80 Good Nicknames For Espeon


Espeon is a Psychic Type Pokemon that was introduced a little early. Back in Generation II, this pokemon was brought to life. 

It evolves from Eevee, particularly when leveled up with a Sun Shard. 

Espeon is one of Eevee’s final forms, and along with the others, it is a pokemon that is to be feared.

The pokemon itself has a terrifying aura. It has slender legs and sort of dainty paws. Espeon is mainly purple, and there are tiny tufts of fur near the pokemon’s eyes.

Espeon’s forehead starts glowing when it is exhausted. This is a rather interesting fact about pokemon. 

Now without any further delay, let’s get right to the list of Good Nicknames For Espeon!

Good Nicknames For Espeon

List of Nicknames

  • Sakura

Sakura was one of the main characters in Naruto. Her hair is of the same color as Espeon is. You can name your pokemon this if you are a fan of Naruto.

  • Velvet

Another good nickname for Espeon is velvet. Velvet is also the color of the pokemon, so it’s very fitting as well.

  • Dawn

The pokemon has a lot of attacks that emit light. Because of that, the name dawn would be appropriate for Espeon.

  • Sunshine

Since the pokemon is a Psychic Type and evolves only when exposed to a sun shard, I think this would be a fitting name for Espeon.

  • Strawberry

Again, the color of Espeon is similar to that of a strawberry.

  • Bubblegum

A standard color for bubblegums is either pink or velvet, the same as Espeon. There is a small dot on the forehead of the pokemon as well, which looks like slight bubblegum.

  • Aurora

Aurora is a set of lights over the north pole that arise due to a natural phenomenon. These lights vary in color and usually are a type of pastel color. You can name Espeon this because the mark on its forehead also changes colors, just like the lights.

  • Wawa

  • Galaxy

Since it is a psychic pokemon with mysterious powers, the name galaxy would be fitting as well as the galaxy is very secretive in its ways.

  • Ray

Because of the ray of light that comes out of the pokemon’s forehead, the ray would be a suitable nickname for Espeon.

  • Jade

Jade is a type of gemstone which is sometimes used as jewelry. The mineral itself is green, but it appears naturally in other colors. The dot on the pokemon’s head looks like a jade stone. It also has reflective properties, just like limestone.

  • Jamie

  • Garnet

  • Perry

Like perry, the platypus from Phineas and Ferb, this is a good nickname for Espeon since he low-key looks like the platypus.

  • Palatia

  • Ethan

  • Ethos

Meaning ‘character’ or ‘custom’ in the Greek language. I chose this nickname because the Greek language is a mysterious old language and has a lot of material. 

  • Kiki

Kiki sounds like a good nickname for any pokemon that is a shade of pink.

  • Ovie

  • Psycat

For a psychic type who is also a cat, this would be a fitting name for Espeon.

    • Hikari

    • Hotaru


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  • Kawaii

  • Espit

  • Enigma 

Enigma means a thing that is difficult to understand. Espeon is a pokemon that displays characteristics of being very mysterious. If the pokemon had a voice, I feel it would be peaceful and mysterious.

  • Paradox

  • Regal

  • Casie

  • Zen

  • Espeoff

  • Anastasia

  • Smokeshow

  • Destiny

Since it is associated with the psychic type, Destiny would be a good option for its nicknames.

    • Apollo

    • PinkCat

    • Lighteon


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Due to the characteristics of the pokemon to glow when it is fatigued, sparkles would be a good nickname for Espeon.

  • Summer

Due to its affiliation with the sun shard, this would be a very suitable name for the pokemon.

  • Notia

  • Whiskers

  • Sultra

  • Amy

  • Curly

  • Zelda


The appearance of Espeon is very mysterious, and the pokemon looks like it holds the knowledge of a thousand years in its eyes. 

That is why most of  nicknames in this article are very mysterious. 

You can choose one of these names as your Espeon’s nickname, or you can use these as inspiration and create yours.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations about this article, reach out to me!