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80 Good Nicknames For Vulpix


Vulpix is a fire-type pokemon that was introduced at the start in Generation I.

It can further evolve into Ninetales if it is exposed to a fire stone.

Vulpix is a very cute pokemon, so it deserves amazing cute nicknames.

Keep on reading for ideas to find good nicknames for Vulpix.

Let’s get right to it!


List of Nicknames For Vulpix

You can choose something from the following list. These are some of the names I came up with.

However you can use these as inspiration and come up with your own customized nickname for Vulpix.

●      Solar Flare

Meaning a shining ray from the sun, this is a creative name for Vulpix.

●      Dionysius

Inspired by the Greek God, it is a grand name for your cute pokemon.

●      Corona

●      Huli

●      Vulpixtionary

A combination of vulpix and dictionary, this is a clever alternative you can use for your pokemon.

●      Calcifurry

Since your pokemon is very cute and furry, this can be a good nickname for Vulpix.

●      McCloud

Inspired by the Mcdonald’s way of speaking, McCloud is something you can name your pokemon.

●      Foxy Cleopatra

Just like the ancient princess, you can name your pokemon the Foxy Cleopatra.

●      Yiffer

●      Suzie

It is a fitting name for a fox. I can’t explain it but every fox looks like a suzie.

●      Hi

●      Naruto

Inspired by the anime character, Naruto is also something you can name your Vulpix.

●      Fuego

●      Diaspore

●      Vulpixilated

A creative nickname for your vulpix, and that sounds very well! No?


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●      Fever

●      Hino

●      Fugue

A fugue is a compositional technique in music in which you mix two or more voices. This can be a good nickname for your cute fox.

●      Pookie

●      Shippo

●      Vesta

●      Ylvis

●      Chantico

●      Blowtorch

●      Tinder

Just like the dating app 😉

●      Imari

●      Yokai

Yokai is a Japanese spirit from the story of a ‘slit mouthed girl’. It is a rather sinister name for vulpix, but it suits fine.

●      Flambe

●      Rokon

●      Rena

●      Scorch

Since the pokemon is fire-type, scorch is another fitting name for it.

●      Soot

●      Pyre

●      Sunny

●      Aphrodite

Named after another ancient Greek Goddess, aphrodite is associated with love, beauty and passion. You can name your pokemon this as its cute nature is lovely to see.

●      Hestia

●      Kindle

●      Flare

●      Kyuubi

The name of the nine tailed demon fox in Naruto, this is my favorite!


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●      Konoha

●      Rei

●      Venus

Just like the breathtaking planet, your pet Vulpix could also be a Venus!

●      Ashe

●      Miko

●      Cinder

●      Kitsune 46

●      Tails

Describing the nine tails it has, tails is another alternative you can go for.

●      Kitsune

●      Scarlet

●      Laflame

Similar to the live performer Travis Scott’s name, Laflame represents energy and fire. 

This is another good nickname for Vulpix.

●      Flaria

●      Scarlett

●      Kurama

Again, another name for the nine tailed fox from is Kurama.

●      Snowy

Owing to the cuteness it possesses, snowy is a soft cool name for Vulpix.

●      Blaze

●      Ember

●      Aurora

●      Firefox

Since it is literally a fox and a fire type pokemon, what’s more fitting than a firefox?

●      Willow

●      Charlotte

●      Snowflake

●      Autumn

●      Ice

●      Summer

●      Tailsico

●      Autumn

●      Crystal

●      Icicle

●      Flamery

●      Skysnow

●      Sixtales

●      Llama

A soft name for yout soft pokemon!

●      Pixie

●      Glace

●      Pixie

●      Tod

●      Mitsu

●      Cinder

●      Kindle

●      Hestia


Vulpix is a small cute pokemon and deserves a cute nickname. However, it also possesses some lethal attacks and is a great choice for most opponents.

It possesses high damaging spells that wreak havoc on your opponent.

I hope this list helped you to find a good nickname for Vulpix.


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