What’s Good Against Normal Type Pokemon?


Normal type pokemon are a class of Pokemon that were altered in Generation IV. 

Before this alteration, all the damaging moves that a normal pokemon had in its arsenal were physical, but now the attack also may be special, depending upon the Pokemon.

They are represented by the color yellow and are symbolized with a star on a yellow background. 

A pure normal type of Pokemon is pretty easy to counter, but the type mostly has a combination with some other class, so it gets tricky.

Weaknesses Of Normal Type Pokemon

Any normal type that you may see is going to be weak to a fighting type. Therefore, they are usually vulnerable to simple moves that deal a decent amount of damage with 100% accuracy. 

However, this does not hold for the normal-flying combination. It is because fighting is weak against flying, so they deal less damage to them. In this case, an electric or rock type pokemon is going to be effective.

Another scenario is if the combination is of normal-fairy. If this is the case, then again, a fighting pokemon can’t be your go-to option, and you will have to switch to a steel type or a poison type pokemon. 

Remember, in this case, this Pokemon will probably be immune to a dragon type move as well.

Another case is that of the normal-psychic. If you use a fighting type against any of these Pokemon, you will have a lot of trouble. You can choose a bug pokemon or a dark type to counter these Pokemon.

The normal type has many variations and can play to the strength of the other half. For this reason, they have different types that are good against specific dual type pokemon.

The normal type is a little complicated in this sense because it is hard to decide what to use against which variant. But once you get the hang of the basics, it will be a lot easier for you.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Normal Pokemon?

Rock Type Pokemon

It is a physical damage-dealing type of Pokemon with some effective special moves in their arsenal. 

When it comes to normal Pokemon, their defense against physical attacks isn’t very high. That, coupled with the defense of the rock type against physical attacks, is what makes them so good to use against normal Pokemon. 

You have many options for rock type Pokemon, and it is easy for you to take your pick according to the opponent’s Pokemon. A rock-fighting combination will be the most effective against a normal type.

Ghost Type Pokemon

A ghost type is another class of Pokemon that can deal high physical damage coupled with decent special damage. 

The ghost type is suitable to use against a normal pokemon because of its resistance to physical attacks. However, a ghost type takes minor damage from the normal type and heavily resists their moves. 

For this reason, defensively, the ghost type is considered one of the best counters to a normal type.

 However, you need to be mindful if your opponent has a dual type pokemon with them and may need to alter your choices accordingly.

Steel Type Pokemon

This is another good choice defensively because of how much they resist the normal type. 

When it comes to pure regular attacks, the steel type heavily resists most of them. They were specifically created to introduce a proper counter for the normal type, which was previously overpowered. 

The steel type already resists a lot of the pokemon types; they are amazing defensively. For example, they resist 10 pokemon types, which is the highest among all the types. 

They have the best defense when it comes to physical attacks. Their defense is even more than fully evolved Pokemon.



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What Type Of Pokemon Is Good Against Normal Pokemon And Why?

The Steel Type

As I already mentioned, the steel type is one of the primary counters for all normal type because of their fantastic defense against them.

However, they aren’t the best offensively, but still, a ground-steel combination works splendidly against normal type. 

For this reason, they can potentially be the best choice to use against a normal pokemon.


What Pokemon Is Good Against Normal Type Pokemon?


Good against steel pokemon


It is one of the best choices against a normal type pokemon. This is because it combines the fighting type and the steel type, both of which are good to use against normal type pokemon. 




This is another good alternative and is a combination of the steel and psychic type. 

The steel type was initially introduced to counter the psychic type, and if a pokemon has both of them, it is invincible. 

Because of that, metagross is also fantastic to use against normal type.


Giratina pokemon


Another amazing choice is Giratina. It is a ghost dragon type pokemon. Normal Pokemon are immune to damage from the dragon type, but it is still great to use due to its high damaging ghost type attacks.


What Attacks To Use Against A Normal Type Pokemon?

Fire Punch

It is a practical move to use against normal type.

Thunder Punch

This attack is another extraordinary move to use against all normal type.

Ice Punch

Ice Punch is an excellent choice to use against normal type. 


As I have explained in the article, even the overpowered normal type has a lot of different counters that can be used against them. 

You have to know when to use which counter; other than that, I think the Pokemon can handle the rest of the battle. 

Some go-to choices are the steel type, the fighting type, the rock type, and the poison type.

I hope this article increases your knowledge and helps you decide on a future battle.

Good luck!