Nicknames For Magearna

+40 Perfect Nicknames For Magearna!


Magearna is another dual type pokemon that can be a fantastic addition to your pokemon arsenal. 

It is a dual-type pokemon which is a combination of the fairy type and the steel type. 

Magearna is not known to evolve into another pokemon, but it also has a second form which has slightly different colours. 

Magearna is a bipedal pokemon that is made up of spheres. Its head is a normal-sized sphere that has a point on the back. 

The pokemon also looks like a robot which is the basis of some of the names here. 

Now let’s use all these characteristics to create a list of perfect nicknames for Magearna, let’s get right to it!

Nicknames For Magearna

List Of Nicknames For Magearna

  • Mahogany

This literally means a kind of timber that is used for top tier furniture. 

  • Magdalena

This is the name of a song by the band pixies. It is an iconic song with a cool name that can be the name of Magearna as well!

  • Magaly

  • Magdeline

This is a word similar to the name ‘Magdalene’. The Magdalene Sisters is a movie from 2002 about three teenage girls. 

  • Magenta

  • Magnolia

Magnolia is a tree that has large flowers. They are usually pink or white in colour. Magnolia is also a movie from the 90s. Also, it is the name of a popular song by the rapper Playboi Carti which is one of his most famous songs.

  • Maharaja

Literally meaning a prince in Hindi, this could be another great name for Magearna.

  • Magma

This means molten rocks. It is a scientific name for lava. It is a very cool name for your pokemon.

  • Mairead

Mairead is an Irish name for girls. It is a fun name to pronounce.

  • Maisey

Maisey is the name of a very famous family in California. It sounds a little off-topic, but it can be a good name for Magearna.

  • Maison

Maison is a name of English origin that means a stone worker. It originates from the same roots as the verb ‘to make. 

  • Maze

Maze means a path from which it is hard to find a way out. This is an excellent fancy name for Magearna, that you can use.

    • Majken

    • Makenna


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  • Makenzie

  • Malaika

  • Malala

This was a famous girl from Pakistan who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in promoting female education in the country and across the globe. 

  • Malaysia

Just like the country, your pokemon could have the same name.

  • Carbink

  • Iron Maiden

Since Magearna looks like a robot, this is an amazing choice as it also has a badass feel to it.

  • Arianrhod

  • Iron Skin

  • Akuma

Akuma is one of the characters from the game Tekken. 

  • Kara

  • Soul Heart

It is one of the abilities of the pokemon. This is why I chose this nickname.

  • Falulu

This is the name of another fictional character.

  • Metal

  • Sophia

  • Orianna

A tweaked version of ‘Ariana’, this could be your pokemon’s next name.

  • Byakugan

This was the name of special eyes that a particular clan had in the anime Naruto. It basically gave the person added advantage as he could track the movements of their opponents.

  • Tinkerbell

Tinker Bell is a character from the series Peter Pan.

  • Xenoblade

This is the name of a Nintendo game that I’m sure most of us have played.

    • Babymetal

    • Scrimmagearna

    • Kuzmagearna

    • Sprocket

    • RoboRabbit

    • Ultron

    • Fleur


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  • Chime

  • Silver

  • Glow

  • Princess

  • Rosie

  • Jewel

Final Thoughts

Magearna is one of the pokemon which were introduced later in the storyline. 


Its unique appearance is the basis of several of the nicknames here. 

You can use some of the perfect nicknames for Magearna that are on this list, or you can add your personal twist to them and name your pokemon accordingly.

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