for the first 20 levels.

A useless Magikarp who is only used as a meat shield, with a single signature move and an impossibly gormless look.

On the other hand, Magikarp has no idea why he is permitted to attend your celebration. Somehow, the appearance of this Pokemon has inevitably earned it the moniker of lazy Pokemon.


11- Smoochum

There is no affection for Smoochum, the infant evolution of the contentious Pokemon Jynx. Why? Because Smoochum has several flaws, including his name.

To begin, humanoid Pokemon are really disturbing. Second, it wants to kiss us, which is also horrible because it is a baby.

Worse yet, you know that when Smoochum reaches Level 30, it will evolve into that Ganguro trainwreck Jynx, one of the most ugly Pokemon ever created.

Another reason to despise this Pokémon is its inability to fight. It will have no chance against a skilled opponent.


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This Pokemon was created from a rubbish bag. Its preferred habitats are filthy. If you leave rubbish lying about, one of these Pokemon may even make a home in your room.

Who would not desire a Pokemon that resembled a rodent but was made entirely of trash? Trubbish one resembles the small bags used to collect dog feces.

Who would want to own this Pokemon? Every Pokemon lover will acknowledge that this is an ugly and one of the most hated pokemon.



Not to mention, it is actually quite enjoyable to consume.

This is true that it is tedious and unappealing, but so what?

As a result of the abundance of interesting Bug Type Pokemon, Pokémon enthusiasts have little patience for the dreary ones. Laziness is one of its many traits.

Nobody invited Kricketot to the party he was suited up for. It is disliked for its lethargy and low stats.



It is hard to understand how Patrat became so vilified. We really believed Bidoof was the most hated early-game Normal Type rodent.

Because of Patrat’s eerie eyes or how they clash with the design of the last decade and a half of Pokemon, he seems to be least popular pokemon !

He is clearly stoned; therefore, they must be, too. Another characteristic of Patrat is that it is a lazy Pokémon.


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Oh, it is a mushroom, but the top resembles a Pokéball! Therefore, when this Pokémon was proposed, it would have been prudent to simply quit. Everyone is a fan of mushrooms, and everyone is a fan of Pokéball.

However, what is the connection between these two? Why aren’t people going to despise it? This just does not work.

Foongus also has a low-speed stat, making him a liability for any team.



Consider those eyes, which are imprisoned on the top side of its flat, liquefied body, preventing it from seeing in any other direction.

Not to mention the fins, which appear to be a desperate attempt to get people to take this Pokémon seriously. Regrettably, the out-of-place crown takes it all back to absurd.

Again, it has no chance of ever-evolving, as no one thought of providing Stunfisk with evolutions.

It simply hides in the mud, shocking people for the sheer enjoyment of it, like some kind of trigger-happy electro-maniac. You have to admit this is an ugly Pokémon and maybe the dumbest pokemon.

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Few Pokémon come to mind as fast as Luvdisc when one considers useless Pokemon.

It is allegedly a fish, which requires us to awkwardly pretend that we see it completely, rather than the obvious: it is a heart with lips.

A heart with lips that never evolves into or from anything will always remain a stupid looking pokemon heart with lips. You are never going to fall in love with this Pokemon.



Zubat is another of those early Pokemon that people prefer to despise for committing the unadulterated crime of attrition.

It infested every cave in Generation I and II with its hideous mug, springing up and forcing you to put it down either for piecemeal EXP or run, both of which waste time.

Not to mention Supersonic, a move that could only have been coded into the game by a child-hating sadist.

Zubat is not particularly unpleasant on its own, but it then proceeds to bring you the greatest amount of agony possible by confusing your Pokemon, causing them to continue smacking themselves around instead of attacking.



Do you recall Metapod and Kakuna?

They were not cool, but they were mildly fascinating, and they served as a good stepping-stone to the wonderful Bug Types.

However, Silcoon and Cascoon are lazy Pokemon.

Trainers despise these two Pokemons because they are essentially the most useless pokemon until they evolve.


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I have to give credit to whoever developed this one; at the very least, Burmy has some interesting evolutionary branches based on their gender.

True, Burmy and all its evolutions are monstrously ugly, but they deserve credit for attempting.

This Pokemon is ugly, and it evolves into another terrible thing, which is reason enough for nobody to vote for it.



Introduced in Generation II as part of its own side quest, Unown is available in a whopping 28 delicious flavors ranging from A to! No, truly!

Some are in the shape of exclamation points. While we recognize that the underlying idea of every Pokemon game is ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All!’ this is not what we intended. In the Pokemon games, there is no fear of the Unown. Its lone move appears to be Hidden Power, which can only be of a single type.

This constraint, paired with the ridiculously low starting numbers for such a legendary Pokemon, renders it useless in all situations and the least popular pokemon.

The worst aspect is that Hidden Power has ceased to exist, effectively trapping Unown in limbo. Now, who among you would adore this Pokémon?


It is entirely up to you whether you despise or adore Pokémon.

Whether you like or dislike Pokémon, judging them by how they are designed is not ideal. This list is based on my own experiences as well as that of others.

However, this should not be the case. If you train a Pokemon with a low stat, it may be able to help you in your time of need.

You just never know! Perhaps these are the lazy Pokemon, and they may even be unattractive, but should we despise them?

I will argue that you may despise them for a variety of reasons, but it is not their fault. Some of them have produced the best episodes of the anime.

However, you can still agree with me on the top 12 most hated Pokémon!