Pokemon Types

Mr Mime Ice pokemon

What’s good against Ice Type Pokemon? Introduction Ice type pokemon is one of the eighteen types of pokemon. These pokemon have a

Zacian pokemon

8 Best Legendary Fairy Type Pokemon Ever   Introduction Since their introduction in Pokémon X and Y, Fairy Pokemon have altered the

Garchomp Non Legendary Pokemon

Introduction People have a thought that only legendary Pokémon and mystic Pokémon are all that is Powerful there. But it is not

Araquanid Bug Type Pokemon

Best 12 Bug Type Pokemon Ever

Introduction  Everyone knows that bug type Pokémon is not really suitable for high-level play but there are few gems worth your time!

Metagross Shiny Pokemon

10 Coolest Shiny Pokemon

Introduction When it comes about coolest shiny pokemon there is tough and cool competition between all. But this comparison itself give you

Volcanion Fire Type Pokemon

Best 8 Fire Type Pokemon

Best Fire Type Pokemon   Introduction There are hundreds of fire type Pokemon but when we talk about best fire type Pokemon

Umbreon Dark Type Pokemon

Best 5 Dark Type Pokemon

Best 5 Dark Type Pokemon   Introduction: The dark type, eh? The most daring Pokémon. It’s not an element like fire or

Aerodactyl Rock Type Pokemon

Best 5 Rock Type Pokemon

Best 5 Rock Type Pokemon   Introduction  Rock Pokémon are some of the franchise’s toughest and most powerful creatures, always leaving a

Froslass Ice type Pokemon

25 Best Ice Type Pokemon

What are the best Ice Type Pokemon?    Introduction Many people favor Ice Type Pokémon, whether it’s because they believe their attacks