Pokemon Legends Arceus- Growlithe And Others!




New Pokémon, new evolutions and, new Pokémon forms have been revealed in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

During the Pokémon presentation, we were shown a bunch of new Pokémon that will be coming to life in the new game.

With that, we look to see and rank who is the best new. In addition, the latest Pokémon launch showed off many new features coming to Pokémon in Pokémon legends Arceus.

But the two new main features that I’m excited about are the new Hisui’s regional forums and the new regular evolutions because now I have about 15 more topics for articles that I can make…


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Top 4- Hisui Region

The Hisui region takes us back to old Sinnoh and back to the old days before mega evolutions and regional form evolutions to bring us completely new evolutions that evolved the Pokemon from their original selves just as if they did in diamond and pearl.

As of now, even more, Pokémon can evolve from every generation without needing to be changed into a regional form like in generation 8.

They also showed off regional Hisui forms that bring in a world of possibilities for Pokémon who already feel complete and don’t need to evolve but can be given a new look and typing to experience some of our favourite Pokémon in a new way.

While these regular evolutions and regional forms have been confirmed, what hasn’t been established is whether they might also make regional Hisui evolutions like Opsegoon and Mr. Rime or if that was exclusive to generation 8.

However, it does not take away from these two new confirmed types of pokemon editions in legends Arceus, even if that is not continued.

It also means we have new spots at the end of the Pokedex before generation 9.

Finally, it means that anything is possible today!

We’ll be looking over all 4 of the new Pokemon in this brand new game of cino’s past and ranking them according to who is suitable and the best because they’re all perfect.

None of them is worse, and I hope you feel good by seeing this ranking for all four new Pokémon.



Number 4 Growlithe

As you may all know, Arcanine is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time.

Therefore, you might be wondering why Growlithe will be fourth on this list.

What is on four technically? It’s the first one showing up, but okay; however, it is just the Hisuian form of Growlithe and not its complete evolution.

This makes me incredibly excited as this means there will be a form for Arcanine, and this is already a wonderfully cute design for Growlithe.

However, we will only be focusing on the Pokemon itself as the Hisuian Arcanine has yet to be introduced.

This great form brings out an even fluffier growler to love.

While I like to see those confident eyes popping out, I can appreciate the new fur, it is rocking, and the prospect of what it can be turned into.

Fire rock is a bit of a different typing than I would expect.

However, it does show the evolution of this Pokemon over time, like when we started defeating meat to wolves and eventually turned their vicious stone hearts into fiery little passionate house puppies.

By speaking of puppies, the Hisui relic now changes from the species of the puppy pokemon to the scout Pokémon. It shows its original days of working a 9 to 5 as a guard.

Therefore, your grandma can’t be attacked by another bear and not be kept on a leash. If this list was not just based on designs or appeal of the Pokemon itself and was about the prospect of what it means.

Then, I would have this as number one. Because Arcanine is the rare Pokémon and has been highly regarded as secretly unique, this Pokémon was introduced and changed into the scout Pokémon.

It is likely evolving into a suit, and Arcanine gives us more information on the origins of Arcanine’s past lore and how it became the legendary species pokemon over time. This is something I have looked forward to as that is such a different species for a pokemon even though it isn’t in the legendary category issuing Growlithe itself is an adorable little pup and brings in the prospect of more amazing regional forums in this game.

Finally, a Pokémon excites me, knowing that its final evolution has yet to be shown.


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Number 3 Braviary

Final evolutions usually make the higher end of a list on a ranking of brand new Pokémon.

Due to seeing this new Pokemon in its completed form (however, when it is a forum versus new evolutions), the hype can differ between these two types of new Pokémon.

That is why Braviary is here at the third spot, even though it is another of my favourite Pokémon.

I think I did not re-watch it, but I probably put the spurt on there. It is still a bit more exaggerated, at least for me to see brand new Pokemon over brand new forms for existing Pokemon.

