Snorlax Bean Bag Review

Pokemon plushes are some of the cutest toys you can get for a Pokemon fan. But if you’re looking to level up your gifting game, there’s no better option than a Snorlax bean bag.

Think about it: 

Snorlax is known for its laziness and will sleep through the day, only waking to eat and fuel up for another nap!

What better way to relax after a long day than chill with Snorlax and play some Pokemon? With a huge snorlax bean bag, weekends will be that much more relaxing as you melt away into the plush and become a human Snorlax.

We’ve reviewed the best Snorlax bean bag chair on the market to give you a clear idea of the experience you can expect.

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Review

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

One of the best things about buying the Pokemon Snorlax bean bag chair Amazon is that the giant deflated bag gets shipped to your home.

Snorlax bean bags come deflated, and you will need to buy poly-fil and fill it up yourself. It’ll cost a few extra dollars and five minutes of your time, but it’ll all be worth it.

If you were to decide to buy this giant pokemon plush in a store near you, you’d find that it’s only available filled up with poly-fil. You will need to get help to lug it into your car and struggle to get it into your home – an experience many customers have had and complained about online.

I find it funny that people thought Snorlax was too big and heavy to carry home. What were they expecting?

Look & Feel

When you take this giant Snorlax bean bag chair out of the packaging, the first thing you will notice is the soft texture of the material. The anime bean bag feels premium and has a texture that feels almost like peach fuzz suede.

The material is thick, so you don’t have to worry about it tearing easily, either. You can put your full weight on it without hesitating.

Next, when you get it out of the packaging fully and lay it out on the floor, you’ll be surprised with how accurate it looks to the actual Pokemon. 

Its ears stick out, it has nails on the hands and feet, and a tiny tooth (built into the cloth, of course) sticks out of the mouth. Sure, a Snorlax couch is big, but you can expect guests to notice it because of its look rather than its size. 

Since the Snorlax bean bag looks true to its likeness, if you’re looking to buy one as a gift for someone, they’ll surely be very excited to see how nice it looks.

Getting a giant Snorlax bean bag is an excellent idea if you want to gift someone who loves anime. 

It’s hard to find an anime fan that doesn’t know and love Pokemon!

Quality & Cleaning

The use of a high-quality zipper makes it convenient to open up and fill the Snorlax bean bag. The zipper runs from the shoulders of the Pokemon down to the hips. So there’s a lot of space for you to reach inside and stuff it. 

The large zipper makes it easy for you to stuff it with pillows and comforters if you choose to.

But bear in mind that the size of the zipper varies according to the size of the Snorlax bean bag you purchase. Nonetheless, since the Snorlax bean bags are available in sizes over 100cms, you will need to get someone to hold it for you when filling it up and tightening it.

It’s important to remember that, like every bean bag/sleeping bag, the Pokemon bean bag chair amazon will have a slight chemical smell when it comes out of the packaging.

But there’s no need to worry since anime bean bag chairs don’t have any dangerous chemicals on them. You must let the bag air out, and the smell dissipates in a day. 

If the smell bothers you too much, you can put it in the washing machine after unboxing it and fill it up after it dries. The material won’t shrink or lose color in the washing machine – another testament to the quality of the bean bag.

We recommend that you wash the Snorlax bean bag on a cold low spin. You could air dry it or dry it in the washer at low heat. Drying it twice with three dryer sheets each time will completely eliminate the smell. 

One of the many reasons parents don’t mind buying these Pokemon bean bag chairs for their children is that they are machine-washable.

If you fill it up with a poly-fil, you will need to wait for the filling to wear out, remove and get rid of the filling, and then throw it in the washing machine.

However, since the pokemon bean bags are large, they can also be filled with pillows and comforters. This makes the cleaning process much easier. All you have to do is remove the pillows and comforters from inside the Snorlax, and put the bean bag shell in the washing machine.

Place & Size

The Snorlax bean bag looks great in bedrooms and living rooms. Some prefer cuddling with it on their bed, and since it’s so soft and plushy, it will keep you cozy when you sleep. 

It’s also great to sit on when reading, watching TV, or playing video games. The Pokemon Snorlax bean bag has soft arms that you can rest your arms on, and Snorlax’s head will contour to your head and help you relax after a long day. 

What’s more, it doubles as an attractive decoration item. Many use the anime bean bag chair as a car or office decoration.

Since it’s both comfortable and marvelous to look at, the Pokemon bean bag is the perfect gift for all occasions. You can gift it for a baby shower or baptism or on occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

The plush Snorlax bean bag chair is suitable for children over three and can be used by teenagers and adults alike. The high quality of the material minimizes the risk of tearing and leakage.



Snorlax is HUGE – in the games and anime, the Pokemon is 6’11”!

You won’t be able to find a Snorlax chair in the anime-accurate size – and for good reason. Having a giant beanbag bed the size of an actual Snorlax doesn’t make sense for many people.

However, you can find the Snorlax bean bags in three sizes: 100cm, 150cm, and 200cm.

The smallest one is still quite large – big enough to cushion one adult comfortably. However, since it’s small, it will lay flat and squished under you when you sit on it. 

For this reason, the 100cm version of the bean bag is best suited for children. To fill it up, you will need about eight pounds of poly-fil. 

Regardless of where you purchase your poly-fil from, it shouldn’t cost you more than how much a nice lunch for one costs at a restaurant to fill this bean bag.

The 150cm version requires about 20lbs of poly-fil to get fully stuffed. If you decide to stuff the 150cm Snorlax bean bag fully, when sitting it up, it’ll be 4’11” tall, which is quite big.

This version is large enough to cuddle with on a king-size bed. However, it will take up a lot of space – as you’d expect from a Snorlax!

The 200cm version is the largest size the Snorlax bean bag is available in. To fill this bean bag up, you will need to buy 40 lbs of poly-fil. You can expect the filling for the bean bag to cost more than the bean bag itself. 

The 200 cm version will fully take up a king-size bed, so if you’re looking for one to put on your bed, this might not be the correct size.

It’s a little over six feet tall if you fill it up all the way and have it sit up. If you have a large living room and want an extremely large and comfortable bean bag, This is the perfect product to buy

Final Verdict: Should You Buy the Snorlax Bean Bag Chair?

Are there better quality bean bags you can buy for the cheaper? Yes.

But are they as large and nice looking as Snorlax bean bag chairs? No.

If you love Pokemon, you will know that coming back home after school or work becomes so much more exciting if there’s a cute Snorlax bean bag to rest on. 

You could enjoy a book, a show, or a video game on it in your living room. But it is equally comfortable to snuggle with in bed and will get you a nice night of sleep.

The bean bag’s quality is impeccable. It’s easy to wash and easier to snuggle with. It’s not the only pokemon bean bag available – you can find Pikachu and Ditto bean bags online. 

However, I can recommend that you get the Snorlax bean bag without hesitation since the Pokemon is a literal embodiment of the word “chilling.”

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