Pokemon nature explaine

All Pokemon Natures and their Characteristics


A variety of factors can influence a Pokémon’s stats. Getting Pokémon to have precise stats, from IVs to EV training, is a tedious talent to master.

However, it’s all connected in some way to Pokémon’s personality. So, how would you describe a Pokémon’s personality?

This is its Nature, an adjective that appears on the summary screen of every Pokémon starting with Generation III.

A Pokémon’s Nature determines a significant portion of its potential. The Nature of a Pokémon also functions as a tradeoff between two stats, enhancing one while decreasing the other.


RUBY and SAPPHIRE were the first games to use Pokémon Nature. Since the core audience of the first two generations was growing older, it was essential to add Natures into these games.

The aim was to make the game more competitive, which is something that older gamers enjoy.

The first two generations had some competitive worth, but it was barebones, and those mechanisms were simply there to fulfill a fundamental purpose.

Now, on the other hand, natures are fun. It helps the player understand what makes a Pokémon competitively durable or easy to breed.

Casual gamers, in my experience with friends, use it to give the Pokémon a personality. For example, although a feisty Samurott sounds appealing, it is not competitively durable.

Still, go ahead and do what you want. After all, it’s your choice. Natures were no longer passed along while breeding in Generation V, and they became a different value.

A Pokémon can have up to 25 different Natures, with Quirky and Naive being two examples.

Natures are more than just a fun Easter egg; they affect how a Pokémon’s stats grow as they level up. Natures mainly affect two stats, increasing one by 10% and decreasing the other by 10%.

Aside from HP, any of the six stats belonging to Pokemon can change.

It also influences a Pokémon’s preferred flavors, with each stat matching to a flavor.

For example, a Pokémon with a nature that increases attack will appreciate the spicy flavor, whereas a Pokémon with a Nature that decreases Defense will despise the sour flavor.


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Natures That Raise Attack


The Lonely Nature boosts your Pokémon’s Attack stat while lowering its Defense. It also signifies that Pokémon prefers spicy flavors and despises sour ones. All Pokémon with an Attack boost will enjoy spicy flavors, which might be a metaphor for how they want the heat of combat.


The Brave Nature boosts attack while slowing down Speed. Many confrontations come down to who attacks first; therefore, Brave can be a disadvantage for those who need to attack first. In some ways, attacking with your whole strength is daring, even if you risked being struck first and knocked unconscious.


This Nature boosts attacks while lowering Special attacks, making it a good choice for Physical attackers. This is a widespread Nature in competitive play, as Pokémon like Machamp and Azumarill will benefit significantly from it, especially when combined with abilities like Huge Power.


With Naughty, you’ll gain an increase in attack in exchange for a drop in Special Defense. Though it’s less frequent than Natures like Adamant, Mixed setups with a Physical bent, such as a Sharpedo with a Life Orb, will be able to make good use of Naughty.

pokemon natures strongest defense

Natures That Raise Defense


The Bold Nature is the first of four Natures that boost Defense while also lowering attacks. Sour scents will appeal to Pokémon with increased Defense. Bold Pokémon, in particular, prefer sour over spicy flavors. Chansey, whose objective is not to attack, but to defend and stall with all its might, is a clear example of someone who will profit by being Bold.


Relaxed Pokémon may have higher Defense, but they’re also too lazy to get going, resulting in a lower Speed stat. They prefer sour flavors and dislike sweet ones, which makes for an unusual flavor palette. Pokémon like Swampert may benefit from Relaxed as well as moves like Earthquake and Surf.


Impish Pokémon have a more excellent Defense and a lower Special Attack than other Pokémon. Hitmontop, for example, can make use of Impish fairly successfully, especially while using Rapid Spin to defend the team from spikes and other entrance hazards.


Unlike Relaxed Pokémon, Lax Pokémon have a higher Defense but a lower Special Defense. In competitive battle, this Nature is less commonly utilized and might be inferior to most other Natures. In both stat modifications and real life, it is the opposite of Cautious since lax refers to a lack of carefulness or stiffness.

