40 Good Nicknames For Litwick


Litwick is a dual type pokemon. It is a mixture of the fire type and the ghost type. This was introduced in Generation V. Litwick is actually a candle and such energy out of their opponents to stay lit up. Litwick evolved into Lampent at around level 41 and further evolves into Chandelure. This happens when it is exposed to a Dusk Stone. If you’re looking for good nicknames for Litwick, look no further and keep on reading below! Litwick-good-Nicknames
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List of Nicknames

●      Candle

Since the Pokemon is literally a candle, what better name than this!

●      Chandelure

This is a cool nickname for your pokemon. It is also the next type for a Litwick.

●      Fillmore

Fillmore is a concert venue chain across the U.S and their main feature is a big grand chandelier hanging in the venue. There was also an animated DIsney show named Filmore.

●      Lit

Since the candle is lit and lit is also a buzzword among the new generation, this is a fitting name.

●      Chandler

Similar to the Friend’s character, Chandler is another good nickname  for  Litwick!

●      Wicksworth

This is another creative name for your candle pokemon!

●      Valeflame

SInce the candle is constantly lit, this is another cool name for your pokemon.

●      Juliet

●      Jack Flamington

Similar to Jack Skellington, the protagonist from the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Jack Flamington is a good nickname for Litwick.

●      Ghostburn

A ghost type pokemon that burns its opponents and such their energy out of them, this is another cool name for Litwick.

●      Fire Dreamer

Since the top of the pokemon is ablaze, this is a cool choice.

●      Burn Em

●      Lustro

●      Flicker

It is a pretty self explanatory name. The word ‘flicker’ is pretty fun to say and can be a good nickname.

●      Esure Effete

Effete means ‘lacking in wholesome vigor and energy’. Since Litwick sucks the energy out of their opponents, this is a perfect nickname.

●      Gimgaido

Gim means deceptive and Gaido means guide. This is another pretty name for Litwick.

●      Petivie

A mix of two French words ‘petite’ and ‘Vie’. These mean small and life. This is another good nickname for Litwick as it best describes its appearance.

●      Wickles

A variation of the word ‘wick’.
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●      Hallow

Inspired from the Halloween concept, this ghostly little pokemon is the best fit for every spooky season!

●      Wisp

●      Lucerna

This is the Latin word for candle and is a fancy nickname for Litwick.

●      Dux

This is the Latin word for guide. Since a candle guides you in the dark, It suits perfectly for Litwick.

●      Lumiere

Lumiere is a fictional character that was a candle as well. This is another good nickname.

●      Candlehead

●      Ignis

●      Kendall

An actual name that also resembles the sound of a candle, this is perhaps the most fitting name for Litwick.

●      Rem

Many people see ghosts but are actually sleeping and dreaming so vividly that they think it is real. This usually happens during the REM sleeping stage. This can be again a perfect name for Litwick.

●      Scene

●      Ninja

●      Hex

●      Fiery

●      Evil

●      Candleja

●      Glade

●      Gascloud

●      Roxy

●      Elysium

●      Wicktionary

Just like the famous scented candle brand, wicktionary can be quite a fitting name for your Pokemon.

●      Aromary

Another scented candle brand.

●      Wax Crown


I hope this article was of help when it came to naming your pokemon.
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