Sceptile Grass type Pokemon

What’s Good Against Grass Type Pokemon?


Grass type pokemon is one of the primary three elemental pokemon. The three starter pokemon consist of fire, water and grass.

These pokemon are statistically the weakest types, so it’s not hard to find a good Pokemon against them.

They have 5 defensive weaknesses, and around 7 types are resistant to most grass moves, which makes them pretty weak.

Weaknesses Of Grass Type Pokemon

The grass type has a lot of weaknesses. One of them is the other type’s resistance to them.

As a result, the grass type is weak against many different types of pokemon, and at times it is hard to go with a grass type just because of how vulnerable it is.

Another major weakness of the grass type is their low defence stats. They have incredible attacking speed and are great to use against the water type, but that is pretty much it.

The grass type can only be a lovely addition to your arsenal. However, it can never be your go to pokemon. Also, they have a problem that they are weak to many different types, which is a big con for them.

They also do minor damage to several types, which can be problematic for you when you’re going with a grass type pokemon.

Also, they resist almost no types and are weak to a lot. So in the bigger picture, the cons outweigh the pros, but at the same time, if you know how to play your cards well, you can make good use out of them.

What Pokemon Have a Good Defense Against Attacks From Grass Pokemon?

As I mentioned earlier, many types resist the attacks of a grass type pokemon. These include the following:

Fire Type Pokemon

Fire type pokemon are one of the several which resist the grass type. As a result, fire types are suitable against most special moves through which a grass type can cause damage.

The fire type also has resistance against a lot of grass type attacks such as Grass Pledge. So this makes them the best bet to use against the grass type.

Poison Type Pokemon

The poison typeis another one that is great against all grass type pokemon. Poison types are great to use against pokemon who inflict damage through special moves, so it’s a safe bet to use against the grass type.

Flying Type Pokemon

Flying type pokemon is also on the list of the types resistant to grass pokemon. The flying type is immune to a lot of attacks from other pokemon as well. They are a defensive unit and are exceptionally resistant against attacks from a grass type.

Bug Type Pokemon

When it comes to great defence, you can’t forget the bug type at all. Even though the bug pokemon have the lowest HP, it still resists many attacks from the grass type.

Bug is tied with grass pokemon as the most resisted type. However, there are also seven types resisting the bug type.


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What Type Of Pokemon Is Good Against Grass Pokemon And Why?

In this list, several pokemon are included, some because of their attacking stats and some because of defensive stats.

The Fire Type

As we have seen earlier, the fire type is resistant to grass type attacks. This is a great pro to have against grass type pokemon. Moreover, fire type moves are also high-damage moves.

A grass pokemon with its low HP has a hard time dealing with these moves. The fire type is probably the best to use against grass pokemon and should be your go to type in a fight.

The Flying Type

Another type that resists the grass type is the flying type. This resistance is part of the reason they are good to use against the grass type.

Grass pokemon have a lot of attack speed which is their primary strength. The flying type resists physical attacks and is resistant to most special attacks. This makes them good to use in a fight.

The Ice Type

Another good choice to make is the ice type. Ice-type pokemon is one of the least resistant types. This lack of weaknesses makes them fantastic to use in a fight with the grass type.

If you look at it logically, plants can be frozen with ice. The low temperature makes them die. This is probably what went through the creator’s mind when he made the grass type weak to ice type pokemon.

The Poison Type

As we mentioned earlier, the poison type is also good against Grass pokemon.

However, not just defence, the attacks that a poison type has in its arsenal are excellent against the grass type.

Since plants can also be killed by poison, this type is suitable against Grass Type Pokemon.

In addition, Grass has low resistance to many Poison Type Pokemon, which is another pro favouring the poison type.

What Pokemon Is Good Against Grass Type Pokemon?

Good against grass type pokemon


Volcarona, which is a mix of the Bug Type Pokemon and the Fire Type, is a pokemon that is made of two types which are robust against Grass Type.

It evolves from Larvesta at level 59. Its attacks are super effective against the Grass Type, which is a big pro.

It is probably one of the best pokemon to use against the Grass type.

Frosmoth Good against grass type pokemon


Frosmoth is another pokemon that is made of two types that are strong against the grass type.

This pokemon is a mixture of the Ice type and the Bug type. This is also amazing to use against a Grass type.

What Attacks To Use Against A Grass Type Pokemon?

Leech Life

Leech life is an effective bug type move for Grass pokemon.

Bug Buzz

Bug Buzz is another move good against the Grass type.


In conclusion, the Grass type has a lot of weaknesses. The type is resisted by a lot of other types and is weak against attacks from several others.

It is hard to use a Grass type to your strengths, but it is certainly possible.

The Fire and Poison Type pose the most danger to a Grass type when it comes to weaknesses.

I hope this article was of help, and it helps you make decisions in your future battles.

Good luck!




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