Every Green Snake Pokemon (With a Green Design)

If you’re seeking for a green snake-like Pokemon, you’ve come to the correct place. This article will introduce you to all of the green snake-like Pokemon available, from Serperior to Zygarde.

Keep in mind that not all of the Pokemon below are serpent Pokemon, all are serpent-like, and all have green in their design.

So, have a look at them all and learn more about them below.



Serperior is a pale green, serpentine Pokémon. It has a white face and throat and a dark green rear.

Curled, mint-colored patterns extend into the white area of its face, and it has small red eyes. Two fangs may be seen in the lower jaw when its mouth is open.

It has lost its legs from previous stages and must now slither around due to its new, serpentine appearance; yet, just below its neck, it possesses two little leaf-like arms on either side of its body.

It has two pointed yellow extensions on the back of its skull. Coiled, dark green extensions spread out from the sides of its lower neck, making a curling pattern lower down the body.

It bears curled golden stripes around its body and many palmate leaves on its tail. Serperior will only attack with full force against opponents, unafraid of its piercing glare, which is claimed to be capable of halting its foes’ movements. It can use its body to magnify sun energy.



Silicobra is a Pokémon that resembles a little snake. Its body is predominantly brownish-white with a few darker patches, and its tail is curled at the tip.

It has oval green eyes with black pupils, each bordered by a brown patch like a sand stain and a brown protuberant ridge above it. With its twisted downward mouth, its visage resembles a frown. It also has two large nostrils.

Silicobra has a dark yellow pouch around its neck that holds more than 17 pounds (8 kg) of sand. Each time Silicobra sheds its skin, the pouch becomes more elastic.

Silicobra collects sand by ingesting it and shooting it out of its nostrils, which it uses to blind predators so it may escape by burrowing into the ground.

It often burrows into the sand to ambush its victim. Silicobra’s nostrils are specialized for spewing out sand, hence it has a weak sense of smell.

Silicobra and its evolution, Sandaconda, are the only Pokémon known to have Sand Spit as an ability.



Servine is a slim bipedal Pokémon that is primarily green with a cream bottom and narrow red eyes. It has a golden V-shaped structure that starts at the chest and extends behind the shoulders.

It has short limbs and a tiny crest on the back of its skull. Three palmate leaves grow along its back and tail. These leaves are capable of photosynthesis, but only when they are clean.

Servine will go to considerable lengths to avoid dirt for this reason. This fast Pokémon hides in dense vegetation or shadows to evade assaults before retaliating.



Seviper is a serpentine Pokémon that is frequently pictured crumpled up like an accordion. It has yellow hexagon markings from its head to its tail, little yellow bumps where it hits the ground, and numerous purple scar-like marks.

It is largely coated with black scales, however, it has innumerable spots on its body.

It possesses extended crimson fangs that protrude from its top jaw and furious red eyes.

Its tail is primarily red and has a blade-like appearance. Seviper sharpens its tail on rocks. Before Generation V, Poison Tail was its signature move.

In New Pokémon Snap, a Seviper attempts to prey on an Octillery. Its poisonous tail and teeth prepare it for striking and poisoning prey or opponents.

It usually wraps around its opponents, immobilizing them. It has been a bitter adversary with Zangoose for many generations. It lives in grasslands and savannas.



Snivy is a bipedal, reptile Pokémon with a slim body. The majority of its body is green, with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its vast eyes.

Two curled yellow structures that resemble leaves or little wings sprout from its shoulders and bend backward.

This Pokémon has a cool, collected manner. Snivy has three fingers on its tiny limbs and none on its feet.

It bears a big palate leaf with three prongs at its tail end. This tail can perform photosynthesis, allowing Snivy to move faster. When Snivy loses energy, his seat will begin to droop.



Rayquaza is a big, green, serpentine Pokémon that resembles a missile. It features red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its torso and similarly patterned fins on the tip of its tail.

Rayquaza’s body is covered in yellow ring-like symbols, with an additional yellow ring on its head.

Rayquaza has two limbs with three hands full of claws and two long structures on its head, in the shape of horns, with two shorter horns along its jawline.

It has small yellow eyes with black pupils, noticeable pink gums, and two prominent fangs in its upper jaw.

Zygarde 50%

Zygarde 50%

Zygarde 50% Forme has a serpentine body with green and black patterns. Most of its back, head, and neck are black, while the underbelly and tip of its tail are green.

Its eyes are four green hexagons, similar to compound eyes in insects, and it has a thin, white line down the center of its face.

Across the back of its neck is a big frill of five long, flat protrusions with two little, green hexagons. There are three small tendrils on either side of its chest, black on the right and green on the left.

Its tail likewise has five tendrils. It has several little, green hexagon marks on its body that can illuminate.


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