All Natures That Raise Speed

darkray speed


This Nature boosts Speed while lowering the attack and causing a preference for sweet tastes over spicy ones. Alakazam, Espeon, and Latias are all traditional Special Sweepers who will do well with a Timid Nature. Additionally, timid is frequently suggested for those putting together competitively durable teams.


It increases Speed while lowering Defense. Competitive players usually shun natures that weaken defensive moves; however, Hasty has advantages for mixed sweepers.


Why don’t you put together a jolly holly team? Speed will increase, but Special Attack will drop. Many Pokémon, especially classics like Garchomp and Flygon, will profit from this, as they require a slight advantage to launch their devastating attacks first.


With this one, you’ll boost your Speed and decrease in Special Defense. Sweetness attracts naive Pokémon, whereas Bitterness repels them. Perhaps this is a reference to innocent people who find the world pleasant, as opposed to those who are not naive and have bitter lives due to it.

All Natures That Raise Special Attack

pokemon shiny rattata


Pokémon with a low Attack stat enhance their Special Attack in exchange for a lower Attack stat. It’s ideal for Pokémon built to be Special Sweepers (e.g., those who love to KO Pokémon with Special Attacks in 1 hit).


Some trainers may find it difficult to combine an increase in Special Attack with a loss in Defense, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. On Pokémon like Chandelure, who are known as “glass cannons,” this may be sufficient. This indicates that they strike firmly but shatter easily.


Quiet Pokémon will gain a boost in Special Attack and a preference for dry flavors. The drop in Speed is beneficial to Trick Room teams, especially those using slower Special Sweepers.


Rash Nature is one-of-a-kind in its own right. It increases Special Attack while decreasing Special Defense.

In Pokémon, you’ll notice a preference for Dry flavors and a disdain for Bitter ones.

In competitive battle, you won’t see a Defensive-lowering Nature very often. In that circumstances, you have no way of knowing if it will last or not.

All Natures That Raise Special Defense

Registeel pokemon


The Attack stat of Pokémon with this Nature will be lowered in return for a boost in Special Defense. Calm leads to a preference for Bitter-flavored foods (as do all Special Defense enhancing Natures) and hate for Spicy foods, which makes sense for someone who values serenity above heat.


Defense is reduced, but Special Defense is increased. Similar to Lax, most competitive players don’t suggest Gentle, but Nature is generally just a deal-breaker for trainers in competitive or online play. You’ll receive a Pokémon who prefers bitter tastes to sour ones.


Your Pokémon’s Special Defense will be higher, and its Speed will be lower if they are Sassy. Sassy Pokémon will likewise enjoy Bitter food and despise Sweet food, making sense from a narrative standpoint.


The Nature Careful gives you more Special Defense in exchange for minor Special Attack. Pokémon are particularly fond of bitter tastes and despise dry ones. Because Special Attack isn’t especially beneficial while running Curse on such a Physical Pokémon, a Snorlax with Curse is an excellent choice for this intriguing Nature.

All Natures with No Increases or Decreases

Because five distinct stats are affected, five different natures cancel each other out because they raise and decrease the same stat.

As a result, they’re as if they don’t have any Nature at all. So, for example, the Hardy Nature raises and lowers the Attack stat, resulting in nothing at all.

Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky are the five neutral natures.

These are a good choice for your Pokémon if you don’t want to bother with Nature stat adjustments at all.

pokemon nature charts


You don’t need to plan out every stat and number of your Pokémon’s life all of the time. I think it is enough to capture a Pokémon and adore it because it’s yours.

That is all you require.

Now, speaking about Specificities, we might say a lot and not a lot since specificities are sometimes regarded as limitations, as we have already discussed in the natures.

We have seen that Natures increase one state and decrease the other. Doesn’t that look specificities to you? We always have been searching for the Specificities of Pokémon more. But I can assure you it always has been there. Nature always maintained the balance, and the limitations it provided were always part of the Pokémon World. The significance of Nature was always cherished by the gamers, whether deliberately or unknowingly. Therefore, Pokémon Natures and their Specificities were always a part of Pokémon World.


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