Still, this new psychic flying variation of Bravery remains a beautiful treat to witness in the new pokemon legends game.

It doesn’t have too much change, although the simple new look shows the history of the original Braviaries patriotic self-starting off as a more wise and gracefully flying mystic bird from the past before it was Americanized.

It even lets us know that a new ruffle may be on the way.

However, that is not entirely confirmed in the same way that Arcanine would be.

It could be another pokemon like Gallerian wheezing where coughing is the same, but its evolution is not.

These are different from generation 8. Therefore, I am willing to bet on a Hisui Pokémon roughly. It might be a hint to the historical past as it roughly evolves at level 54, and 1954 might as well be millennia ago back then; the fire was not invented yet.

Thus, the flame-looking psychic on Hisuian in Braviaries head alludes to that as it isn’t actually real fire and might as well be an illusion.

On the other hand, it could be a myth. It’s now known as the battle cry pokemon compared to being the brave Pokemon in its original form.

It shows its origins related to the Cinna region of Japan before protesting with its battle cry self. It could be imported over and flew past the border without a passport pretending it was an uneven citizen because the government wouldn’t listen.


Number 2 Wyrdeer

With the brand new regular non-regional form evolutions that spliff the Pokemon and are different from their original cells sword and shield; wait, who said that is there a ghost we get to see with these brand new Pokémon?

That built off of the Pokemon that were brought to us years ago. We hope someday it evolves in the future. While we have two confirmed evolutions like this that stay true to those Pokemon just like their old gen 4 games, it brings up the possibility of continuous evolutions with both more in this new game and future games.

As well, the number two spot goes to Wyrdeer as it’s the evolution of Stantler, who’s been a Pokémon that I hope would see evolution at some point with its excellent standard design that could be built upon in any specific way.

It gave the spot to giraffe freak over it.

However, I mentioned it should evolve as well, even though I did say saw’s buck might satiate us for the time being as a spiritual successor evolution to Stantler.

Now we have this arctic elk-like evolution for Stantler called Wyrdeer. I mean, it is pretty close to saw buck’s winter form.

They might not be in the same evolution tree, but if they found each other on a dating app, they might both take at least a minute to question.

If they should meet up because they could be related luckily. That’s not a problem in a past version of Pokemon because both technology and certain states weren’t created yet.

The reader has a very iced look, and if I put on a quiz asking someone who didn’t know what type it was with just an image, they might say it is an ice type.

However, it’s a normal Psychic which does fit it as typing due to it looking like Gandalf.

They did an excellent job of passing off this design because it adds to the original concept and respects its original design, and makes it look older and wiser to make it look like Sandler grew up and evolved in a completely normal way.

It was a great pokemon to pick to evolve in this new game and gave it a stellar-looking design that was an excellent choice to introduce that evolution was still the correct concept that existed even in the past.


Number 1 Basculegion 

While it is a bit of a pick you might not expect for the number one basket, legion tops this list, as it is an evolution for a pokemon that was unexpected and truly deserving of one at the same time.

It also looks like a pure, barely changed evolution, just like the classic generation four days standard to Wyrdeer does have an evolution that is not too varied.

Still, it can look like it was an icy regional form evolution. But this brings me back to the old days of Electivire Glyce score.

It brings back the nostalgia from past Pokemon getting just simple evolutions in a newer game.

It also put it on a pokemon that was a one-off like durant or Maractus and made it bigger and better with a design that looks almost the same but with additional typing.

It brings me back, and although these souls of other masculines possess Basculin’s origins, it also brings me back to its look.

Somehow, it is scary and complete. This fish brings a brand new champion to the Water Ghosting type, at least for now.

Even with that, it also only shows Basculegion in red, which might be its only colour.

However, it might be possible for them to either change the colour or give it another form with the blue stripe form of its pre-evolution.

It is just so amazing to see a new simple evolution that could allude to so much that looks just like itself from its original generation and being turned into a fully completed respectful evolution in a new game, apart from the originals.


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