Giratina Ghost type pokemon

What’s good Against Ghost type Pokemon?


The ghost type is another one of the eighteen types of Pokemon in the vast universe.

Previously, all the damage inflicted by a ghost type pokemon was physical, but recently special attacks have also been added to their arsenal. 

They are represented by the colour purple and are symbolized by an eye. These Pokemon are very effective against the psychic type and other ghost type pokemon.

Weaknesses Of Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost pokemon aren’t very effective against other types of Pokemon. Therefore, they can’t be your best choice against many different pokemon types.

One thing they’re good at is being good against themselves. But other than that, if they aren’t paired up smartly, they aren’t very effective against different types.

One powerful thing about them is that physical attacks don’t work against any ghost type pokemon. Their ultimate weakness is themselves.

Ghost type pokemon are immune to attacks from fighting type pokemon. They are only resisted by dark type pokemon and themselves.

But the main weakness of ghost type pokemon is that their moves are minor than powerful. Except for a few Pokemon, all other ghost type pokemon inflict lesser damage, and their attacks aren’t as powerful against other Pokemon.

Also, dark type pokemon is the wrong type to be weak against because of their abundance. However, since ghost type pokemon are powerless against these types, it is a significant weakness.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Ghost Pokemon?

When it comes to physical attacks, most Pokemon have a higher physical stat than ghost type pokemon, so their attacks aren’t very effective against most other types because their defence stat is high generally.

Generally, these Pokemon have a good defence against attacks from ghost type pokemon.

Normal Type Pokemon

The normal type is one type that is resistant to ghost pokemon. This is because they mainly inflict their damage physically and are also generally immune to physical attacks.

Ghost type pokemon are good when it comes to defence because they can trap most of their opponents, but when it comes to attacking, a ghost type probably won’t be your best option to go with.

Since ghost type attacks aren’t too effective against the normal type, this is one of the best types of Pokemon to use against a ghost type.

Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost type pokemon are weak against themselves. Their biggest weakness is their own type.

Since their attacks aren’t excellent to use against other Pokemon, they don’t affect other ghost type pokemon.

And most importantly, all ghost type moves are defensive, so they have a strong defence against their own attacks.

Also, almost every ghost type can learn Will’ o Wisp. This move cripples physical users, and it does damage over time as well.

Since the Ghost type is hard to kill physically, it is a good bet to use against themselves.

Dark Type Pokemon

Dark-type Pokemon is another type that is amazing to use against ghost type pokemon.

Dark-type Pokemon can inflict a lot of damage because of their special attacks, which are great to use against the ghost type due to their poor defensive stats.

The dark type has several moves which are super effective against the ghost type. 

So although they make a fantastic pair, the Dark type is more likely to win when it comes to being up against each other.

What Type of Pokemon Is Good Against Ghost Pokemon And Why?

Some pokemon are weak to ghost type pokemon. The ghost type is immune to the fighting type as well and is effective against the psychic type.

But when it comes to weaknesses, the following Pokemon have the edge over this type and can be used in a battle against them.

Ground Type Pokemon

The ground type is a pokemon with a high physical stat. Due to this, it can inflict a good amount of physical damage against the ghost type pokemon.

But as I said earlier, physical attacks aren’t very effective against the ghost type, so why is the ground type in this list?

It’s because of their resistance to attacks from the ghost type and the fact that the ground type is suitable against a pokemon that inflicts physical damage.

Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost type pokemon are also their own weakness. Some ghost type pokemon counter others completely.

The type doesn’t have any special moves on par with other types, but they still do the job against themselves.

Some ghost pokemon like Lunala and Alolan Marowak is terrific to use against other ghosts and should be your go-to Pokemon when you’re up against another ghost.

Dark Type Pokemon

As I mentioned before, the dark type is an ample counter to the ghost type. 

Therefore, a ghost type cannot stand against the dark type, and because of their abundance, it is a significant big weakness.

What Pokemon Is Good Against Ghost Pokemon?

greninja Water type Pokemon


Greninja is a dual Water/Dark type pokemon which is very good against the ghost type.

Greninja can also transform into a unique form known as Ash-Greninja which is super effective against a Ghost type pokemon.

Yveltal DArk Type Pokemon


Yveltal is a mixture of Dark and the Flying type and is a formidable foe for the Ghost type.

Weaville Type Pokemon


Weaville is another Dark/Ice pokemon which is amazing to use against the ghost type.

What Attacks To Use Against Ghost Type Pokemon

Fiery Wrath

You can use Fiery Wrath against ghost pokemon. It is super effective.

Sucker Punch

Sucker punch is another super effective move against the ghost type.

Throat Chop

Another good move to use against them is the Throat chop. It is also super practical.


The ghost type has a low physical attack stat, and all its moves are a little weak. But when it comes to defence, the ghost type can perform well.

But whatever the case, it can’t deny that if they’re alone, the ghost type isn’t that effective against any other pokemon.

If you’re ever up against a ghost type, whip out a dark type pokemon without hesitation, and you are sure to win.

I hope this article increased your knowledge of the pokemon universe, and I hope it helps you win battles against your opponent.