40 Good Nicknames For Roserade


Roserade is another dual type pokemon. Roserade is a combination of the poison type and the grass type.

It is a pokemon which was introduced in Generation IV.

this is the final form for Budew and evolves from Roselia when it is exposed to a Shiny Stone.

Roserade has the appearance of roses in a kind of masquerade attire. It has rose petal hair and has a collar-like bangle on its neck.

It is quite a great pokemon for battle. The poison type is strong when it comes to special attacks and fares well against any opponent.

Let’s use all these characteristics to find some very good Roserade nicknames! 

Roserade nicknames

List Of Roserade Nicknames

You can select the following good nicknames for Roserade. These are some of the creative choices that I came up with. Feel free to use them however you like.

●     Amorosa

This means a ‘lover of roses’. This can be an perfect name for Roserade.

●      Leaf Thief

Anything related to a garden can honestly be a good name for Roserade. This is a creative name for the grass type pokemon.

●      Thornhub

As all roses have thorns, this is another good choice for Roserade. It is also a pun and you can use it to name your cute pokemon.

●      Rosalina

Inspired by the Brooklyn nine-nine character, Rosaline is another great alternative for your prized possession.

●      Rozueido

●      Vidigal

●      Bud

Since flowers have a bud, this is a creative name for your Roserade.

●      Rosie

If you want something basic for your pokemon, this is a good choice.

●      Sapphire

A fancy name for your pretty pokemon. This is a cool name as it portrays the delicacy of Roserade.

●      Hellebora

●    Belladonna

A combination of bella and madonna, this gives your pokemon an elegant twist and you can set this as your nickname.

●      Stamello

●      Konan

Inspired by the Naruto character,  Konan is a cute name for your pretty pokemon.

●      Viridi

●      Marluxia

●      Ahsha

●      Daisy

Since Roserade is inspired by a flower, daisy is also a good option if you’re looking for something light for your pokemon.


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●      Haru

Meaning ‘spring’ in Japanese, Haru is another good alternative which you can use for your Roserade. It gives your pokemon the flowery feel that it needs from its name.

●      Lavender

The lavender smell is something classic that you associate with most things related to a lawn or a garden. This can be an amazing name for your pokemon as it doesn’t get more flowery than this!

●      Dandy

●      Ren

●      Rosa

Again inspired by the Brooklyn nine-nine character Rosa, you can use this name for your Roserade. It actually sounds like the pokemon’s actual name as well.

●      Corsage

Literally meaning a ‘spray of flowers worn pinned to a woman’s clothes’, this is another fitting name for your grass type pokemon.

●      Boutonniere

Meaning a ‘floral decoration’ in French, if you’re looking for a creative delicate name, look no further as this can be the go-to name for you.

●      Rosemaster

Rosemaster is another good name for your pokemon.

●      Ivy

An ivy is a woody climbing plant. You can name your Roserade this. The flower is dark green in color and it resembles the Pokemon a lot.

●      Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a character in the Batman universe. She was a villain and it is a good name for your pokemon. Even though poison ivy was evil, it is still a cool name for your pokemon.


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●      Rosalie

●      Roseraid

A combination of the word ‘rose’ and ‘raid’. This is a good nickname for your pokemon as it embodies both the cute aspect of Roserade and the fact that it is a strong cold hearted killer.

●      Bouquet

A bouquet means a bunch of flowers grouped together. This can be another cool name for your pokemon.

●      Mary Jane

Just like the character in Spiderman, mary jane is another cool nickname for your Pokemon.

●      RoseHero

This is another cool name for your pokemon.

●     Flowerdance

●      Rosario

●      Damask

●      Veleno

●      Plant Man

●      WaterSport

●      Suave

●      Zorro


These are the good nicknames you can set for your lovely Roserade.

I hope this article was of help to you.


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