80 Good Garchomp Nicknames


Garchomp is a dual-type pokemon. It is a combination of the dragon type and the ground type.

It is actually a pseudo-legendary pokemon that was introduced after Generation IV.

It is the final form of Gible and evolved from Gabite at around level 48.

Garchomp can further mega evolve into Mega Garchomp. This can be done using the Garchompite.

Garchomp can also fly, which makes it unique to use against the ground type.

It is quite a potent combination as the ability to fly makes it immune to most ground-type attacks, and it can also go head-to-head against most of the flying type pokemon.


List of Nicknames For Garchomp

If you’re wondering what you could nickname your Garchomp, you have come to the right place!

Any nickname that is not as good as the Pokemon itself is a disrespect to the Pokemon.

Garchomp is a fantastic addition to anyone’s arsenal. You can choose a Garchomp nickname from the following list!

● Godzilla

You can choose this nickname for your Pokemon after the infamous fictional gigantic lizard Godzilla. It certainly matches the greatness of Garchomp!

● Pyro

Pyro means ‘Fire.’ It is a fitting nickname for this Pokemon as Garchomp means destruction for every enemy in its path!

● Puff

You can also set a nickname based on the smoke the Pokemon lets out!

● Flare

Flare means a bright flame. This would be a suitable nickname for your Garchomp!

● Scales

Names after the scales of a Dragon, This can be a good name!

● Hammer Time

Since the Pokemon offers impressive strength and possesses much power, this would be a good nickname.


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● Rex

Similar to the dragon name, this can be a good nickname for Garchomp.

● Wyvern

Meaning a dragon, this is a fancy term that you can use for Garchomp.

● Predator

Since your Pokemon is a predator, this is a good fit.

● Spike

Similar to the dog’s name from Tom and Jerry, you can name your vicious dragon after the loving dog!

● Cliff

● Merlin

This looks like a nice name for a Dragon.

● Rumble

● Brutus

● Sahara

● Jabberwock

● Bedrock

● Mud

● Rubble

● Garchamp

● Terracotta

● Jaw-some

Complimenting the strong jaws of the dragon, jaw-some would be a fantastic name for Garchomp.

● Drake

Just like the rapper’s name, this could be a creative name.

● Rockies

● Rawr

The roar of a dragon, a fitting name for your Pokemon!


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● Fangs

Complimenting the sharp fangs of your Pokemon, this is another great name for your prized possession!

● Sandy

● Dragoon

● Uzi

Like the gun’s name, this is a fitting name for Garchomp that means certain death for opponents.

● T-Rex

● Mountain

● Desert

● Terry

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● Rapto

● Crusty

● Komodo

Since a komodo dragon is already an animal, this would be a cool name for your Pokemon.

● Mushu

● Norbert

● Wyrm

● Starfire

● Astro

● Sandman

● Mako

● Dusty

● Nessy

● Spud

● Fossil

● Horntail

● Yoshi

● Canyon

● Sharknado

● Earthworm

● Spyro

● Hydra

● DragonBall

From Dragon Ball Z, this is a good name for your precious Garchomp.

● Shenron

Shenron was the dragon’s name in Dragon Ball Z and is a bad name for a Pokemon.

● Lance

● Potato

● Sharkboy

● Smokey

● Clay

● Andre

● Griffin

● Quake

● Shahara

● Gorn

● Toothless

This was the name of the central dragon in the movie “How To Train Your Dragon.” So this is another good nickname for Garchomp.

● Smaug

● Bowser

● Shredder

● Megalodon

● Mudpuppy

● Tremors

● Draco

● Aegeon

● Sharkesha

● Megatron

● Richter

● Anchor



In this article, you found many Garchomp nicknames.

You can use some of these for your Pokemon. All of them fit the Pokemon pretty well.

I hope this article was of help. I hope you have some great battles with Garchomp.


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