12 Prettiest Pokemon Ever!

Specific Trainers collect Pokémon to experience the excitement of battle, train their teams, and develop them into stronger forms. Others take pride in their initial charming appearances, and occasionally it pays to preserve the base shape, speeding up the learning process for new attacks.

 Whatever way you play, you are sure to encounter some creatures who will crawl their way into your heart. 

Of course, “cuteness” is somewhat subjective, and we all have our favourites, but today we are going to look at 12 of the most charming Pokémon accessible! 

We compiled this list of the prettiest Pokémon with accompanying images so that you can feast your eyes on something beautiful today! Enjoy. 

This is my personal view, and if anyone has a different opinion on which Pokémon should be included in this list, please share it with me.

Lopunny with gun

12/ Lopunny

Lopunny, a Pokémon of the normal type, is last on this list. 

It is charming in its primitive state as a Bunneary, but it is a pretty lovely design once evolved. 

It’s sleek and feminine, and the plain brown and cream colours do not detract from its beauty. Some of the angles are weird, and, strangely, it appears to have points rather than feet.

Moreover, the eyebrows are a touch crazy. However, I am a massive lover of this adorable rabbit Pokémon, which ranks it number 12.

 Lopunny is continuously on the lookout for danger.

 When danger approaches, it unleashes a barrage of super-destructive kicks.


11/ Primarina

Primarina is the Alola region’s water starting Pokémon. Unfortunately, many people dislike this Pokémon, making it one of the least popular starters thus far.

 However, I believe this is a gorgeous design, particularly the eyes. I cannot fault it for being a part seal and part mermaid!

 I also think its original versions, Popplio and Brionne, are pretty adorable.

 I believe that the primary concern for those who own this Pokémon is highly feminine. 

You cannot ignore this pretty Pokémon!

Aurorus pokemon

10/ Aurorus

Aurorus’s colour palette is exquisite, as are the frills around its neck and jewels down its body. 

It is only enhanced in its gleaming state by adding even lighter hues. 

Because most Pokémon derived from fossils are not particularly attractive, this one was a pleasant departure. 

The only reason Aurorus makes the top ten list of most beautiful Pokémon or is considered pretty is that to its size.

Suicune pretty pokemon

9/ Suicune

Suicune embodies the clean spring of water’s compassion.

 It glides gracefully across the terrain. 

This Pokémon possesses the ability to purify polluted water. Prettiness is strewn across the Pokémon’s physique.

 Initially presented in the game, it was a popular Pokémon.

 This Pokémon showed some exquisite art in the anime.

 After all, you cannot deny this elegant Pokémon!

Lapras pokemon

8/ Lapras

There are many similarities between Lapras and Aurorus in terms of appearance and colour. 

Fans have loved Lapras since the first generation of Pokémon began.

 It glides across the ocean’s surface while its wonderful song reverberates around it

It has a mellow appearance, with soft features and a beautiful face. 

Even though it looks like it would have difficulty surviving on land, the overall impression is quite appealing.

 I think it resembles a water goddess or a guardian of the water.

cresselia prettiest pokemon


Consider the colours and sparkles on this Pokémon and tell me it is not beautiful. 

Cresselia was created to be the polar opposite of Darkrai, a Legendary Pokémon about shadows and darkness. Unfortunately, it never received the same level of attention as Darkrai, which is a great tragedy. 

It appears to be the child of the moon and a rainbow, which I like.

 However, it is fortunate that it’s a psychic type, as I’m not sure how a design like that could move at all without floating. Cresselia is the seventh and first Legendary Pokémon on this list. 

Don’t you think it’s not one of the most beautiful Pokemon?

6/ Ponyta

This is the second entry from the first and most popular generation of Pokémon.

 However, its 8th-generation counterpart joins it. 

Ponyta was my choice because its eyes are so gorgeous, and I like the Galar version of Ponyta to the Galar Rapidash form since it has a more regal appearance. 

There are no weird extra features as there are with other Pokémon like Ponyta’s mane and tail, which is why I adore it so much. 

In the Galar version, Ponyta has a gorgeous fluffy name and a tiny unicorn horn. You have to admit that it is an attractive Pokémon! 


Dragonair resembles a species of water snake but is much gorgeous and is classified as a dragon. 

The blue orbs on the neck and tail, the wing-like ears, and the beautiful eyes contribute to the design’s attractiveness. 

This Pokémon is found in crystal-clear waters and lakes. It can manipulate the weather, which it uses to soar into the sky on the wind. 

This straightforward concept works and propels Dragonair to the fourth position.

Espeon beautiful pokemon


All of the ‘eeveelutions’ are gorgeous in design, and the entire series is frequently a favourite of many people. 

They should be; after all, they are amazing. However, Espeon is the most attractive of them (there are already nine, including Eevee). 

Some people wonder what the ‘eeveelutions’ are supposed to be; they appear to be a hybrid between dogs and cats, but in the instance of Espeon, this is unmistakably an Egyptian-like cat. However, there is no disputing that this lavender Pokémon with big ears and eyes is the winner in terms of appearance.

3/ Xerneas

This Legendary Pokémon is just stunning.

 The design is flawless; the developers began with a robust and elegant deer form and added gigantic rainbow antlers. 

That worked out in the end, and I am a firm believer in that choice. This is the best-looking Legendary Pokémon, in my opinion, with the majority of others opting for a more fearsome appearance (such as Yveltal) or an adorable appearance (like Mew). Xerneas has the appearance of a forest god/goddess.

 This is the most elegant Pokémon on the list!

Ninetales elegant pokemon

2/ Ninetales

The stunning fox design with nine flowing tails and beautiful eyes was a no-brainer.

I am sure I was not the only one who was taken aback when the 7th generation of Pokémon introduced a new and equally gorgeous variant of Ninetales, altering it from its yellow fire type to a blue ice/fairy type.

I am unsure which of these two versions is superior; the Alola region variant features vibrant colours, while the original Kanto form features a sleeker fur pattern.

It makes no difference; they are both the same Pokémon, but in different forms, and as such, they both get the top rank on this list as the most beautiful Pokémon design to date.

Milotic prettiest pokemon

1/ Milotic

Milotic has served as an inspiration to many artists and has even been referred to as the “most beautiful Pokémon of all time” on numerous occasions.

 That is all there is to it, everyone! Milotic is the prettiest Pokémon of them all, even according to its entry in the Pokédex! Its elegant lines, majestic tail fan, and vibrant scales are all things we adore about it!

This is my list of the top 12 most prettiest Pokémon Ever.

Each Pokémon has its distinct design, which adds to its beauty in various ways.

The term ‘Pretty’ is an adverb that applies to any Pokémon that looks good but cannot be described as cute. 

Individuals have their own opinions on how to rank them.

There is no hesitation with Milotic.

It will constantly occupy the top position and remain the most beautiful Pokemon