Weavile nicknames

50 Good Nicknames For Weavile!

Weavile is another dual type pokemon on our list. It is a combination of the dark type and the ice type.

It was introduced back in Generation IV and evolved from Sneasel when it is levelled up after holding a Razor Claw in the nighttime.

Weavile is a lookalike of a weasel. It has a pale grey body, a red crown made of white feathers, and a single feather on each ear. Weavile stands on two legs which is why it looks pretty funny.

Now, let’s see Weavile nicknames I found for you!

Good Nicknames for Weavile

How will you nickname Weavile?

  • Frostbite

This is a phenomenon in which the blood in one of your organs freezes, and you cannot feel anything in that organ. This is a horrible position to be in, and you must always look to avoid it.

  • Whiteclaw

The combination of two famous words that describe the pokemon.

  • Silver

Complimenting the colour of Weavile, it is a simple name that explains the pokemon’s vibe.

  • Snowpiercer

I chose this nickname because of some of the attacks that Weavile has in its arsenal. It is also a direct counter of the ice type, so it is a very fitting name.

  • Shinobi

This is what a ninja is called in the anime Naruto. It is a very sinister name that can be the next nickname for Weavile.

  • Naomi

Naomi is the name of a very famous British model and businesswoman who began her career at just 15 years old.

  • Black Ice

Since the Weavile is dark in colour, this name fits it pretty well.

  • Glaze

It means a reflecting surface. This is another fitting nickname for your pokemon. 

  • Sleet


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  • Fjord

The combination of two words: Ford and Jordan. This is a cool nickname for Weavile.

  • Assassin

This name needs no explanation. Anything that is cold-blooded can be named an assassin, so I chose this nickname for Weavile.

  • Eis

  • Cirque

  • Boreas

  • Hoarfrost

  • Brainfreeze

This is the tingling feeling in your brain that you sometimes get as soon as you bite on an ice lolly or ice cream. It is a very annoying feeling, but it can be a good name for your pokemon.

  • Frosty

Talking about chilly weather, frosty can be the perfect word to describe snow. Also, there is a popular cartoon character known as Frosty the Snowman.

  • Chill

A short but good name.

  • Moraine

A moraine is an accumulation of debris usually found in much more glaciated regions. It has been previously carried by a glacier or ice sheet.

  • Beira

  • Koga

  • Twinkletoes

This is a word used to describe someone light on their feet. It might be suitable nickname for Weavile.

  • Tsurara

Tsurara means an icicle in Japanese and is one popular ice lollies.


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  • Moroz

Moroz is a common last name among Europeans. It was the name of a famous neuroscientist.

  • Skathi

Skathi is the name of a tiny moon found near Saturn back in 2002.

  • Akuto

Akuto was an eerie film that was released in 1965. It is an action film and is pretty interesting.

  • Snibunna

  • Agama

This word means tradition. It is a sophisticated nickname for your dark type pokemon.

  • Rime


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  • Gelo

Usually a nickname for someone named Liangelo.

  • Nunatak

  • Supercold

Might be used to describe someone super cold and dark and not supercool! Don’t you find this nickname very cool for Weavile?

  • Sennyu

  • Manyula

  • Wier

  • Verglas

This is what you call a skinny coating of ice on an exposed surface.

  • Agathis

  • Dimoret

  • Britva

This is what we call a cut-throat razor with a foldable handle. This razor is very sharp and cuts through things very quickly.

  • Tramell

Tramell was the last name of a villain in the movie Basic Instinct.

  • Congelation

A process by which the viscosity of a material increases or by which a material thickens.

  • Paternoster

  • Ohno

  • Yukionna

  • Pluto

This is the name of the farthest planet from the sun in our Solar System. Pluto was degraded from the status of a planet because it was smaller than its moon.

  • Seth

  • Anubis

  • Miracles

  • Jason Todd

  • Red Hood

It is inspired by the children’s story: “Little Red Riding Hood”. She is a young dame that finds a werewolf in the depths of a jungle.


In this article, I’ve included a lot of Weavile nicknames that highlight the abilities and appearance of the pokemon.

You can use these as inspiration to come up with yours or can use these as it is for your pokemon.

If you have some additions or suggestions that you think will be helpful, you can always share it with! 


What is the best nicknames for Weavile?

According to me Black Ice is the best nickname for Weavile. When you look at him you can see the darkness in his eyes due to his type and more than that,  he is merciless!


What is the coolest nickname for Weavile?

Supercold is the coolest one given it describes very well Weavile characteristics.