70 Good Nicknames For Ninetales


Ninetales is a fire-type pokemon. It was introduced right in the start back in Generation I.

Ninetales evolves from Vulpix when it is exposed to a fire stone.

Ninetales is a fox-like pokemon and is covered in thick golden-white fur and a long crest on top of its head.

It can live up to almost a 1000 years and can hypnotize its opponents and control their minds.

While very powerful, Ninetales is still a cute pokemon and if you’re looking for a good nickname for Ninetales, look no further as I’ve compiled a list of names for this pokemon.

Let’s get right to it!


List of Nicknames For Ninetales

●      Kurama

Starting off with the nine-tails fox from Naruto, Kurama is a natural name for the pokemon with nine tails!

●      Ember

This is a cool name for your pokemon.

●      Azula

Just like the fire bender from Avatar, this could be an impressive name for Ninetales because Azula was also pretty but was a very formidable foe.

●      Kitsune

This means a fox in Japanese, hence why it is such a good name.

●      Cinder

●      Corona

●      Lugh


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●      Fever

Since it is a fire type pokemon and has its body hot all the time, this is definitely a fitting name for Ninetales.

●      Fugue

●      MindReader

As mentioned before, Ninetales has the ability to control minds. Thanks to this talent we choose this nickname.

●      Jacques

●      Coal

●      Suzie

●      Jacqueline

●      Char

●      Naruto

●      6ix9inetales

Similar to the rapper 6ix9ine’s name, this can be another cool nickname for Ninetales. Although the rapper himself isn’t that good, your pokemon can definitely win a battle or two!

●      Emerson

●      Tinder

●      Hanja

●      Kanko

●      Yakoi

●      Jester

●      Sophie

A soft name for your pokemon with the softest fur!

●      Flash

●      Snowbend

●      Jiuweihu

●      Zuko

●      Mae

●      Neesha

●      Yako

●      Veles

●      Ninko

●      Zenko

●      Laverna

●      Fluffy

Talking about the soft fur, fluffy looks like an extremely good name for Ninetales.

●      Loki

●      Pepper

●      Scorch

Since it is a fire type pokemon with terrific ability, this looks like a good name Ninetales.

●      Tsuki

●      Inari

●      Rai

●      Kumiho


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●      Tenko

●      Kyuubi

Again, the name of the nine-tailed fox, this is a fitting name for your mind controlling pokemon.

●      Eris

●      Ashe

●      Osaki

●      Tamamo

This is a fox demon from Japanese mythology. This fox demon is known for her curses. You can use this nickname if you want to go for a more sinister name.

●      Kumiho

Kumiho is a Korean name for a fox.

●      Vixen

Meaning a female fox, this is a perfect name for Ninetales.

●      Lilith

●      Fire Rose

The cute furry fox with a fiery nature should definitely be called a fire rose.

●      Kitsune

●      Guy Fawkes

●      Firefox

●      Vulcan

●      Nike

Nike is another Greek God based on which you can name your pokemon.

●      Demi

This means an old fox.

●      Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a mythical dog.

●      Sage

●      Hotstuff

●      Goldie

●      Goldfire

●      Willow

●      EmberSpirit

●      Fiamma

●      Summer

●      China


Ninetales is a very cute pokemon and from the looks of it, it looks really fun to pet it due to the soft looking fur.

You can either use a soft nickname for your pokemon or can compliment the battling skills of ninetales with a sinister nickname.

I hope this article was of help to you.


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