What’s good against Bug Type Pokemon?


Another one of the eighteen types of pokemon is the bug type pokemon. These pokemon are known for their physical attacks. 

Before the changes in Generation IV, all the damage that these pokemon inflicted was physical, but now they have some special attacks.

They are symbolized by a leaf and are represented by the color green.

Weaknesses Of Bug Type Pokemon

While the bug type is strong against several other types of pokemon, like the psychic and dark types, they aren’t invincible. They have their weaknesses as well and are weak against different types of pokemon. These are some of the pokemon they are weak against.

One of the weaknesses of the bug type is that they have weak stat totals. They have quick evolution, but it is compensated with weak overall stats. 

Another weakness is that several other pokemon types heavily resist them. Thus, it is tied for the most resisted among all pokemon types.

Moreover, they also have poor HP. They have a lower HP than any other type of pokemon. 

Additionally, bug type have a lot of 4x weaknesses when they are paired with fire, fighting, and grass pokemon.

Almost half of the fully evolved pokemon have a 4x weakness to something. 

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Bug Pokemon?

These pokemon have a good defense against bug type.

They have a solid resistance to the attacks that a bug pokemon has in its arsenal.

Some of these types are:

Flying Type Pokemon

Flying types are a class of pokemon that rely primarily on physical attacks.

However, they also can inflict damage with special type moves.

Therefore, they have a good defense against bug type pokemon because they have a good defense against physical type moves.

Moreover, they have a good offense against bug type as well.

So whenever your opponent pulls out a bug pokemon, you can always counter it with a flying type pokemon. 

Fighting Type Pokemon

Fighting type pokemon is another type of pokemon that is good against bug type pokemon.

They also inflict damage physically mainly and have excellent resistance to the physical attacks inflicted by a bug type pokemon. 

As I told you guys earlier, many different pokemon have a good resistance against bug type.

One of those is the fighting type, and they are one of the best bets to put up against the bug pokemon. 

You can always rely on a fighting type against a bug type pokemon. 

Ghost Type Pokemon

Those are another type of pokemon strong against the bug type.

They inflict damage, especially and physically. But, just like the others, they have a solid resistance to physical attacks.

For this reason, they are outstanding against the bug type and are a formidable foe for them.


What’s Type Good Against Bug Pokemon And Why?

Some types of pokemon pose a tremendous challenge to the bug type.

These types include the following:

Fighting Type Pokemon

As we said before, the fighting type is the best bet against the bug type. There is no better alternative than a fighting type pokemon because of their resistance to physical attacks.

However, if the bug type is paired up against any pokemon with special attacks, you might want to reconsider this choice.

Flying Type Pokemon

The flying type is another good alternative to use against the bug type.

The flying type has attacks that are super effective against the bug type. These pokemon also have excellent resistance to the bug type pokemon and capitalize on their low HP with high damage attacks. 

Poison Type Pokemon

Another pokemon that is good to use against the bug type is the poison type pokemon. These pokemon inflict damage physically and incredibly as well.

What makes them good is their poison moves, which are super effective against bug pokemon. However, these moves are fantastic to use against pokemon with low HP, so the bug type is vulnerable to this. 

Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost types are another type which can be used against bug pokemon. This Type is actually the least resisted type of pokemon, along with the dragon type.

Currently, no pokemon can resist the combination of fighting and ghost type attacks.


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Whats Good Against Bug Pokemon?


Ekans Poison Type Pokemon


It is a poison type that is amazing to use against the bug type.

this pokemon can also evolve into Arbok, at level 22.

He inflicts physical damage and has poison moves, both of which are good to use against the bug pokemon.


Nidorina poison Type Pokemon


This is another pokemon which evolves from Nidoran at level 16 and then evolves into Nidoqueen.

You need a Moon Stone to evolve into a Nidoqueen. Nidorina is a poison type pokemon and is super effective against bug type.


Volcarona pokemon


It is a dual type pokemon which is a mixture of Bug and Fire.

It evolves from Larvesta at level 59 and is good to use against the bug type.

The base attack of this pokemon is pretty high which is the reason it is good against bug type pokemon, which have low HP.


What Attacks To Use Against Bug Type Pokemon?

Fire Blast

It is a good move to use against bug pokemon.

Sacred Fire

This attack is another damage dealing fire type move which is good to use against bug type.



In conclusion, the bug type pokemon isn’t particularly strong against any other type of pokemon.

It is good to use against very limited types but is opposed by a lot of different types as well.

When it comes to countering a bug pokemon, the fighting and flying pokemon should be used.

Also, a combination of the ghost and fighting type should be used if you want a certain win against them.

These pokemon suffer from a low HP which is the main reason for their downfall.

I hope this article was of help and I hope you now know the weaknesses of bug type pokemon.

Good luck!