Good against Steel pokemon


People have a thought that only legendary Pokémon and mystic Pokémon are all that is Powerful there. But it is not true!

Non legendary Pokémon are sometimes more worthy than legendary Pokémon. You just need to find the right one.

We have seen in the anime for a long period of time that Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon beats Ancient, Mystic and Legendary Pokémon in the battle. Sometimes a Simple Pokémon can do a big drama in a battle with a most powerful legendary Pokémon if it being treated with love and proper training.

Pokémon of the World is an ever-expanding universe, with new creatures being introduced to the franchise on a regular basis.

Despite the influx of newcomers, some Pokémon have stood the test of time and have proved themselves to be more powerful and stronger than others.

They are most closely associated with the origin stories of the Pokémon universe, which explains why they have stood the test of time.

Instead of focusing solely on stats, I’ll consider the Pokémon’s power at the time of its introduction, as well as its move pool, STAB attacks, and abilities.

Truth be told, there are a lot of strong Non Legendary Pokémon out there, so don’t be disappointed if your favorite isn’t covered cos it’s only my point given from my experience.

Another thing about this list is that there will be many Dragon Type Pokemon.

Now, let’s get started!

Slaking non legendary pokemon

20/20 Slaking

Slaking has some of the best stats in the game.

However, one of the issues is that Slaking spends the entire day lying down and lounging around. It feeds on grass that grows within its reach.

If you consider this, the Pokémon is an unstoppable force that should be used by every team.

Its Dynamic swing is one of the deadliest attack but every move of this Pokémon is powerful.

Greninja pokemon

19/20 Greninja

Greninja, the fearsome silent assassin, has arrived to strike hard and fast.

According to the Pokédex, it creates throwing stars out of compressed water and the most mesmerizing fact is that these stars can split metal in two when spun and thrown at high speeds.

Its haze slash attack is very powerful. Greninja has definitely proven everyone who was snarky about Froakie wrong.

Snorlax Non Legendary Pokemon

18/20 Snorlax

When we heard of a sleeping Pokemon, the first name that pops in our head is Snorlax.

An eminent Pokémon that we see from the first generation. Snorlax has always been a reliable choice!

Its massive HP and Special Defense, combined with its devastating Attack, allow it to deal far more damage than you can imagine.

Chandelure Pokemon

17/20 Chandelure

Chandelure is a ghost/fire type Pokémon.

Chandelure has an insanely high special attack in terms of ability.

It’s one of the most powerful ghost attackers in the franchise and it has an incredible move set to back it up, including STAB attacks.

It has access to Calm Mind, which makes it an excellent stall buster for many competitive teams. The ominous dancing of its flames hypnotizes opponents as it sways its arms

Gyarados Non Legendary Pokemon

16/20 Gyarados

Gyarados has been a part of everyone’s team at some point during their Pokémon careers, even if they are unaware of how powerful this Pokémon is.

It has excellent typing and a solid offensive level, making it playable on its own.

Setting up a Gyarados with Dragon Dance is often enough to completely destroy a lot of the game’s battle, even in unanticipated play.

It has a very incursive personality. All targets are completely incinerated by the Hyper Beam it fires from its mouth.

Blissey Pokemon

15/20 Blissey 

Blissey isn’t particularly powerful in the corny sense, unlike many of the Pokémon on this list.

Although this Pokémon appears to be harmless, it is the bane of most special attackers’ existence.

Blissey can take a lot of damage from special sweepers thanks to its massive HP and excellent Special Defense and it can heal the damage happily with soft-boiled.

You’re going to have a tough time taking out this defensive Morse if it starts throwing out Minimize.


Blaziken fire pokemon

14/20 Blaziken

You know many Pokémon needed a mega evolution to be stronger. But Blaziken was already stronger before the mega evolution!

It has a high physical attack stat that allows it to KO a large number of opponents.

This is exacerbated by its base speed, which can often be increased with just one Speed Boost hit to make it swifter than anything else on the field.

If it get hit, it will not be able to survive, but your opponent’s Pokémon shouldn’t be standing adequate time for that to happen.

Swampert Non legendary Pokemon

13/20 Swampert

Swampert is a Pokémon of the Water Ground type that debuted in Generation 3.

Its category is Mud Fish Pokémon. It has rock-hard arms. They can take out their opponent with a single swing.

Swampert uses its fins to detect discerning dissimilation in the sounds of waves and tidal winds, allowing it to predict storms.

When a storm approaches, it builds a wall of boulders to conserve itself!

Volcarona pokemon

12/20 Volcarona

Volcarona is one of the most lethal Sp. Attack sweepers ever seen in the Pokémon world.

It has access to the obscenely powerful Quiver Dance, which adds to its already impressive special attack and speed stats.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a formidable foe.

It has a versatile move set that can be used both competitively and casually, making it a favorite among a wide range of teams.

Charizard pokemon

11/20 Charizard

Isn’t there something special about Charizard? The first generation of Pokémon have all become iconic in their own ways, but few have achieved the level of fan adoration that this fantastic Fire Type Pokemon has.

It spits fire so hot that it melts boulders. Its mega evolve form is extremely powerful because it unlocks its true potential. Its special attack always throws other Pokémon off guard.

Gengar Non legendary Pokemon

10/20 Gengar

Gengar is one of the original powerhouse Pokémon that has only grown in strength over time.

In its base form, it has eminent speed and SP. Attack stats, which is amplified when you mega evolve it.

Without evolving, this thing is capable of wiping out entire teams.

Nothing beats sweeping a team with a Gen I Pokémon!

Metagross pokemon

9/20 Metagross

The mighty Metagross is the first pseudo-legendary Pokémon on our list.

Since its introduction in Generation III, this Steel/Psychic Pokémon has been a Meta mainstay on several bout.

Its attack and defense stats are incredible and it can mega evolve which boosts those numbers even further.

It is better that you don’t mess with this angry iron leg category Pokémon.

8/20 Tyranitar

Tyranitar is a name that should be familiar to anyone reading this list.

It has a ridiculously high base attack stat, along with HP and defense stats that you can’t laugh at.

But if we look at all the other stats, there is one exception and that is speed.

It can pick up a wide range of moves from different types, including dark, rock, ground, and normal.

Its body is impervious to all types of attacks, so it is eager to take on foes!

Alakazam pokemon

7/20 Alakazam

Alakazam is a Pokémon of the Psychic type that first appeared in Generation I.

It is one of the franchise’s most powerful Non-(Pseudo-) Legendary (Psychic) Pokémon. Alakazam, like Gengar, is an extra special trig with a lot of SP.

Attack and its speed stats are also good, but you will notice a lack of defense.

However, if you use it correctly, your Alakazam shouldn’t get hit at all!

Salamence Non Legendary Pokemon

6/20 Salamence

Salamence’s statistics are all noteworthy.

However, thanks to crackpot attack and speed stats, it sees all of its play.

Its SP. Attack stat is also quite high and Salamence is known for its special attack.

It will allow you to create a unique Salamence if you so desire.

Salamence has access to Dragon Dance as well as a variety of STAB moves, making it a complete powerhouse at all levels of play.

Haxorus Pokemon

5/20 Haxorus

Who would know that the cute Axew would grew up and be a strong Pokémon one day?

Yes, Haxorus is in this list as one of the strongest Dragon type Pokémon.

You just can’t deny its base 147 attack stat. It is a frantic powerhouse.

Haxorus is one of Pokémon’s most feared dragon type sweepers, thanks to STAB Outrage’s unheard of damage output and a venerable speed stat.

Haxorus fights its foes with tusks that can slash through steel beams!

Hydreigon pokemon

4/20 Hydreigon

Would you deny that an edgy dragon isn’t a cool idea?

Hydreigon the Dark/Dragon type Pokémon doesn’t let you down.

All of its stats, especially special attack, are in the green. The “brutal Pokémon” is an aggressive monster.

There are legionary stories about Hydreigon annihilating villages.

Knowing a move like Draco Meteor immediately elevates it to the top 5 of the Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon.

Dragonite pokemon

3/20 Dragonite

In Generation I, Dragonite was the only non-legendary strong Pokémon and it has proven that.

This chubby monstrosity ruled the Kanto Pokédex, despite having no fairy weakness and a scarcity of usable ice types.

It is said that if Dragonite sees a person or Pokémon drowning, it must save them.

Not only that it can learn dragon type moves, it also knows water type moves, flying type and even it knows earthquake!

Aegislash Non Legendary Type Pokemon2/20 Aegislash

There are numerous reasons why Aegislash is so effective.

The ability to change forms is the only one that needs to be mentioned. Aegislash’s base Sp. Attack and Attack stats in blade mode are 150.

The same 150 stats are determined to its defense and special defense in Shield mode.

It once used its abilities to compel people and Pokémon to build a kingdom according to its wishes!

Garchomp Non Legendary Pokemon

1/20 Garchomp

Garchomp, the strongest (pseudo) Legendary Pokémon in the franchise, takes the first spot.

Garchomp has been a popular choice and a force to be reckoned with since its debut in Generation IV. In Outrage and Earthquake type moves, it has a high Attack, just the amount of Speed you need, prosperous HP and fantastic STAB moves.

Garchomp moves quickly both underground and above ground.

It can hunt prey and then return to its own den before its body cools down from being outside!


Truth be told, I haven’t made the list for fighters only.

There are strong Pokémon who not only can put a fight in a battle but can do other good works too.

We have seen in the anime for a long period of time, Pokémon aren’t just for battle.

You just can’t define the Strongest Non Legendary Pokémon with the battle. It must have other qualities too.

Hope you found everything you need from these list of 20!

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